8 Dec ’10

Effective Height Increase Exercises

Nowadays the number of people who are engaging in physical fitness is increasing tremendously, as physical exercise is necessary if you are not satisfied with your general health or appearance.

Certain exercises can help you reach where you want to be. The following tips are for those who wish to grow at least three centimetres or even five centimetres taller, if you keep applying them three times per day for three months. They not only help you effectively increase your height, but also improve and beautify your posture. So why not give it a try?

1. Put your legs together, move one leg half a step backwards, and then bend your body until your fingers can reach the floor, at the same time keep your legs straight. (repeat 15 to 20 times)

2. Spread your legs 30 to 60 centimetres apart, stand straight, move one leg half a step backwards, and then twist your upper body until your fingers reach your toes of the other foot. (repeat 10 to 15 times)

3. Spread your legs 60 to 70 centimetres apart, move one leg half a step backwards, lift your arms until they are horizontal, swing your arms backwards horizontally, twist your body towards the longer leg for seven times, and then twist your body towards the shorter leg for four times.

4. Face the wall 30 centimetres away, move one leg half a step backwards, also move your heel apart so that your tiptoes point to you, press your palms to the wall, lift up your chest and raise your hips, put your knees together but try to keep your legs straight. (repeat 20 to 50 times)

5. Make a soft pillow with a length of over ten centimetres and a width that is double your wrist, move one leg half a step backwards and then sit down in a chair, move your shoulders backwards and lift up your chest. (repeat 20 times)

6. Prepare a skipping rope and stand straight, move one leg half a step backwards, skip now rhythmically for 60 to 70 times.

7. Sit on your lower legs, move one knee three to five centimetres backwards, also move your shoulders backwards, lift your arms straight upwards, lean your body forwards until it is close to the floor, but don’t touch the floor. (repeat 20 to 40 times)

8. Sit down, tie a cloth around the top part of your knees, hold your lower legs with your arms, keep both knees at the same height, bend your body until your chin reaches your knees. (repeat 20 to 30 times)

9. After finishing the above, don’t remove the cloth yet, put a pillow underneath your back and lie down for 15 minutes.

There are also certain food that can help increase height besides protein. Most of these food contain amino acid, for example peas, prawns, crabs, seaweed, beef, chicken, eggs and milk.

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