5 Sep ’10

Hot & Cute Chinese Girl Gamers

Here we’ll reveal to you that there are many sexy and cute Asian girl gamers who often stay at home and mostly play Asian games, as well as some spokeswomen for different popular Asian games.

More Photos of Asian Girl Gamers Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

Companies often hold a competition for beautiful and confident girls to be spokespeople for their products, appearing in advertisements for them. This is how a lot of models get their first step into the industry; and because of their affiliation with games, they get more attention from the many gaming fanatics in Asia.

First in the list are some famous cute female gamers followed by famous advertisement models for games in China, ending with some mysterious girl gamers who haven’t been identified yet.

Cute Asian girls who play the online game “Fantasy Zhu Xian” 梦幻诛仙

Official Website:

Avatar Name (In-game character name): Wei [Li Xiao Chen]

Avatar Name: Na Xiao Xiao

Avatar Name: Du Shou Ji Mo (Guarding Loneliness Alone)

Avatar Name: Da Qiao V Xiao Qiao

Avatar Name: ;ィ+ラ

Avatar Name: Yue Guang Zhi Cheng (Moonlight City)

Avatar Name: An Qi Er (Angel)

Cute Asian girls who play the online game “Da Hua Xian Jian” 大话仙剑

Official Website:

Avatar Name: Yuan Ben (Origin)

Avatar Name: Duo La La

Avatar Name: Yan Yun Yan (Smoke in the Eye)

Avatar Name: Tuo Xie (Compromise)

Avatar Name: Cai Hong (Rainbow)

Avatar Name: Duan Le De Xian (Broken String)

Avatar Name: Bao Bao Zhu (Baby Pig)

Cute Asian Girls who play the online game “Trinity Blood” 圣魔之血

Official Website

Avatar Name: Elizabeth

Avatar Name: Luo Luo

Avatar Name: An (Dark)

Avatar Name: Zhi Tiao Wu Bu Sha Ren (Only Dance Don’t Kill)

Avatar Name: Ke Ai Duo (How Cute)

Game: “Lie Guo” 猎国

Official Website

Player: (real name) Yuan Lu Ting 袁露婷

Game: “Loong” 龙OL

Official Website

Player & Contestant for Its Spokesperson:

Game: “Yuanzheng Online” 远征OL

Official Website:

Players & Contestants for Its SpokespersonZhang Wan You (winner) 张婉悠

Other Competing Spokeswomen for the game Yuanzheng Online:

Game: “GodsWar Online” 众神之战

Official Website:

Avatar Name: Meng Da Xian

Game: “MOQIZONE” 摩奇地带

Official Website:

Player & Spokesperson: (real name) Dada Chan 陈静

Game: “Heroes Island” 英雄岛

Official Website:

Player & Spokesperson: (real name) Xiao Xin 小訫 (Wang Hui Xin) 王蕙心

Game: “Piao Miao Zhi Lv” 飘邈之旅

Official Website:

Players :

Other Hot Girl Gamers and Spokeswomen: (real name) Liu Shi Han 刘诗涵

Real Name: Zhu Hong 朱弘

Real Name: Sun Bei Bei 孙贝贝

Real Name: Han Xiao Yan 韩晓妍

Real Name: Ma Huan Yin 马欢胤

Real Name: Qiu Min Fei 邱旻菲

Other Mysterious Girl Gamers:

More Photos of Asian Girl Gamers Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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    I really enjoy reading your articles!

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    Is the first girl a model now? she looks very familiar.

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    I’ve never met any girl players as hot as these.

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  8. It could be just me but nah it is lol This makes sense thanks for the read.

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