24 Sep ’10

Final Fantasy XIV – Japanese Game Review

On Wednesday 22nd September 1:00 AM, the long-awaited Final Fantasy XIV ファイナルファンタジーXIV was released on PC for those who bought the Collectors Edition.

Final Fantasy 14 boasts some of the best graphics of any MMORPG on the market, however due to it having joint development for release on the PS3, it has various bad qualities for PC gaming.

Install and update was pretty fast for such a graphics intensive game on its launch week. There doesn’t seem to be server instability or queues. The only annoying error is that if you get disconnected, it takes maybe 10 minutes for your character to be allowed in again because of log errors.

For once a game that doesn't force you to watch the opening movie

There is a nice amount of character customization and choice of race, however it’s pretty cliche as usual. If you haven’t been following Final Fantasy XIV, you can choose between being:

Hyurs – Like humans basically, have an average look

Male or female Midland Hyurs

Male Highland Hyurs

Miqo’te – Hot female cat girls

Seekers of the Sun – warm skin

Seekers of the Moon – pale skin

Lalafell – Midgets

Plainsfolk – pale skin

Dunesfolk – dark skin

Elzen – Tall elf lookalikes

Wildwood Elezen

Duskwight Elezen

Roegadyn – Beefy tall guys

Sea Wolves


So yeah, basically a choice between normal guys, hot cat girls, midgets, elves or beefy guys. You choose your initial class, but classes in this game can be changed about by the weapon you equip; so it’s not a big deal what you start out as. Also the different classes are pretty generic anyway, nothing really that special looking, innovative or original.

Hooray for diversity!

The intro cinematic is pretty much the amazing standard you’d expect from Square Enix, flawless CGI, but in comparing it to the game, it’s kind of pointless. Not only does it have some of the worst voice acting I’ve ever heard, complete with a Stewie impersonator and also a really bad scottish accent. It basically shows some adventurer having an out of body experience, whisking him into a battle with a giant Malboro, then being thrown into a giant sky battle between some empire and dragons. It made zero sense and didn’t really seem to add anything to the game’s plot or setting.

Harrow can I have some quests?

Insert smarmy expression

Begin horrific voice acting

Cue amazing scenery for a split second

Priceless expression on her face, cheeks bulging out looking worried.

Anyone else get mesmerized by those large ears?

Watch out for bad breath!

Wtf are these, was he trippin' from the bad breath?

Why are Square in love with massive Star Wars-esque battleships these days

They have always been in love with dragons, so this guy fits in nicely.

The setting is supposed to be a world of city states in a realm called Eorzea that was attacked by the Garlean empire, but then only one city fell with the rest expecting to fall; the empire retreated and because the alliance of city states built up a standing army, there are loads of adventurers doing stuff because of the lack of war but possibility of it.  Kind of a random plot really, I mean there’s no overriding main characters that act as a focus for any plot. Each city has a guy in charge, but from the offset this game seems sparse in actual background plot. The game itself is pretty rich in conversations and detail about the different factions and NPCs characters, however I can’t help feeling they are almost all inconsequential and kinda pointless.

Damn thee backwards writing

(Note the following review is based on playing the game only up to level 10 Thaumaturge {a magic class}, which is quite a limited perspective)

The Good

The environment is very nice, probably one of the best looking ones you’re going to see in any MMO game. The world looks lush, intricate and realistic, but still retains an artistic style to it that gives it that fantasy feeling. The structures are large and imposing, making you feel small, and there’s a lot to walk around and see. The world is pretty big, there’s 3 starting areas that all look really good. One of the most propelling reasons to play this game is simply to improve your character so you can see the whole world.

The quality of models is nice, lots of detail done on them, really smooth and high quality character models. It gives the game more immersion when you have something more realistic moving about as your avatar as opposed to pixel blobs. Not that pixel art is horrible, I love that style.

She only needs a hammer to get the job done

Oh look, it's Ganondorf

City layouts are quite interesting, you’ll enjoy getting lost because you’ll be too busy gawking at the surroundings. Everything looks interesting and looks like it fits in the situation; the design team did a really good job on this game.

Special effects look nice, like weather and spells. You don’t really get bored of seeing the battle effects and the teleport spell looks really cool. The weather effects are pretty nice, The dimness of caves and the day/night cycle all look pretty impressive.

Every teleport you'll feel like a terminator warping back in time.

Sound effects are really good, if there’s one thing this game does excel in, is satisfying sound effects, the cling clang of metal and the whoosh of spells. All the SFX is done well and boosts your enjoyment of repetitive actions.

Loot is automatically picked up. When you kill enemies, the loot is automatically put into your inventory. Yay! No clicking corpses, which is possibly the most tedious action ever included in MMOs.

There is no aggro from enemies at the start of the game and later the enemies only aggro if you stand still, you can pretty much safely run past a lot of stuff. I don’t know whether this is actually good or bad, I actually enjoy it; even though aggro is kind of logical, it’s also kind of annoying, especially when you factor in respawns.

Doors open like you’re a jedi, seriously just check it out.

Clipping through this door, but usually they open in time better.

There’s the option to go first person view, except it would have been even better if you could see your hands, body and equipment, oh well.

Brings in the meaning as black as night

There’s deceptively a lot of stuff to do, whilst you are shocked at the limit to quests per 48 hours (possible 24 hours since launch); you can actually do more if you group up. You can do behests every hour on the hour; you can travel to the other cities to do local quests there, and there’s different npc guilds in each city. You can level up any class and any craft pretty easily. Just get the main hand item for it to change your class to it.

You can join more than one guild or linkshell, you can join up to 8 linkshells at the moment I think.

You can perform battle regimes, which are like group combo attacks to get bonuses.

The Bad

There’s quite a lot of small problems that when considered all together could cause players too much frustration.


Die in an unquenchable fire of doom you marmot

The combat system is probably one of the most annoying parts of the game, it’s just so clumsy. It is so obvious that it was simplified for the use of a controller on the PS3, but this makes no sense to me; because you have to spend so much time grinding in this game that you’d think making the combat system really fluid would be a top priority, apparently it wasn’t. People say give the game a break, it’s only just been released; but I can’t see them overhauling the combat system to work properly because it’s such an integral thing, and they’ll be focusing more on adding content. There is so much wrong with the combat system, firstly passive and active mode; you have to wait 1 second as you draw you weapon, which also makes you stop and stand still. Secondly, when you cast a spell, you have to reselect your target because it has the option to make it AoE instead of single target. The way the combat system works is you have a stamina bar that refills, and all your abilities take a certain amount of stamina to perform; you queue it up, and it either takes time to cast or causes the action after a few moments. This system is so buggy currently, especially with casting spells and cancelling them, with spells not queuing properly as you select them, you end up just standing there with a full cast bar and nothing happening.


Someone's crafting in the distance aint going too well

The menu system is also extremely flawed in design for PC, it’s just so slow; every single menu system in the game is bad, from the intial login which looks completely unprofessional, to specifically the main menu, which opens on the right of the screen. The equipment menu is horrible, if you go into a sub menu, you have to close that before you do stuff with the menu before it, which makes the equipment menu unbearable. It’s all just so unnecessary, but it’s most likely due to the limits of keys on the PS3 controller pushing development down this path. You can’t drag and drop from an inventory into your equipment for example, this simple function which has been around years and years just didn’t even enter the designer’s mind in the PC version, it’s really just a shame.



You can only have 8 region quests and 8 local quests(per major area) per 48 hours and you have a limit to your teleporting ( called anima points). The limiting of quests and teleporting is just a bad game mechanic, it only serves to make the game last longer so people can’t complain about end game content. You also have a certain amount of anima, 100 to begin with, with teleports costing 4 and returns to your home crystal costing 2. Anima supposedly increases 4 per day, however it’s simply an annoying way to limit you, it would have been far better if they’d adjusted currency or an earned token/item to allow you to teleport instead of this set value that slowly returns per hour. I guess it’s the choice they made for convenience vs easy mobility.


Gonna saw the hell out of this glowing light till it becomes a wooden staff…..

The crafting system whilst extremely varied is also extremely boring to actually do. I love the idea of crafting in a game, but all too frequently crafting becomes incredibly boring and repetitive; FFXIV is no exception. Whilst having an amazing variety of objects to craft and improve with, the actual crafting is just annoying; you have to undergo a mini-game, whereby a spark on your tool changes properties based on the success rate of the craft. You choose from 3 different crafting options which have different increases in craft progression, craft quality and loss of durability. You usually start at around 100 durability, 0% progression and 0 Quality. When you reach 100% progression you complete the item, but the craft will fail if you hit 0 durability. The main problem with crafting is the delay in the menu, it’s just so annoying going back and forth from the options crafting item after item, and you have to wait each time the character does their little animation for each bit of progression you make. It’s just generally a really good idea that executed in the worst possible fashion.


The mini games are so badly implemented and the time wasted between actions is agonisingly annoying. There are mini games for fishing, mining and herbing (botany) in addition to the crafting minigame, and one thing can be said for them all, they are all extremely boring, with long menu waits. You generally have the choice of two variables, and then it’s like a hot or cold game where you have a certain number of tries before you fail. What happened to Square? They used to have so many cool mini-games in their games, specifically FF7 and FF8; even FFX had blitzball which was moderately fun. FFXIV has literally the most unoriginal and boring ideas for mini games ever invented. And then they expect you to farm materials and play a whole section of the game as a crafter with these games, so they are hardly even optional.


The NPC characters are so bland, nothing has really been designed outside the 6 base models; it’s just 6 different models in the whole game for NPCs. Granted special characters have different clothes, but really they look too similar to player characters; there really is little variety on the NPC front. Nothing really was specially designed to make a character feel that much more interesting.


No jump, just lazy to not program this in. I know some people don’t like seeing characters jumping about everywhere, but the inability to jump makes you feel like you’re on some insane heavy gravity world. I guess ignoring a movement height map cuts out the physics programming and speeds up the game, but it’s such a cheap way to cut corners that it really annoys me. People can’t deny it feels good to jump around a fantasy world, and climb terrain, etc.

Status ailments have no timer, they just sit at the top of your screen, with you never knowing when they are going to end. They included timers on ability cool downs, why not status ailments?

There doesn’t seem to be a bank facility or auction house right now, but maybe I just didn’t find them yet…With all the random items you pick up, you quickly meet your inventory capacity, it feels like you don’t want to sell a lot of them because everything seems to be used to craft something, and you never know when you’ll need it. You can give items to a retainer npc to sell, I’m not sure if they actually hold on to stuff for you as well though.

The map is incredibly annoying until you find out that you can move it with the camera commands; for some reason they just didn’t include a mouse click option on screen. I wonder why that is… Damn PS3 again! The mini map might as well be removed, because it doesn’t help you at all; whole buildings are just shown as giant blobs, ignoring different levels and pathways. Not to mention the fact that someone thought it would be really artsy to write all the names on the map drawing in crazy backwards language, so you can’t decipher it easily. Thankfully after a couple of seconds markers appear for all the major locations.

Travelling on the transport ferry is a 10 minute stand on a ship with nothing to do, and only 1 NPC who just  says he’ll take care of you. Was this really necessary? Also to get on the ship, you have to first enter the docks, then when it arrives you exit the docks from where you came in; even with the ship making its approach to the docks, and the doors opening, it won’t let you walk on, you have to walk away to get on it, makes no sense at all.

So much fun to be had on the Limsa express ferry

Go down below deck and enjoy…peace and quiet?

Animations are too basic and boring, you mainly your avatar just kind of stands around breathing lightly as a magic user. As a physical attacker, the animations are a lot better, so I guess magic users have to make do with their nice special effects instead of nice avatar animations. The run animation is technically okay, but it looks a bit stupid. I guess they could have done more work on it, the midget Lalafell look kind of hilarious when they move because they move so insanely fast, and then just suddenly stop.

Music is nowhere near as good as other Final Fantasy games, as much as I love Nobuo Uematsu and everything he has achieved, the guys in charge must of requested his music for this game to be as bland as possible. Maybe they know that hardly anyone really listens to online game music, and tends to just play their own music playlist in the background and so they decided to spend less time and effort on it.

There seems to be zero interaction between players, unless you play with friends. This is probably again due to the PS3 development. You can’t type as easily on PS3 so most talk on headsets with friends, and nothing has been designed to push players to talk to each other on the PC version. Grouping up to do quests will let you do more per day, and you can group to do behests I think, and you can perform battle regimes which are like group combo attacks but it seems everyone is pretty content to just solo it out and ignore grouping up. So the world is just full of silent robots running about spawn stealing and crafting about on the ground. A group menu system would have been nice, that puts you in a lobby for starting groups and choosing quests to do.


The game suffers massively from all the awkward pauses in the combat and menu system, and specifically from the bad design influence of the PS3 development across the whole game. The conceptors and level designers, however, have done an amazing job on this game, as well as the guys who did the effects and sound effects. It is really a massive fail on the part of the guys in charge of game design and UI for the bad choices in development, and the lack of an interesting background to the game. Final Fantasy XIV is really just a tuned up FFXI, with better graphics and a new setting.

It is a real shame. Because if they’d just taken a few simple steps and made a different focus on certain points of the game, it would probably be way more successful that it’s going to be. Its future is that it will take in the FFXI players and pull in a few of the bored World of Warcraft players until its new expansion. But with the Cataclysm expansion, it will probably lose a lot of players just because how frustrating many core parts of this game are to play. However, it might do well on the PS3. I mean they hardly have any decent games to play on that system anyway, and Square Enix has a massive loyal fanbase.

My perspective may be a little bit harsh, because I have only just started to play and I generally expect a lot from Square Enix. Most of the problems seem so easy to solve that it annoys me.

Personally I find most of the game enjoyable to play, but I can see that if I play it long term my frustrations will ride high, which could be totally negated if the game just had a decent game designer in charge. A lot of the game is completely unintuitive which doesn’t help new players much really. It is very anti-new player and that will damage the game’s long term fanbase. Maybe the loyal fans of FFXIV will prefer that, with less populated realms and maybe having their voices heard by the developer more easily and directly. But to me, it feels the game designers just forgot to add any real gameplay to this game, and it’s just a shell of what it could be.

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  1. Nia

    I like the Midland Hyurs and the cat girls (love their ears), and the Lalafell are so cute, the cutest midgets I’ve ever seen (the first girl has the awesome short hair that I want).

    The Elzen aren’t bad either, but why do their heads look so small??? Oh, sea wolves are such eye-opening species but why aren’t there any female sea wolves??

    Overall, the blonde female Hyurs have the best proportions and looks.

    “Hooray for diversity” – LOL
    “So much fun to be had on the Limsa express ferry” – oh, poor you, looking so lonely and quiet. =O

    And yes, the large ears are indeed mesmerizing!

  2. Yookai

    Good Job on giving out the good and bad. The bad is pretty significant in it’s volume vs just one area. This will not do well with todays PC MMO players at all.

    In my book SE focused solely on PS3 and the PC was a after thought.

    FFXI did well because there was no Everquest 2, Warcraft, and others out yet. It was new and fresh for us Everquest and Dark Age of Camelot people.

    Their marketing department must be putting high hopes into the PS3 side of things. Any reasonable experienced gamer in PC knows this has too many problems for the general PC market.

    I will not buy this game because it does nothing to put incentives on the social parts of MMO’s. Not one thing. Group grinding is gone and the group levels are murder with the “Fumbly” combat mechanics.

    Square Enix are fools. Good luck with the competition in todays PC market. You will need a miracle to retain gamers with DC Universe, Tera Online, Lineage 3, Warcraft new expansion, Star wars , and even free to play MMO’s like Vindictus coming out.

    Numbskulls at SE really have it wrong this time around.

  3. I think it comes down to the stranglehold that Sony still have over Japan, and the lack of any real following for PC games there. Which is a shame because I believe the PC market would have treated them well overseas if they’d just made some simple changes to the menu and combat systems at the very least.

  4. ultracasual

    Very good post, I laughed a lot reading this because it’s true. Bottom line: if you want to even enjoy this game without standing on end with frustration wait for PS3. Or at least a MAJOR update that allows more fluidity on the computer. How hard would that be to include a different interface, menu (which crashes on my PC a lot), movements etc. ?? There’s no advantage as there will be no PvP…

  5. ultracasual

    money money money. Even if they get a small percentage of profit on a game ported from PS3 to PC, it’s an economic well made move. Truthfully we’re the fools for expecting SE to deliver on PC.

    • Thats the thing, I think they could have made way more money off the PC version that the PS3, its just they put priority on PS3 development, in fact the reason PC version has come out earlier than the PS3 is probably solely for getting subscribers before Wow Cataclysm hits and some other games. But yeah you’re right we were a bit foolish to expect SE to care about PC development.

  6. Morbious

    Agree on a lot of points, but you can’t really say there’s a lack of background…we’re just dipping our toes in at this point.

    Ex: what’s with the meteor shower that starts off every adventurer’s time, regardless of Limsa, Ul’dah or Gridania?

    The NPC’s looks are decent if somewhat generic, but I think that’s more palette than design. I like their convos though, like there’s a little history NPC, most just give background to the city or tell about life in the city.

    I dig the story so far, at least Ul’dah, wasn’t as impressed of Limsa’s.

    Ul’dah so far: (spoilers)

    Weird meteor shower coincides with the thaumaturge losing control of a goobue in a parade, many lives lost.

    Background of the town, such as the coliseum, introduced.

    Find out there’s a lynch mob for that thaumaturge who lost control. Have to stop it.

    See more of the devastation caused by the rampaging goobue, a good human feel for the impact (including an orphaned kid). But you’re still left wondering what force was at work in the goobue breaking free and if it maybe had something to do with the meteor shower.

    Idk, I find it interesting so far, and it’s only the tip of the iceberg.

    • Yeah you’re right there’s lots of background in dialogue about the plot once you’re playing the game, that enriches the world.

      But what I meant was; at the start of the game, there’s nothing really propelling you forward, the plot that presents the game is just really weak. The unspecific opening cgi, the blurb you’re given about the world.

      You either need a strong event or a strong interesting dialogue to open a game, and FFXIV had neither in my opinion.

      I started at Limsa and you’re just some guy on a boat and then a big serpent attacks with a crappy battle on the boat, then you follow the quest on from the adventurer’s guild in Limsa. Combined with the lack of NPC originality, I just felt the game could have opened a lot better.

  7. HmCorpsman

    Sort button for inventories, AH, restricted chat, horrible repair options, slow regen on anima, exp bugs on healers, fatigue, lack of mobs for grinding, no direction (why are there dungeons in this game again?) ect…

    i am having a hell of a time trying to keep my friends playing this game. but i have a feeling we will all be leaving for GW2 or Tera as soon as they hit the shelves.

    i enjoyed the article tho, they seriously had soooo much potential to make simple fixes on stupid little things to keep us happy. we were looking forward to this game, and now that its here, we are all wondering why we even bought the CE

  8. Rumo

    Gosh it’s not “would OF been”, it’s “would HAVE been” omg!
    This drives me insane everytime I’m reading it…

  9. Germany

    “There seems to be zero interaction between players, unless you play with friends. This is probably again due to the PS3 development.”

    FFXI was designed to be on the PS2 yet was very party centric. Which makes your comment about FFXIV being an improved FFXI contradictory.

    “No jump, just lazy to not program this in.”

    Just… lol.

    “…as much as I love Nobuo Uematsu and everything he has achieved, the guys in charge must of requested his music for this game to be as bland as possible.”

    Nobuo chooses what the songs are like based on game concepts and names. So he is the one who is lazy and bland. Rather insulting.

    I think you rant too much(sometimes about insignificant things, e.g. jumping). Without disciplining yourself you can turn a decent review into atypical forum post some guy made late into the night hooked on coffee. The “Misc” portion was unfocused and ranty.

    • Actually I can’t stand coffee, heh.
      “Misc” was probably quite ranty as you put it, which is why I do art for a living, and reviews as just a hobby.
      No offence meant to Nobuo still, just I was disappointed with the music score too much I guess.
      Jump is important for game design!! They create a massive beautiful world and then limit you to walking stuck to the floor, I’m not the only one annoyed by this.

    • Lucas

      Flava, you come from cheap games like WoW and AION, don’t you? You wanted a copy of those games, sorry.

      • Not really, I come from playing games for 15 years, having a degree in games design, working in a game company for 2 years and simply not wanting a game that could be amazing to fall into so many horrible pitfalls.

  10. c0d3r

    “Final Fantasy XIV is really just a tuned up FFXI, with better graphics and a new setting.”

    Huh?!? FFXIV is almost absolutely nothing like FFXI what drugs are you on? Bar the races being somewhat similar explain how it’s anything like FFXI?

    • Similar basic gameplay, crafting, characters, game systems, musically similar, both have cubersome registration and setup, both designed for a console which produces annoyances on PC.

      Not only the content, but the mistakes made are similar, what they didn’t put into the game that they should of. Still I don’t know why you wouldn’t think games made by the same company wouldn’t be similar.

  11. c0d3r

    You made a great list, you’re totally right, I need to lay off the crack seriously, I’m delusional, because a company makes 2 games it can make them similar, like Diablo III and WoW are going to be similar . You’re a genius with awesome opinions that are as awesome as your review of the game.

  12. Why do you bother being so rude? Do you really have zero life? Keep it up to prove me right. All you’re going to prove is that you’re a fanatical troll.

  13. Miken

    I figured out the combat, they really need a tutorial in this game.

    The combat is actually quite good if you go about it properly.

    A. You need to move in between attacks (any attack including spells can be casted on the move in this game!)

    B. Positioning! (you’re moving for a reason! Juke the monster out get him to face away from you and guess what?!? You’ve just doubled your crit chance!) From the left, right, and behind attacks have a higher damage output than just standing in front of your target and not moving.

    C. Load out proper spells/abilities for what you’re hunting beforehand by using macros. I have around 8 macros just for changing my elemental setup for damage spells. Each one consists of only 2 lines. /eaction 2 “Debuff Name” /eaction 3 “Nuke Name”

    So there you have it. Combat explained. I still run around Eorzea and see people standing unmoving like statues in front of their targets. That’s not how this game works. If you fight like that you’re gimping the experience before it even starts. I hate to say it with how much negative attention the combat system has received but IT IS VERY INNOVATIVE to say the least!

    They just released a patch fixing a bunch of stuff and the market system is being revamped next week in a content patch. I have high hopes for this game, it doesn’t have the same (oh this game will NEVER be good) feeling that I had with Age of Conan, Star Trek Online and other MMOs at launch.

    Give it a chance….. It’s gonna take a few months to perfect. SE has already asked game review sites to come back in a month or so and re-review the game. Let’s see what they’re capable of doing.

    PS. Sorry you didn’t understand the storyline. It is actually panning out to be quite epic.

    • You make some good points, and I really do take into account the game is at launch, and when have any games been at their best at launch? Still it feels they rushed it more than games are usually rushed out. Specifically the menu system being filled with mistakes that are so easy to fix.

      It wasn’t that I didn’t understand the storyline, it just made zero impact on me. Other games are often in a good position for storyline with single player games/previous games in the same franchise/world as them fleshing out the story and making it interesting. The story in FFXIV just seemed forced and a bit random in my opinion.

  14. Oklahoma

    There are a few things i can agree with . But i run a XIV LS and were all ok with about 90 percent of the game.

    Granted the menu system is a bit lack luster but if you played XI its basicaly the same system.

    Combat is a HUGE improvement over XI in that there is no auto-attack so you cant be lazy on your game play. (by lazy i mean hit your attack then get up make a sandwitch get something to drink and comeback to the game wile your Chr is still attacking)

    The game is eye candy lots of detail to it.

    for the no jump , really…. i mean your going to dis a game because you cant jump….really. jump isent relevent to this game nor was it to XI. are you going to jump on a mob?

    The game is like XI in that SE made it and it has the same looking Chrs to it. Other then that its not even close to the same in story , quests..ext

    As for crafting yes the crafting animation is dull . but is a HUGE difference then XIs crafting . Have you seen XIs crafting. gather mats use a crystal and watch a spinning crystal either break or pop into your item. I think ill take the sawing a orb allday over that.

    You have some decent points but i think you dident spend the time in learning the game.

    As for the talking to people in game . In XI you can add a keyboard to your PS2/PS3 (via a partition) and text just as easy as a PC gamer can.

    Also when your talking about how hard the game is to move around in or useing a mouse there is this wonderfull thing called a gamepad. Sence the game is ported for PS3 wouldent it make sence to use a gamepad? and you can use your ps3 or Xbox controler or a gamepad for the PC game makes life so much better.

    Again thanks for the review but im takeing it with a grain of salt.

    on a side note i have played games sence atari 2600 and have owned just about every gamesystem there has ben. This game in my opinion is good its not great but its good and has some kinks it needs to iron out and i also agree it feals a bit rushed.

    • I don’t think I’ve read a positive review about FFXIV on any professional publication yet. So I’m not really alone in noticing it’s glaring problems.

      Why should I have to buy a game pad. Keyboard and Mouse is far superior for functions in an MMO RPG world, so that’s what it should be designed for when they release it on PC.

      Not everyone buys a keyboard on ps3, the point is, they design it for the basic user who doesn’t want to use one which then knocks onto the PC development of the game, I’m entirely aware you can use one.

      I don’t think crafting is a huge difference, when both systems are flawed and incredibly annoying. The ideas behind the systems are similar is what I meant.

      The menu systems in this game have no excuse, they are bad, plain and simple.

      I never said the story or quests were similar, but the development of the game, the focus and a lot of other things are similar, it’s what you’d expect from the same company making both games…….It’s just a shame they didn’t really learn from their mistakes, and took the wrong development decisions imo.

      Combat may be an improvement, but it’s still horrible and buggy. I don’t see them reworking the core mechanic of it, which is the origin of its failure.

      The game had a lot of glimmers of hope, but falls short so badly on certain things, which just makes me cringe really, especially when Square and Enix have produced some of the best games of all time.

  15. Gabriel

    I think the game will be a lot better on the ps3.

  16. Derek

    well me personally i see alot of pros and cons to this game. i played ffxi since NA release and i love it, yeah small things that people gotta get used to and the annoying POL but other than that very good. FFXIV hasent impressed me at all aside from the graphics. from what ive seen the content just isnt there like it has always been for ffxi. the interaction with other players is limited and well to be honest i find myself running alone killing stuff because the current limit on quests and such in the game. there is a reason EQ1 and FFXI were the 2 best mmos fr a long time…. it was the hook both games turned people into crackheads and thats how you make money but 14 so far hasent hardly kept my attention for more than 30min at a time and then im bored and wanna logout and play somthing else. all in all its a straight borefest

  17. mon

    very good blog

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