30 Sep ’10

Ray Li’s 8th Cover Girl Competition – Chinese Fashion

Ray Li 瑞丽 is a popular Chinese fashion magazine published in Beijing with regional offices in Shanghai and Guangzhou, catering to affluent urban women in their twenties and thirties.

All Photos Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

Ray Li’s Cover Girl Competition 瑞丽封面女孩大赛 is an annual event in China. This year, the competition has risen to a new level with a more professional and authoritative team. Having trained hard for the finale, the contestants for Kanebo Ray Li’s 8th Cover Girl Competition 佳丽宝瑞丽第8届封面女孩大赛 were gradually eliminated over the past few weeks. First we’ll show you some early photos taken during the training period.

The finale of Ray Li’s 8th Cove Girl Competition was held on September 11, with Li Ai 李艾 and Peng Yu 彭宇 hosting, many young idols attended the event as special guests, including popular Taiwanese singer Jam Hsiao 萧敬腾, Taiwanese girl group Hey Girl and boy band Lollipop (photos below). The Special Award Gala was aired on September 17 at 20:50. The judges included supermodel Yu Na 于娜, “Godmother Of Chinese Models” Chen Wan Ruo 陈婉若 and superstar stylist Kevin Chou (photos below).

Li Ai is the host of China’s Next Top Model “美丽模坊”中国明日超模, which is the Chinese edition of America’s Next Top Model.

Opening, Bikini Fashion Show & Performance of Ray Li Models & Contestants of Kanebo Ray Li’s 8th Cover Girl Competition

Ray Li Model Ayuki Huang 黄美熙

Winners of Kanebo Ray Li’s 8th Cover Girl Competition

Winner & “Peach John‘s Most Lively Image” Award: Yang Lu 杨璐

Runner-up: Wang Ying 王颖

Third Place: Chen Yan Xi 陈彦熹

“Best Artificial Image” Award: Zhou Yi 周怡

Judges of Kanebo Ray Li’s 8th Cover Girl Competition

Supermodel Yu Na

“Godmother Of Chinese Models” Chen Wan Ruo

Superstar Stylist Kevin Chou

Jam Hsiao Performing

Hey Girl Performing

Lollipop Performing

All Photos Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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  1. Runner-up and 3rd place are both better than the winner.

  2. Adrien

    a cool competition with so many pretty girls around. haha

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