14 Oct ’10

Catwomen Lingerie Show & 2010 Maoren Grand Gala

On Sunday October 10, the so-called Perfect Day by Chinese netizens, ten hot catwomen 武汉”街头猫女” dressed in sexy lingerie appeared in the street of Guanggu Plaza in Wuhan, Hubei Province. Surrounding them followed more than ten bodyguards, attracting an enormous crowd.

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October 10th is known as Perfect Day due to the Chinese phrase “shi quan shi mei” 十全十美. “Shi” is the number 10. “shi quan shi mei” means “to be perfect in every way” or “to be the height of perfection”. People expect everything to go well on this day, some even look forward to surprises and special encounters.

When ten hot catwomen in colourful lingerie suddenly showed up in the crowd, shoppers were astonished and excited. A girl in short skirt and leather boots exclaimed, “I love this show, it reveals the most beautiful thing in women. Who doesn’t want to have a hot body like these catgirls?”

The surprising catwomen fashion show is actually held by the lingerie brand Maoren (meaning Cat People). The fashion show was only part of the plan. A bigger and more glamorous carnival evening, called the “2010 Maoren Fever Grand Ceremony” 2010猫人燃情盛典, took place the next day in the Guanggu Stadium hosted by its spokesperson and famous Taiwan TV hostess, Dee Hsu 徐熙娣.

“2010 Maoren Fever Grand Ceremony” Poster

Host Dee Hsu Performing

The “2010 Maoren Fever Grand Ceremony” claims to be the most splendid  lingerie fashion show in Chinese history, challenging the famous Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

The catmodels were dressed in rich and provocative costumes, walking fiercely with an enticing rhythm. The audience enjoyed the grand gala, applauding loudly.

All Photos Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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  1. Those models at the beginning, look like they wanted to be anywhere else in the world than there lol.

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    Its a really fabulous fashion show.

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