24 Oct ’10

Korean F1 Race – Rain and Drama

The first Korean F1 Grand Prix began this weekend, with the race this Sunday morning 24th of October 07:00 GMT, at the newly built Korean International Circuit, in Yeongam, South Jeolla Province, South Korea.

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With a $264 million deal to host the event, South Korea hosted the F1 Grand Prix in a 55 lap race. The winner of the race was Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso, who has now taken the leader in the championship with two races to go.

The track is one of the better designed new tracks and a refreshing change. It has a good mix of corners with some nice overtaking opportunities. There are four high speed corners and some changes in elevation which also make the track more interesting, not to mention some of the close walls that make the track more challenging. South Korea has designed a whole business district surrounding the track to nurture the economic benefits from it.

It was through good planning and hard work that Korea managed to complete enough of the track in time for the race, especially due to 90 days of rain in Korea that delayed the work. Many were apprehensive that the track would not be completed in time, and there were fears that the race would be postponed. With the final layer of asphalt still needing to be laid out and some of the turns needing to be tweaked a couple of weeks before the race, it was a relief that it all got finalised enough for the FIA inspection. However, the rain was not going to let up.

The race opened disappointingly with a long wait because of the downpour of rain and 20 laps of safety car, with many teams complaining. Because the newly built track was slippery, there were a lot of crashes in the race. Whether this is because the drivers did not know the track well or whether it was set-up mistakes or just bad luck, it was definitely a race with a lot of drama and a nail biting result. With both Red Bull drivers failing to finish the race due to a crash and a blown engine, it was a terrible race for them, as they were close to taking the lead in the championship.

South Korea have a 7-year deal to run F1 races, and so no doubt people will be looking forward to the races in subsequent years after such a dramatic first race. The reviews of the race are mixed, some people enjoyed the crashes and the drama, however many serious race fans felt the unfinished race track and problems at the start of the race made it a bad race.

South Korea is also well-known for its cute and hot race queens, who posed for promotional campaigns as well as for the race. However, they were not able to strut about much for the crowds because of the rain. These beauties are well-known in Korea but probably not so famous internationally. Hopefully South Korea got the promotion it deserved from the race, even if the race was filled with drama.

More Photos Of Asian News Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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