14 Sep ’10

Kobe Autumn Winter Collection – Japanese Fashion

The Kobe Autumn/Winter Collection was recently held in Kobe on the 29th of August and Tokyo on the 5th of September.

All Photos Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

Special guests across both dates included Miura Haruma 三浦 春馬, Takagaki Reiko, Fujimoto Miki, MarieYoshikawa Hinano , YU-A, Hinaco, Yuya Matsushita and Kumada Yoko with Miliyah KatoUemura Kana and others performing on stage.

In a sweltering 34 degrees, the latest trends were displayed. It seems fur is in this season again, with many fur hats, fur leg warmers and lining being displayed, not so surprising. Long trench coats and military style outfits were also quite prominent.

Over 30 brands including Armani Exchange, Barbie, Beberose, Juicy Couture, L’est Rose, Paul & Joe Sister, Vicky participated in the show. There were over 100 models and around 17,000 people attending the events combined.

Kobe 神戸市 is the sixth largest city in Japan, and the second largest port city. An exotic city by most Japanese standards, Kobe has a population of 1.5 million lying in the Kansai region. Famous for its Kobe Beef, Arima Onsen – a famous hot springs resort, one of the busiest ports, having the first golf course in Japan and having withstood horrific events such as the Great Hanshin Earthquake (aka Kobe earthquake) and devastating  WW2 incendiary bomb attacks in 1945.

Since 2002, Kobe has held the Kobe Fashion Week biannually, and has since become a centre for cosmopolitan fashion, with the saying arising, “If you can’t go to Paris, go to Kobe”.

Official Site of Kobe Fashion Week :

Photos from the Event

All Photos Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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