29 Jul ’10

10 Promises – Dog and Master

1. Please remember this before you take me home:

my life only lasts 10 to 15 years; if you abandoned me, it would cause me so much agony.

2. Please give me a little time before I understand what your demands are.

3. Trust me! This is very important to me.

4. Please don’t be mad at me for too long; don’t lock me up as a punishment.

You have your work, your pastimes and your friends; but I’ve only got you.

5. When you have time, please talk to me a little. Even though I don’t quite

understand your language, I know that is your voice accompanying me.

6. You should know that no matter how you treat me, I’ll never forget it.

7. When you beat me, please don’t forget that I actually have teeth sharp enough to

bite and break your hand bones; but I absolutely wouldn’t choose to hurt you.

8. When you blame my disobedience, stubbornness and laziness, please ask yourself:

is it because you didn’t give me enough food? Is it because you haven’t taken me out

to enjoy the warm sunshine for a long time? Or is it because I’ve grown old and weak?

9. When I’m weakening with each passing day,

please take good care of me, for all of us will grow old.

10. When I’m about to pass away, please be next to me by all means.

Don’t say “I can’t endure to watch” or “let him go when I’m away”;

as long as you’re beside me, I can camly bear anything.

Please don’t forget…that I’ll always love you.

Source: Dan Ding Workshop

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  1. So sad at the end.

  2. Such a cute but sad story. :(

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