7 Nov ’10

Top 10 Most Popular Chinese Cosplayers

Cosplay コスプレ is short for “costume play”. It is a popular performance art in many Asian countries.

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As cosplay is becoming more and more common in Western countries, China has also started to establish a strong fan base for cosplay events and competitions.

In the cosplay market today, more and more Chinese cosplayers are starting to gain popularity among the young generation. The topics of cosplay in China are mostly from Chinese classical figures and modern Japanese anime characters.

Here we rate the top ten Chinese cosplayers, some of whom have actually won many awards and praise. You may recognize some of them.

No. 1. Ya Qie 押切

Specially: dancing, cheography, musical instruments
Occupation: cheographer, model

2. Mei Wai 美歪

Height: 162cm
Occupation: artist, designer

3. Mu Ye Wu Ya 木叶乌鸦

Speciality: Super Dollfie cosplay

4. Kenn Wang Ye 王爷

Height: 175cm
Occupation: make-up artist, design director, freelance artist

5. He Tong 河童

Height: 170cm
Speciality: lyricist, cosplay

6. Xiao Meng 小梦

Height: 175cm
Occupation: make-up artist

7. Tian Lang 天狼

Height: 182cm
Occupation: host

8. Huang Shan 黄山

Occupation: design director, mark-up artist

9. Xiao Xiao Bai 小小白

Height: 178cm
Speciality: painting

10. Xiao Mei 小美

Major: Visual Communication
Debut Year: 2001

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  1. The blonde Asians look so… sick

  2. I think some Asians can pull off the blond look pretty well, but some look terrible. Mei Wai does an awesome Tifa cosplay in this post. The Prince of Tennis Tezuka cosplay is pretty good but because the face is the wrong shape, it doesn’t quite make it amazing.

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