13 Oct ’10

Difficult Chinese Marching Training – Jiefangjun

From our previous article “Military Training For Kids – Crazy & Strict”, you should know that military training 军训 is a required practice for most Chinese students unless they have some kind of serious illness or a family emergency.

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A popular BBS post about military training has recently aroused Chinese netizens’ enthusiasm for the country. Yet, it has also caused tremendous arguments over the insane training that the soldiers have to endure. Jiefangjun is short for Zhongguo Renmin Jiefangjun 中国人民解放军, which is Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

(Even in the latest season of China’s Next Top Model Cycle 3, the girls went through this difficult process and it turned out to be inspiring and beneficial to them)

The post is titled “The Unveiled Chinese Military Marching Practice”. Some of the comments are as follows.

“I’m shocked!!!”
“I admire Chinese soldiers!”
“I love you! You’re awesome!”
“Is it practical for wars?”
“A nation with mental problems”
“They just want mianzi (dignity/personal esteem)”
“They have the externality, but they lack cultivation.”
“kuuuuu (cry)”
“Who the hell said they’re uncultivated???”
“Just a form of wan (play/game/have fun)”
“What they’re doing is the most basic.”
“They’re the cutest people”
“Our mighty military!”
“Stories behind the scenes”
“Shocked and touched! I feel sorry for them.”
“Military power = hope of our nationalities”
“Ding!!!!!! (support/top/push, so that the post won’t fall behind)”

“The Unveiled Chinese Military Marching Practice”

More Photos Of Asian News Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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  1. Crazy discipline and precision, pretty amazing.

  2. taragirl

    wow, great discipline!

  3. beckie

    bow to jiefangjun in awe.

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