17 Nov ’10

Asian Celebs – Before & After Breast Implants

Here are some photos of well-known Asian female celebrities before and after having breast implant surgery.

More Photos Of Asian Celebs Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

More Photos Of Asian Celebs Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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Written by: Nia
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  1. Xeno

    Hey just curious,what is the name of the girl in your fb profile pic?

  2. I was thinking whether surgery for the sake of attention wrong? Or is any improvement you undertake to also improve your life admirable? I can’t really decide. Breast surgery gives some girls more confidence, so if they love themselves more I guess they will have a more positive life overall anyway.

    I guess the main bad thing is all the behind the scenes disasters and unsuccessful operations plus bad surgeons and surgeries that will rip you off which are involved with breast enhancement.

    In the end a lot of people do like natural better than artificial. But then again a lot don’t care either. So it doesn’t really matter.

    And to be more famous and successful, girls who opt for having bigger breasts, definitely improve their chances for success, because of all the extra attention they get. That’s just the way the world is.

    • Xeno

      yeah if the means to be natural is to be fake,then why not.Im not against these girls in surgery,though it was kinda silly for a healthy person to ‘cut’ themselves.Oh well,the world is….scary!

  3. Tiffany

    Sad. If it was me, I wouldn’t choose to do it.

  4. Silla

    They look good and also natural. Unlike some famous celebrities you see in America that had breast jobs, the girls in the photos seem to have a litte sag and clevage.

  5. Eevee898

    They all looked great without but i think that part of the problem was that what they wore didn’t really help, and only exaggerated the problem.

  6. e

    some of them are photoshopped on… well like I only 2 that were fake fake fake.

  7. -.-

    Natural boobs are the best… Fake boobs are for porn stars.

  8. Oliver

    Sad really.

    Most looked WAY better BEFORE the implants. They have lost their beautifull ‘Asian’ look. I do wish they wouldn’t do it!!

    • anony

      Are you saying that the ‘Asian’ look has supposedly small breasts? That’s unfair. Many Asian girls have natural big breasts like my friends do. So I don’t think people should stereotype.

      • OJ

        No, not really. It’s just that they go way overboard and make them look very fake. No Asian girl I have ever encountered had large breasts!!


        • YK

          How sad for you to not have had the pleasure of encountering Asian girls with busts bigger than an A. I know quite a lot of Asian chicks with sizes C and up. In fact, a Honkie chick I know has E’s and she’s only 5’2″ – which almost makes her half boob! So take your back-handed, racist comments elsewhere.

  9. kARen

    im asian myself and most of the gals i know either have a small chest or if they have big boobs they are usually fat or very big oned. most of the skimny gals with big boobs have undergone surgery or wear thick padded bras.

  10. jane y

    wow…………i want to have big breasts bf always look at other gals boobs and cleavage!

  11. Kim

    Man, you can also use photoshop to enhance your boob size, esp. since they use “professional” photoshoot for after result.

    and The stupid thing is vivian hsu pic, of course your cleavage showing more when you’re wearing only bra (probably push up) + see through lingerie.

  12. Anonymous

    Is there actress liu yan in any of these pics?

  13. Lee seung hyun

    Is there actress Liu Yan i any of these pics?

  14. Anonymous

    So, let me tell these are fake.

  15. lake gyi

    So, let me tell these are fake.

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