20 Aug ’10

Asian Girls – Before and After Makeup

Here are some before and after makeup photos of Asian girls, some of whom are actually quite popular online. Can you guess their age? Before you scroll down, prepare yourself!!!!! Part 2. Part 3.

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Written by: Nia
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  1. Tombo-san

    The wonders of plastic surgery…

    • Lauren

      You really are a moron.

    • Alicia

      It’s not plastic surgery. it’s just make-up!!!!!

      • aki

        Well, the left and right picture are just makeup, yes, but most of these girls obviously had SOME kind of work done. I mean, some of their features look unnatural! Also, it is true that most Asian girls, under immense peer pressure, have plastic surgery (especially on eyes).

        • Katie

          Nah the biggest difference I see in some of them are in their eyes. Eyes can completely change your identity. Its common for asian women to use eyelid tape which opens their eyes tremendously and many of the younger girls use circle lenses which makes their eyes look bigger as well.

        • Cough

          Bro, it’s called photoshop.

        • katie

          “most” asian girls do not get plastic surgery on their eyes because it’s really expensive. instead, a lot of asian girls use glue to make it look like they’ve had the eyelid surgery.

        • Eyelids

          Actually, in Korea there is a lot of plastic surgery.
          Girls buy eyelid surgery not only for cosmetic reasons, but also for health. When a monolid having person gets older, there eyelids gain fat and can sag so that they have difficulty seeing or it sometimes gets so bad that they can’t at all see.

          And Korea is actually the #1 place for cosmetic surgery.
          There are people who will get jaw surgery or eye surgery, and in the pictures you can see a lot of the girls have put in circle lenses, which are non-permanent, eye enlarging contact lenses.

          Sorry if my English is bad, it is not my native language.

        • sonya

          aki, i have a friend who is half korean and half european american, and she doesn’t wear half the make up these women wear in the pictures. she’s never had any plastic surgery, or wear those huge circle lens. my friend does not care if she wears make up or not, she can’t stand heavy make up. no one’s never called my friend ugly, she is naturally beautiful.

        • Sayaval

          It’s just eye lid tape

        • summer

          U idiot. U can’t get plastic surgery on eyes. I would know My mom is a surgen. Pol like u should really stay of the enternet. Those girls have Really natural features and most of them look to young for surgery

        • Caroline

          Actually Korea is number one where people are most applied to cosmetic surgery, Philippines is number one to have it done because it is cheap and like every filipino kinda wants to be in the medical field.
          @summer::to be more specific, you can have surgery cosmetically done to change the appearance of your eyes. Be specific. Don’t be ignorant.

        • beccuh

          guys. . . have you ever heard of CIRCLE LENS ? They make your eyes look way bigger . google search the deets ~

          Left Person + Makeup + those lens = Right person

        • Stephanie111

          Most if them got their nose done and switch from mono lid to double eyelid, well that’s why I figure anyways… Cause if you really look at the before pictures… It doesn’t match their face at all… Like most if their noses are perfect but then the rest is like… Ya… You know…

      • Josh

        weight loss too

    • sonya

      wow, i’m shocked! some of those women look drastically different in their pix..i wonder if they’re even the same person before and after make up? also what’s with some of those asian women’s mouth? why do some of them have such small lips and pout like children? is that a cultural thing in asia? that looks terrible, and that childish pout makes them look immature. i’ll never understand the asian women’s obsession with big eyes, and why do they need circle lens? can’t these women just apply a little make up? blush, lip color, a little mascara or eyeshadow, and call it a day?? all that make up is not necessary. there’s nothing wrong showing some natural beauty.

      • kits

        I’m Asian and I’m embarrassed when I see girls pouting with their mouths or smiling so their lips are thin. I think it’s suppose to resemble the emoticon ” :3 “, to look cute, blah blah. I think it’s quite silly.

        Also I feel the need to defend myself against others (not to you, Sonya, since I’m replying to you).
        I don’t feel the need to put on that much make up or wear circle lenses nor do I need to pout and smile like that. There are Asian girls out there who wear little to no make up. I like to look girly but all I need is a little bit of eyeliner and mascara. Going to a formal event? Add a little bit of a smokey eye. I don’t need to put on bronzer or blush or whatever. Putting that much make up on just makes me feel heavy and droopy.

        Either way, I think girls who feel the need to put on that much make up Asian or non Asian are just a bit insecure with their looks. A bit of make up is ok. The amount of make up they put on to look kawaii really screams insecure to me.

        • asian person

          I know, right?? I always feel so embarrassed whenever I see asian girls making such gross faces. I would never make faces like that in public. Ever.



          Also @Caroline, what do you mean Philippines is the most to get it done? Last time I checked, even getting liposuction is considered a big deal in the Philippines. Even though I left the Philippines at a really young age, it’s not accepted in our culture to get PS. The most that they get done are either their boobs or liposuction, but that’s just the celebrities, and even then you can count it with your fingers who these celebs are. And apparently, they’ve also recently developed a fetish to alter their skin colour (ALL HAIL THE ALMIGHTY GLUTA) because it’s beautiful in our culture to have milky white skin.
          I don’t really care about stuff like that not just because I don’t need Gluta since I’m “blessed”, but because I’m happy the way I am. It all goes down to self-esteem. Filipinos are mostly skin-concious, but I’ve never heard anyone trying to alter their facial features through PS.

      • Holic

        Well its so simple that…Most of asian men love cute or beautiful face… XD in fact we asians not popular with big tits or hips :)) so only thing that we can do is Have cute face like doll lol

        • Kit Kat

          Yes,most asian girls are usually flat, but not all of them. In Cambodia,Vietnam,and Philippines sometimes have pretty nice natural large breast going from C cup to up. I know this because I’m Vietnamese of a size Double D cup, My cousins are C or D cup, some of my asian friends… Cambodian is between D and DD and Filipino friend is a perfect large D cup with a big butt. These days not many asian girls with big chest or plum butt are rare, but are in different places you never been to see. Sorry Holic don’t be stereotype about this. Thank you

      • Elianne

        Hey hey… Sonya my dear,you’re being a racist. I am an Asian so I have to stand for my race. Please don’t use “Asian women” because it looks like you’re referring to the WHOLE Asian women. I wonder what your race is so I can also emphasize your and your whole feminine totality’s (that is if you’re a female) flaws. Isn’t that wonderful? The feeling of being talked down? Please restrain yourself now my dear. I am quite regretful to say these things to you.

    • Makeupprofessionist

      Ur stupid, it’s not plastic surgery…..-_-” it all makeup!

  2. dont forget photoshop and makeup :P

  3. Nia

    and prob different angles. :P

  4. sellygirl

    Ohh woow! I want to have my eyes like them! they look sooo cute!

    • blackbird360z

      If you want your eyes to look like theirs.. get yours surgically widened. That’s how they get them to be so big. Take a look at KPOP groups. Nothing about them is real. So if you wanna risk your life doing a surgical procedure that is extremely dangerous and just may kill you just to have big eyes.. go for it

      • gt

        Are u saying that no asian girls are born with big eyes? are u saying that makeup do nothing to help make ur eyes look bigger?

        • This asian girl is pretty with or without makeup… she’s also pretty athletic too

        • jesus

          Mw and my sisters half Chinese and half Vietnamese and my sisters has naturally big eyes, my eyes aren’t small either but their not as big as my sisters, you should see my sister without make up, eyes like bowls, that is why when she puts on make up she tries to make it look a little human like eyes, not try to make them look like aliens like clearly some of us Asians dream about -.- LOLZ

        • summer

          Go every one I an a makeup artist. And yes makeup can make anything Lon ur face look bigger or smaller u just have to know what ur doing. And for the loser saying his friend is naturally beautiful yeah right Bo such thing. And yes Asians can have big eyes just like white pol can have big or small eyes come on pol listen in science

        • caffeine

          many asians have natural big eyes, especially if they’re from southeast asia & south asia. I’m an asian & my eyes are big naturally..

      • gpoy

        False. They’re wearing a special kind of contact that makes their eyes appear wider. The contacts were made famous by Lady Gaga in her Bad Romance video in the bathtub scene.

        • Clouds

          Actually stupid, Lady gaga didn’t create them. Circle contacts are an trend worn and created in the Korean culture, they are called “Ulzzang” meaning ‘Perfect face’. Circle contacts became so popular in Asia, that now Chinese, Japanese, and much other Asian places have now.

          More than anything, lady Gaga copied it and tried making it her own trend (horribly at that, she looked like an alien). Then media came in, fishing for money and made accusations that they make you blind (Which is 99.99% false, the only chance you can get blind is if an idiot doesn’t take proper care of them).

          I’m sick of people saying it was created by Lady gaga, when that’s not even the freaking case. Please, do more research.

        • claire

          I’ve heard of Ulzzang before. These girls are usually very cute just like barbie dolls. It’s insane really, how people have taken beauty and perfection so far. People got to learn to love themselves for whoever they are.

        • No

          Lady Gagas eyes were the work of a computer. I always thought that was quite obvious to most people.
          Also, I’m pretty sure her intentions for it weren’t entirely to emulate the Asian female pop-culture. Has it ever occur to any of you that she maybe wanted to look like an alien, or simply have them appear that way for the shock value? No? I thought so.

        • 146

          certainly a good point.

        • gpoy

          @Clouds- Actually, STUPID, I didn’t say Lady Gaga created them, I said she made them famous. Who are you calling stupid? Also, for God’s sake, learn proper grammar.

        • bluesky

          I think he means that they were popular before lady gaga…which is true. Maybe not in the US, but definitely in Asia.

        • JC

          If ppl should love themselves for how they look then why doesnt society tell them to love themselves for their level of intelligence as well? instead intelligence is so highly prized. Looks is too because it also gains u things just like intelligence. so if ppl wanna do more to look prettier then let them. stop criticizing.

      • Jenny

        If you don’t believe that it’s make up power…Go YouTube it. No surgery needed.

  5. Nia

    with certain makeup you can.

  6. Kintaro-san

    Damn make-up is powerful..

  7. Charlie

    No freaking way these are the same girls in some of these… the facial structure is utterly and completely different…

    I’ll buy it in like 75% of them, but color me skeptical on more than a few of those pics…

    • what

      “the facial structure is utterly and completely different”??

      NOT AT ALL!!

      • brett

        Yeah, facial structure. the one in the blue and green tank top is definitely not the same as her next pic. You can do alot with plastic surgery, but you can give someone a wider freaking face

  8. Nia

    some are probably makeup & also surgery after shots

  9. Nia

    By the way, almost all of the photos were found on their own blogs!!

  10. haaaa

    mehh not shocked…i would laugh if someone thinks the befor is pretty …u people need to look beyond camera angle and makeup.
    just imagne a girl in a picture moving face to face andd you can see what she appears to be ,,,, in real life even with makeup these girls r ugly compared to me :)
    ive no makeup, no surgery AND im soo young soo hot

  11. Boy some of these chicks were scarey!!!

    Now I’m no oil painting, but soem of these chicks
    looked just as scarey with makeup on, as well as

    Also, why did they all look like 13 year old Manga
    dollys, with artificially big eyes?????

    I still have the shivers and probably need couselling now.

    • blackbird360z

      Because many Asian girls, especially the ones part of KPOP (Korean pop) or JPOP (Japanese pop) groups, (SNSD/Girls Generation for example) get their eyes surgically widened to get that eye size. They also get this surgery where their faces are chiseled and shaped to get the perfect heart-shaped face/bone structure, and it is VERY DANGEROUS. (That, and the eye surgery) Many people have died from it. Oh, but do they care? No. They just want to look ‘good’.

      • LOL

        It is not ‘mostt Asian girls’ you complete and utter moron. Plastic surgery is MOST common in Korea and Japan where their eyes are generally mono-lidded and small. Monolids are practically unheard of in SE Asia amongst the NATIVE Taiwanese, Filipino, Thai and Malay populations. Even with the Chinese, the ratio of double eyelid to single is 50%. Only in Korea and Japan do they GENERALLY have such small eyes because they are actually of a different genetic family.

        As for talking about K-Pop stars having surgery, please name ONE celebrity that hasn’t had some work done, Asian, Black OR White. White people LOVE having their nose bridges flattened, for them THIS is the ethnic trait that they dislike. Please stop making out that plastic surgery is exclusive to Asians and that they’re all plastic Barbie dolls. Morons will read your posts and go away with generalisations, forgetting that people and celebrities of all races use plastic surgery to change their features.

        • Assuming

          You’re assuming that he approves of plastic surgery by races other than Asians. For all you know, he could think plastic surgery is wrong altogether. Note that he said it was especially prominent in JPOP groups and KPOP groups, whose nationalities you went on to point out as being the most prominent areas for the surgery.

          Also, he said “many’, not “most” and no, many does not imply most.

          Stop being so defensive and actually read what you’re responding to.

        • geesh

          Why does everyone have to add “moron” or “stupid” to their reply’s? You can get your point across just fine without being mean and degrading the other person.

        • oppp

          agree, totally.

  12. well

    apparently, big eyes = new trend


    who doesn’t wanna make themselves look younger with whatever methods they have?

  13. lynna

    make up is very great..
    I believe in many of those pics, because I have some experiences about make up too,,
    but most of girls in those pics use soft lens. They eyes look bigger and prettier.

  14. lynna

    they use soft lens. If u want your eyes look bigger n prettier like them, use Geo soft lens or X2.

  15. Anoop

    My gosh…even a rat can be turned into a cat…great

  16. Hmmm

    Regardless of how many actually had work done, these photos are nonetheless scary as hell. The lengths people will go through in order to appear as something they’re not can be quite shocking.

  17. j90

    holy crap! our eyes are lying to us.

  18. Ok first thing if u wnt to look pretty u shouldn’t wear so much makeup just little eyeliner and lipgloss makes u look gorgeous and simple. By looking this picture these girls aren’t confidence enough with their faces and if u want to impress someone then that person should love u for who u r and how u look( even without makeup).

    Natural beauty is the best…….peace everyone

    • Nia

      Yes, I agree. Being natural is better. You don’t have to wear make-up to look beautiful and cute.

      After all, wearing make-up is all about glamour and luxury. It is indeed for people who are not confident enough and want to improve or beautify themselves, because advertising campaigns make people believe that make-up products have such a function.

    • SixFooy

      Honestly, I am not saying natural beauty is not nice. I mean no offense, but if I were to be judgmental right now, I’d say a lot of these girls are not very pretty naturally. And no offense, but I’m glad (seriously) that you have self-confidence and probably like the way you look, and if that is the case, it’s easy for you to say “natural is much better” because you look good yourself.

      If you don’t have self-confidence and you think you look like crap, you’re obviously going to go this far. Personally, I don’t think this is that bad. The plastic surgery might be extreme, but most these girls just put on foundation, eyeliner, false lashes, circle lens, mascara and colored their eyebrows in and took picture in good light and in good angles. My sister does the same thing, even though her pictures do not come out as great, she still did what most of these girls did and she looks fine.

      So seriously people, it’s easy for you to say “natural is better” if you’re already pretty yourself without makeup. Others don’t feel that way….

  19. Emily

    I think it’s their smiles that creep me out the most. Who smiles like that, their lips all pouted and curved up at the same time? It’s cute, but they also look about 11, and that is not hot.

  20. Jay

    oh my god, they’re very ugly

  21. 미숙

    …I’m in shock
    some look really old and…ugly x.x
    from now on i’ll call make up, magic

  22. VLC

    I was deeply appalled actually…
    Um, some girls look beautiful without make-up, the make-up just did enhancements.
    As for the eyes… =_= Oh dear.
    Pout-smile? C’mon, paradox right there.
    All in all… =_= *sigh.

  23. melanie

    with concealer, a lot of eyeliner, false lashes, and circle/colored lenses, anyone can look that pretty.

    the circle contact lenses make your eyes super big it’s actually kinda scary :D

  24. This is what I imagine the reality to be like.

  25. Some of the girls are still cute.

  26. They look like aliens. And what’s with all the creepy facial expressions?

  27. abe

    for “different facial structure”, there is also makeup techniques that can make your face shape look completely different. (contouring) cake it ON!!!

  28. Richard

    I’d like to thank you for the time you took compiling this post. This has been entertaining for me.

  29. M

    Okay, the one with the grassy background in the before shot, and the tiara in the after shot not only looks like two different people, maybe even two different genders! CAN’T be the same person.

    • Nia

      Oh, that one was proven on many Chinese sites that she is a girl and it’s a real transformation. But still, many people argue about her because her picture is one of the most shocking before and after makeup photos on Chinese websites.

  30. ed

    poor asian guys when they find out their gfs are like this.

  31. dina

    Some of these girls are attractive to begin with, – BUT WHAT THE HECK ON THE OTHERS.
    BB cream, fake eyelashes, eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss/lip sticks, eyebrow penciling, blush, concealer (LOTS OF IT!), and circles lenses…Making “after” look is time consuming and expensive!
    Rather than criticizing them for being so “fake”, I have to respect them for putting so much money out there instead of just investing a couple thousand at a time to get an entirely new face.

    I have to wonder, do they suffer from a complex when they take their makeup off?

    • Nia

      I’ve heard that some girls never take their makeup off when they’re with their bfs or husbands, even when they go to bed. :O

      The girls wait till their men fall asleep so that they can go to wash off their makeup, and then manage to wake up earlier than them to put it back on again. It sounds insane!

  32. solange

    Not half as scary as what caucasian girls look like before make-up and hairstyling. So many of them have such lovely complexions and skin tone before any make-up!

  33. stanley

    shocked! pinch me

  34. Holly

    I’m all for the powers of make-up. It’s not a bad thing at all. I feel much more confident in my own skin when I enhance what’s already there. But the thing with these girls… they’re not trying to enhance what’s already there. They’re making up something entire different, which is what saddens me. Some of them may not be completely naturally pretty, but it’s rare that women of any race are. But if they just covered up a few tired-looking spots and acne, a little eyeliner and blush… they would be gorgeous! But they take it way too far. It’s just so sad. Even the way most of them have dyed their hair extreme colours just so they can stand out.

  35. xin

    Feel sorry for them.

  36. Nadelle


  37. outaicca

    such a contrast. honestly i dont see why you guys find asian so attractive. most girls here look bad with or without makeup. even celebrities and models are average looking people just like you and me. dont get so mad about artificial stuff. there’s no difference among any humans. makeup dont make certain people more superior than others.

  38. autman

    now I know why so many girls are dumped

  39. J Demling

    Well, give up fantasy already.

  40. Saul

    I dont think i’m going to Asia this summer… lol

  41. jamie

    amazing post. I almost cried while checking it!

  42. somi

    Disappointed. this is not the right way to get attention and impress people. use real strength girls.

  43. EDD

    heartbroken to see the girls like this. :(

  44. 豪_

    好恐怖! 好多恐龙呀, 晕 吓死人啦哟

  45. Stella

    I’d cry to death if my skin condition was this bad. Poor girls, time to do a skin cleanse. :O

  46. Sabellico

    hail to make up and plastic surgery!

  47. This is pretty shocking. I’ve seen a lot before and after makeup photos of Western celebrities (they’re terrible enough), but never seen any Asian girls as awful like this. Some don’t even look like themselves anymore. Make-up truely equals magic.

  48. dim

    I’m about to throw up! True beauties are women who need no makeup or surgery. Makeup is lame, makeup is not gonna help you marry handsome guys.

    • Jackee

      I agree. What happens when the makeup comes off? Painting on makeup to make you look completely different will only backfire on you. Eventually, your boyfriend will see you and see that your not “perfect”. Noone is, and makeup should only used to enhance your own natural beauty.

  49. Taylor

    amazing really, great job for all of the girls

    that said, some still need serious makeover

  50. eric




  51. bestie

    I respect them, they’re willing to improve and transform, even in the middle of the transformation, they might encounter identity crisis.

    • mmd

      Just ugly Asians, before and after. I feel pity for those non Asian men who date them, means there is something wring with them

  52. ebert

    more like “before and after surgery”, lol

  53. Georgie

    People are so shallow these days, everything is based on what you look like. If you don’t look good no matter w/o makeup, you get criticized heavily like you shouldn’t have been born in this world.

    I think inside beauty is what makes a person tick, people with inside beauty are the ones who have true friends. Secondly, makeup and surgery are extra bonus to one’s appearance. We should thank makeup artists and hairdressers who help us improve our appearance.

  54. Belle

    Obviously if you tie your hair up, you face looks bigger.

  55. May

    Exactly! Makeup can make your face shape look thinner and sharper. Fringe styles can make your face look smaller and cuter. So I believe these photos are all real, I don’t understand why some people doubt it.

  56. Anna

    These photos remind me of those glamour shots of top models, I bet they aren’t that top and that pretty after all.

  57. Gze

    before: dinosaurs, after: plastic dinosaurs

  58. daren

    pretty sad, girls will look worst after years of applying make up.

  59. Amie

    I’m not like any other girls, I don’t wear makeup. I don’t need makeup.

    • Jackee

      Good for you! The only time wear makeup is for fancy events and even then its very minimal. Cake-ing on the makeup and slathering on product just makes you look worse!

    • Anonymous

      U wanna say u born like already put make up…

  60. udoonx

    The first girl looks so much younger with makeup.

  61. Xuanzi


  62. bella

    Some meanies here. :S

  63. bowen

    wow….i dont know whats less appealing. the low self esteem girls from before, or the LIES after. whats with the plastic doll expressions. any guy who falls for this has the right to say “the first thing you ever did is lie to me” as a break up excuse.

  64. au

    They pretty much all look better after makeup, plastic dolls!

  65. ayui

    I admire their bravery to look so different.

    • bowen

      is it not more brave to look the way you are and not submit to society’s standard or physically acceptable?

      • ayui

        Either way you have to deal with the society, we all live in societies.

        • bowen

          obviously. but theres the submitting to it or truth in self. your suggesting that theres bravery in the way their tackling society’s view of “beauty” and im saying that its much more brave if they didnt wear the make up.

        • ayui

          You don’t need bravery to not wear makeup, you’re born without makeup. It’s like saying you need bravery to be born.

  66. kimtra

    Most don’t look too different, they look better, healthier and more energetic. But a few look like they’ve changed their genders. Transsexual makeup?

  67. megumi

    I can handle some of the girls, but other photos are unbearable.

  68. JN

    Me too, I respect these girls. Life is about improvements. They’ve been trying it.

  69. Mi

    Amazing! Teach me how to do this kind of makeup, making my eyes look bigger, face thinner and head smaller. Haha.

    • Anoriel

      Use circle lenses, a wig with a teased hairstyle, and learn how to use make-up and how to put on fake lashes.

      Circle lenses will enlarge your eyesize while the wig will kind of make your head look smaller.
      Make-up can soften or sharpen certain facial structurs and with black& white eyeliner and fake lashes you can even create and support the look of bigger looking eyes.

      Et voilà – that’s how the whole magic is done.

      • Mi

        Hehe, didn’t expect someone would reply. What is a teased hairstyle and what does Et voilà mean?

        p.s. thanks for your magic tips. ^^

        • Auntie Aku

          A teased hairstyle: the hair has been backcombed and puffed and lifted up so it looks really big. :D

        • Mi

          Oh, I see. I haven’t heard of it before. Now I understand why it can kind of make your head look smaller. :P

  70. Jacky

    Excellent work at their almost perfect makeup application. In western countries they’d have been makeup experts and geniuses. :D

  71. Fred

    I haven’t met any girls like this, they’re beautiful. I’ve got no complaints.

  72. rafey

    Can’t tell whether they’ve photoshopped the pics or not, but after makup shots theyare all hot.

  73. cody

    do these girls have boyfriends? what do they think of them?

  74. Laura

    i think some of them look cute even without make up~

    • Nia

      Same here, imagine Jessica Alba and Megan Fox without makeup, you’d still think they’re hot in a way. Girls here just need to improve and maintain their skin a bit better.

      • Jackee

        Very good point. The focus shouldnt be on makekup but on skin products. It wont only make you look better but it will make your skin healthier. A product to improve your natural beauty. Why cant people consider that?

  75. Tarania

    It’s actually sad to see that the only reason for which they are beautiful is because of all the make-up they use. I personally prefer either natural gorgeous people, or simply natural random-looking ones. Either way, I dislike the fake aspect hardcore make-up implies.

    • Nia

      Makeup used to be a polite and formal way to present yourself in front of respected customers and executives. Even before that creams and lipsticks were made to protect one’s face and lips from the sun and air. I guess nowadays people have taken cosmetics too far.

  76. Anoriel

    Some of them were even pretty without make-up, while others were just as … well, “ugly” after putting on make-up …
    But I think it’s quite adorable that they actually put efforts into their looks so that they look cuter instead of sitting around, whining all day long and asking themself why they can’t be prettier. Beauty is something you can take hold of and make-up can help you if you try hard enough. And that’s exactly what these girls are showing us. (although they’re exaggerating a bit …*cough*)

    However, I personally admire those girls way more than some others who complain about their looks without even trying to change, refusing to use make-up or whatever, and still they’d just go and look down on other girls who actually dare using make-up and do look better with it.

    Make-up can always make you look better, just as photoshop can make almost any photo look better.
    It’s the same with hollywood celeberties, so what’s the big deal?

  77. Lila

    The “shock” is to put a picture of them without make up next a picture with make up of them.
    normally we woulnd’t say ” oh my, they look so ugly withouth make up”
    it’s just the effect.

  78. deng

    To be honest, I hardly see any girls wear makeup in the street. They just wear makeup to take photos and maybe for clubbing and parties. Only professionals wear makeup all the time.

  79. i

    True, girls don’t wear makeup for nothing.

  80. Synthetic_Alice


  81. I’m literally amazed and speechless with their brilliant make-up skills. :D

  82. Hey Hey

    C’mon guys!!! Even though some of the girls here look a bit older before makeup, I still wouldn’t say they’re scary, certainly not ugly (um, prob most!!! A few pictures were taken in an awkward angle or distance. :P).

    In the before makeup shots, most of them tie their hair up and do weird expressions. That’s why people would think they’re looking scary. They just need to put their hair down (best with fridge or glasses), and make a nice smile. That way they’d look normal and possibly pretty already.

    Makeup products just enhance one’s beauty. Most of the girls here are either average looking or cute in the first place. With makeup, they look even more beautiful, like top models.

    So please try to understand and respect their efforts at trying to improve themselves and show the best side to the world.

  83. paevi

    I haven’t seen many asian girls before. But a couple of times I met a few in pubs. Girls don’t look like this in real life. These are just pictures. They look much better in person, even without makeup.

  84. lol

    omg!? I didn’t expect so many girls look so ok even without makeup. I want a girl like some of them. They’re too cute. Haha.

  85. Luffle

    LOL. This thread should have been titled, “Before and After with Photoshop/Makeup and Cosmetic Accessories”. There are a few pretty girls here with or without makeup but the ones with the alien/doll-like eyes definitely do not look like that in person no matter how much make up they pack on.

  86. jj

    I used to think that Chinese and Japanese look so similiar, because it’s difficult to tell whether someone’s Chinese or Japanese only by looks (are there any Korean here?).

    But these girls in the photos look so different from each other. They all look unique and special, making people want to get to know them and make friends with them. Each of them can be so interesting in person, so I guess that’s what matters most, personality.

    A good personality is the most beautiful thing a person can have.

  87. tb

    Some stunning girls here, all look like barbie’s sisters. Haha

  88. bowen

    the after pictures are not something to aspire to. the fact of the matter is that the makeup doesnt actually change what you really look like. i just want to point out how ridiculous it is to put glue on your face to feel physically accepted. regardless of how society standards are and how to break away from “the norm”.

    i for one still believe that beauty is felt and not seen. please stop submitting to mass media and see the truth in self. be real and subjective or be decorated and forever a tool.

  89. inchy

    Asian girls are very cute. Makeup makes them look even cuter.

  90. Now I understand why so many Chinese celebrities, even some western ones are showing their photos without makeup on their blogs and twitters, because they want to prove that they still look good without makeup.

  91. evan

    I think a lot of people should shut up. These girls don’t deserve to be insulted. They could be very nice in person.

  92. colours

    woahh. that’s actually really impressive
    whoever did their makeup, for some of them especially , is extremely talented

    though i have to say, of these girls, the ones who have more “pretty” faces (bone structure etc, on today’s standards) do look best, so makeup isn’t everything

    and who cared if these girls want to look better? mostly its not surgery anyways– circle lense and makeup gives big eyes. and photoshop, of course (but its not like airbrushing and enhancing isn’t common all over the world!)

  93. Sandy M

    lol funny comments.

  94. Lilfia

    Give other people a chance if they weren’t born with one.

  95. NotABabyFace

    Wow, they are all pretty!
    now there’s no more ugly people.
    if there is, they are probably just a little lazy or simply don’t give a damn about it =)
    make up do work wonders.
    is there any tutorials for these.
    can a person with an olive skin have those cute innocent face?

  96. shojo

    The first girl’s left picture looks like the mum of the right pic.

  97. wowowowowowowowowowowow! fine!

  98. one2three4

    Why you gotta be dissin Asian women for? Women of EVERY race have gone to the extreme when it comes to make-up and surgery. You can’t just take the most extreme cases like some of the pics above and use that as a stereotype for ALL Asian women. Some women of every race are naturally beautiful and some just aren’t. Some might need a lil’ bit of make-up and others might need a ton. It’s as simple as that.

  99. Chris

    Wow! I’m going to insist on seeing a girl without her make-up before asking her on a date from now on! Some of those chicks are HIDEOUS without their “faces on”!

  100. HanaFlo

    Men´s never can know the real secret c;
    ok, girls?

  101. max factor is better in my opinion x

  102. jimmy

    Shows that asian girls arent as hot as people think. Dam they are ugly

  103. badguy

    hwahahahaahhaa….the power of make up is really incredible…
    they like a kamen rider who only said….HENSHIN….and tadaaaaaa…
    they’re transform into beautiful girl….lol
    but i don’t mind….as long as they can look pretty why not? hehehehe

  104. IIsa

    I`d love to know who the girl girl is! I wonder if she has a blog..? : )

  105. Iisa

    Oh, how on earth did I forgot to mention who I mean. ^^; I mean the first girl (just under the title). :—)

  106. Iisa

    Thank you! :) I and oh, I am very sorry… I read the comment above but apparently not carefully enough >___>;

  107. Sorachanmine

    On my god that so shocking.

  108. nika florence

    Impressionante como, no ANTES, algumas delas não parecem ter nada de especial. No DEPOIS, todas elas ficam deslumbrantes. É necessário ter feeling de maquiador para realizar um trabalho desses.
    Lembram da que aparenta ser a mais sem graça no BBB? Diana. Aquela mulher, com uma produção caprichada, vai arrebentar a boca do balão. Aguardem ela sair do programa e depois confiram – se ela consentir em posar para um trabalho fotográfico. Talvez ela não aceite porque é toda cheia de atitudes.

  109. Breaker

    Some of them are ugly, and for most of the pictures, make-up made it worse. With the huge eyes, some of them look like aliens. How would it feel for a guy to see his lady wash her face only to come out with another face? False advertising lol. Plus they’re only getting made fun of by other people who see them for looking so weird. What’s the point? This goes only for those whose make-overs made them appear radically different.

  110. ps

    it must be so sad to have to change your appearance to make yourself feel better. :(

  111. Mandy

    They still look ugly after the makeup,i think the better way is the plastic surgery and they will save more money from the makeup and skin care

  112. Yoohee

    I personally don’t think they are that bad. I mean, everyone keeps saying they are fake and plastic, but is that really their fault? I mean, there probably is a reason for them doing this. Maybe their boyfriends prefer them with makeup or maybe their parents are discouraged to see them without makeup…. it’s their choice, not ours or anyone else. I realize how drastic the changes are, but if they are happy like that then let them be. They surely would learn sooner or later what goes on with their skin afterwards. Circle lens, BB Cream, concealer, false eyelashes, eye tape, eye glue, lip stick, foundation, eye shadow, or even photoshop or surgery, it’s their life and I don’t think people should bad mouth them just because of their looks and/ or choices. To be honest, I was pretty shocked but as soon as I read the comments, I just felt like people should think before they post anything… it would be really heart breaking if someone posted comments like the ones below on your pictures.

    • anony

      “or maybe their parents are discouraged to see them without makeup…”

      what? what kind of parents are like that? but I agree with what you said there. it’s their own choices and people should keep their nasty opinions to themselves.

  113. Tina

    I laughed so hard when i saw some of these girls poses and facial expressions. I also don’t understand the beauty in lollipop heads and huge creepy eyes. *shudders*

  114. imo

    WOW. I never knew there would be this much difference in people with makeup and people without. What’s with the weird eye popping poses and pouts so you cant even see their mouths?

    I’m not ugly, but I don’t like how I look naturaly, and it makes me wonder, why can’t I do my makeup that good that I look like a completely different person? They must have a lot of practice because they look really different before and after!!

  115. 741

    what is the point of living when you are not even yourself anymore?

  116. Ke$ha

    I’m pretty sure these are totally not real. Here’s how i know.

    1. They don’t have the same eye or hair colors afterwards

    2. They’re faces generally look completely different

    3. Make-up doesn’t change a girls face that much

    • They are all real, the reason for the difference is mainly down to.

      1. Camera Angle, a lot of people look terrible from some angles and usually have 1 or 2 angles which are their best, they’ll obviously take a lot of pictures of themselves and find their best angle, using that for the after shot.

      2. The little changes makeup can make all over the face add up to create a bigger difference than you’d think. Not to mention further editing with photoshop can make people look nothing like their before picture. Makeup really can be pretty amazing, thats why so many women even refuse to go outside without it on and some even sleep with it on.

      3. Many of the girls use contact lenses which is why their eyes are different. Hair colour can be dyed or photoshopped.

      We have no idea what the time difference of the before and after shots are, some may be an hour, a day, a month, even a year. So in certain cases you can understand why the girls look so different in the after photos.

  117. I’m a freelance makeup artist, and I think makeup are used to enhance one’s features. Less is more! If it’s not for a photo shoot or anything extravaganza, women do not need much makeup. I am Chinese, and I embrace what I was born with. Yes, everyone wants to feel beautiful and look great. The most important thing to help us feel beautiful is to feel it from within. When we feel positive and healthy, we instantly look better and more awake as well, so exercising and eating healthy also help a lot! What puzzles me most is when these girls want to stand out and look great, what they do with their faces are making them look all the same. How can that make anyone stand out in a huge country like China? Imagine walking on the street, and 90% of the women look pretty much the same. That would feel more like cyber space/robots. Even Sims let us pick different looking characters and change every single features to look different from others. I think what these girls look without makeup make them unique and as individuals. It does not even matter whether they are “naturally pretty or ugly”. How can we even define “pretty” and “ugly”? They are all based on society values. I wish women can truly embrace themselves, and OWN what they were born with. Makeup for me is there to play and experiment with when you want to dress up yourself on a special occasions or if you just feel like putting on some fun colors. On a daily basis, if you really have to wear makeup, wear something light and good for your skin. Choose organic products and cruelty free items, and stop the urge of piling on layers and layers of makeup. Always remember to cleanse, tone, moisturize, and protect your skin with SPF! Healthy skin and happy mood are the ingredients to make every women beautiful!

  118. i wonder how do k pop girl looks like without makeup,,hhmmmmm………

  119. Hello

    these look fake.

  120. amber

    Most of them don’t even look bad before makeup, what was surprising was most also had big eyes w.o makeup, considering these were mostly eastern asian girls.

  121. Ilona

    Okay, I am not a supporter of using make up to change what you look like to other people because I feel like you are tricking other people. In most of these pictures, if I were to see the person w/o the make up, I wouldn’t know who they are. But for these women in the photos here they did not use plastic surgery, most asians don’t. The only ones who do the surgery are the ones with the money. This is done with make up, they use iris “enhancer” contacts and glue to make their eyes appear to be wider. I don’t think it’s wrong to do make up like this “sometimes” But if you do it to meet people because you think you’re ugly.. I can’t say I agree with that. :\ If your friend can’t even recognize you without your make up, there is something wrong with that…..

  122. Maureen

    Hey do you guys know what are the best make-up brands for oriental women?

  123. M

    wow you can learn a lot

  124. raymanlegy

    some of them are pretty and cute before makeup. But yeah majority are ugly and need the make up. Damn sucks to be a woman i guess. Guys don’t use product and look good but girls need a shit load of product lol. Lucky to be a guy.

    • SunsetHalo

      Excuse me? Girls do not need a “shit load of makeup”. And guys most definitely do not wear makeup and always, “look good”. There are plenty of men and women who aren’t naturally good looking. Even you. Sexist, much?

    • Cough

      “Guys don’t use product and look good”
      Are you a guy?
      Since you’re so SURE you look so GOOD why don’t you share some photos with us all and have your confidence knocked a little.

  125. These girls don’t necessarily hate how they look, they just love looking dolly and cute. If they were really ashamed of how they looked, pictures of what they originally look like would be hard to come by. & if so they are ashamed of themselves, it’s none of your buisness to lay a claim on their life and say it’s wrong. There could be a physiological issue with it, like they are constantly reminded of abusive relatives when they look in the mirror, etc, etc.

    Anyways, almost all people nowadays are reinventing themselves. The idea of natural beauty is something of the past. Although i really wish I could always see people’s natural beauty, I find it really intriguing to see what they can do with it.

    To me these girls don’t get 100% more attractive when they put on makeup. They just look porcelain dolls and anime characters. The look works on them because they have the features.

  126. ezaa

    The Power Of MakeUP

  127. anony

    makeup is not a big deal!!

    dont be so outrageous and mean about it!!

  128. qiana

    a few girls here i like :)

  129. Sweetmelon

    wat is w/ th eyelid tapes an circle contacts??

  130. i

    scarrrrrrry ;O

  131. rnr

    They all have good hair.. :D

  132. mira


    You’d be surprised what a pair of contacts can do for the face. Most of these girls have those crazy ones that widen your eyes too. If you look at the before you can see that a lot of them have completely different eye shapes. They use them to achieve more anime-like eyes.

  133. Cellyquinn

    Hypocrisy to the extreme….and I am not talking about the girls in the photos but about the many comments written here.

    Lets say you have 2 girls standing in front of you, one is fortunately or unfortunately not blessed with the best looks (like some of the before pictures) and the other is fortunately or unfortunately blessed with good looks ….who would your eyes, mind, and even at times your body be more attracted to at first?

    First impressions/the first look determines many of our fates. Is that right or fair? of course not, but when have you seen life care about what is right or what is fair.

    If this makes them feel even a smidgen of happiness then good for them.

  134. Someone

    It’s because Asian girls’ face are so flat it’s like they’re painting on a blank canvas!

  135. Dan

    Wooooooa these girls are ugly…holy crapppppppp bro. Burn it, burn it all

  136. Ray

    What makes the before pics all the more unbelievable compared to the after makeup pics is that most of these asian women are average looking…yuck!

  137. urdumb

    lolol, every time i see an article about “the power of makeup” i laugh because people are so dumb. obviously all the girls on the show have fairly high nose bridges, so they just need to apply some eye makeup to become “beautiful.” girls with no nose bridges don’t look pretty even if they apply loads of makeup. i can’t believe no one noticed… it’s so obvious.

  138. aure

    love this site

  139. Michie

    omg, chinese girls are spending more time on their appearances. what happened to when they were smart? i heard that U.S. is #1 in comuputer use and china’s 2nd. also that chinese are getting more dumb no offense cause there are chinese people who just play around instead of work and copy off others. >_> makeups ok but all the time? srly.

  140. Bobba Fett

    Some of the girls in there, were in fact, not born as girls.

    But seriously, even among before pics, there’s a couple of persons that I’d totally bone.

    You have to be a homo anyway if you don’t find at least half of the after pic doable.

  141. kathy.xox

    The power of make-up :D lol

  142. Zortren

    As a surgeon myself, a few of them are not the same. Others just edited photos. Others are actually them. And most it is indeed the work of makeup wonders. But then again, some do look rather great without it, a whole lot of American women don’t even look half as good.

  143. Kaleigh

    I can’t help but wonder – what happens when they go home with a guy, and he goes to sleep with the girl on the right, but wakes up to the one on the right? I know they are the same girl, but they look so radically different!

  144. Bub

    I’m 100% Asian born with massive eyes!
    To the point when I take photo I try to make my eyes appear small!!!
    All in the make up & lashes!
    Be honest Asian or not Asian! Girls that is unfortunate will need more work than others!
    Each person will have something others don’t!!!

    Myself I have problem accepting myself sometimes!
    Asian big eyes talk nose long hair ok body
    God job known to friends personality bubbly
    No problems hooking up or bring single!

    But looks not always bring happiness sorry to say!
    I have problem accepting myself accepting compliment sometime when rough days
    I rather be plain simple & happy…

    Even I get offended when a guy call me sexy or hot
    N that the truth!
    Prefer cute or nice
    I don’t need a lot of makeup
    Just foundation lightly only
    No Need for concealed
    A black eye liner
    I light brien beige eye shower
    I brown eyes shower
    Just pair of thin fake lash!!
    Light very light almost nude colour blush as my skin is very fair
    I’m done!

    So beauty is within then it will show on the outside! But ladies doesn’t mean you can go daggy now lolz
    Clean clear neat simple is the key!

    • Kaylee

      i agree. clean look is the best look.

      also, saying someone’s hot is like indirectly saying i want to have sex with you, a bit rude sometimes.

      • Bub

        Haha so agree with you there…

        Which I was thinking instead of make-up on my blind date um couple of weeks from now
        I go All natural make-up foundation lipbalm just blush!
        Hair? Tide it in pony tail & put my reading glasses on instead of contacts…
        & then at night I be wearing like my mum robes the one with the stitches I think last seen a grandma wore it hahaha
        See his reaction! But personality will remain the same & cheeky as I am

        Really not admitting I’m good-looking ! I’m average but I do have boys problem who never see my inner! It like yup look then inner!
        6 months ago I was so fed up I purposely gain 20kg a small frame that I am 154cn tall
        You know what miss known to everyone drown in the single scene!
        Even get comment like omg If she was skinny like before & all DONE up I date her knowing that she is single!!
        It like a slap on the face but a good experiment!!

        So ladies!! chin up make up & work that figure!! For yourself & self confident!
        Sometimes it can be tough times which I still get but yeah yeah if you get a bit upset
        Put some eye liner on & Lippy that cheer you up!! Haha
        It like playing dress up!!!

        It a mask I call it
        Pretty mask lolz!!!

  145. Bub

    Hihihi giggles @ Tinh return reply…
    That’s why some girls need extra layer

  146. Bub

    Will update on the blind date & result Lol

  147. will

    makeup rocks
    makeup rules
    makeup is the master of the world

  148. Carlos

    I feel like a lot of these girls aren’t made to look good because of their make up but rather it’s a matter of picture magic. Having pictures that have the right angle and right lighting. In my opinion some of these girls aren’t make up artists just really awesome photographers (or know/have access to a pro photographer).

    • lee

      Don’t think they’re photographers either, but girls who want to get famous or beautiful shots and showing them off on the internet.

  149. NELM

    uhm… idk guys… to me, all of these girls are really pretty even before the makeup….

    it’s so biased cause in the first pics the lighting sucks and they’re all making unhappy faces..

    but they’re all have great features, i don’t understand why everyone’s making a fuss

    the biggest diff to me is that many of them are jus doing the standard “asian” style of makeup – circle lenses, dramatic blush, jet black eyeliner – when really if they just played it a bit more natural and accentuated their natural features – shit, they could all be models

    this crap puts makeup in a bad lighting simply cause it’s just a shitty/cookie-cutter style of makeup…. go pick up a fashion mag or sumthing guys…

  150. Rigami

    So, shall we begin the rant?
    /takes deep breath

    Are you guys all stupid?

    These people haven’t done anything surgical to their faces, all they’re using is makeup.
    First of all, if you’re a guy that knows nothing about makeup, then you have no idea what you’re talking about.
    Second of all, if you’re not Asian, you also have no idea what you’re talking about.
    In case you didn’t notice, a lot of them also changed their hairstyles. Doing so may make them appear younger, more “modern”, and also frame their face in a flattering way. Second of all, making your eyes appear bigger makes a huge difference.
    The only thing that is hard to change drastically with makeup is the nose. If you guys paid attention, you would notice that most of the girls start out with a pretty nose. The rest is a piece of cake to alter.
    Also, the first picture is always taken in a way that makes them appear unattractive.

    To those who say that these people are taking it too far; clearly these people don’t do this for a living / hobby. Once in a while, everyone will want to look prettier or dress up. There’s nothing wrong with trying to look your best & then feeling good about yourself, especially if you can easily do it with the stuff you have at home.

    Plastic surgery is painful, risky, and expensive. Asian girls don’t just go out every Sunday to have something fixed. If you think that’s what we do then you’re clearly uneducated.

    That’s all. Everyone calm their estrogen.

  151. john

    I looked at every girl on the left side. All were beautiful and made me hold my breath. Beauty already there. Do not hide it behind costume. I love all of you. Yourself warms me inside.

  152. ._.

    Wow, Just wait until yellow fever guys hear/see this, but than again. Not ALL asians are ugly without makeup/plastic surgery, but not all of them are hot like some say they are >.< I seen some girls in the above pictures that arent ugly at all But i generally think guys say they are hotter because the stereotype about asians will do anything o.o who knows.

    • john

      You hold a glass of water to the light. No strange things, no particles in the water. It is clear. It is honest. You look in an Asian girl’s eyes. You see the same thing. Hope, you know. Silence follows.

  153. Kittipath


  154. john

    The ones on the left look 100 times better than I do – not just in the morning. There should be a museum of beauty for every lady’s picture in every town and city. Attach the gallery to the library or the nearest school building. Everyone should spend 15 minutes a day in the gallery just looking,relaxing and smiling. Then everyone is ready for their day.

  155. I always thought my eyelashes were too short, now that I see these, I don’t feel so bad about it anymore.

  156. Darkstar

    It’s scary, because some of the girls even look like guys in the before part o.O

  157. Melissa

    alot of these before and after pictures are not the same girls because of their face size and etc,

  158. naaah

    I actually think that a lot of these girls look pretty naturally. But honestly what’s wrong with wanting to look better? Idk why most of you are looking at these pictures and screaming plastic surgery or low self-esteem, but have you seen hollywood celebrities? It’s the exact same.

    There’s nothing wrong with wanting to use make up to make yourself look better. A lot of us who actually wear make up don’t want to impress other people but to impress ourselves. Everyone needs a little confidence boost whether or not it stems from make up or the clothes you wear. I actually think these girls look adorable.

    BTW not every asian who likes to look cute has had plastic surgery. I’m chinese and I’m born naturally with an oval face, with round & double eye lid eyes. Some of these girls actually have their features naturally. Changing your hair, contouring your face, double eye lid tape, dark eye shadow, lip gloss… can all accomplish the same thing plastic surgery can.

  159. Maggie

    My boyfriend has the yellow fever (AKA, he’s obsessed with with Asian girls). So, I’ve obviously been jealous and insecure, as I’m not Asian nor do I look it. Seeing this before and after pictures have made me feel A LOT better, as I was convinced that Asian girls posses a super-human cuteness naturally. Nope, they need to wear makeup and do special things to their hair just like the rest of us. I’ll be sending some pics to my boyfriend! Thanks a MILLION.

  160. ME_RUVU


    Good fugging lord these BlTCHES are ugly as Fvck…

    I mean, god damn…

  161. nightmare-rex

    I think that they should have had before and after as before they put on makeup and after they put it on. NOT after they put it on AND change thire clothes AND put on jewlery AND do thire hair AND die thir hair. And i accualylike asien girls whith thir eyes like that because they look cute and it is what makes them asien basically. If you round out the eyes then they are baisically no longer ashien they are white. Althugh it is wired howw asions make anime and the anime have even bigger eyes than non-asiens. Althugh you can givve yourself asien eyes without makeup you just havve to smoke alot of weed.

    • jade

      obviously they’d try their best to enhance the after look, they want the shock, the impression. plus they didnt do these before and after makeup pictures on purpose. these pictures are put together by people who want to compare the before and after looks. see?

  162. fakelevelasian

    its just circle lenses and eyelashes.

    its all in the makeup.

  163. roshana

    im thai/english (half asian) and i find tht the pictures r basically of korean ppl there not a mixture of different asian ppl from different places.
    the woman want to look more cute (more like animes/mangas) look up thai actresses u will c tht they dont wear much make up and tht its quite natural. (this includes many other countrys aswell)
    In korean like 90% of there actors, actresses hav had surgery and like 50% of the woan not in showbiz hav.
    is cause there insecure

  164. lol

    … After reading the comments I infer that most people have the impression that almost all asian people puts makeup+ wears contact lens+ has plastic surgery especially for the eyes.
    That is not true..

    Im asian and i have never wore contact lens/ had plastic surgery.
    And I rarely put makeup, I only put bb cream in rare occasions like twice a month. I never ever touched on eyeliners/ mascara- it looks unnatural on me, being unskilled on makeup =u=”
    And I never tried wearing contact lens before.
    My eyes were kinda huge+ my slightly thick& long eyelashes+ they looked reaaaalllly shiny like glass tears (Im not sure why, but I think its because I used to cry alot and always after crying, when I look into the mirror my eyes were like… very very glass like) that like one out of three people I met thought I wore contact lens >_>
    I only know like a few people who wore contact lens among a lot of people.
    And plastic surgery…? I don’t even know anyone who had it, I only heard of stars/famous people having plastic surgery.

    I guess its just that plastic surgery is emphasized by the asian media, majorly emphasized that is- in newspapers, blogs, internet, forums etc.
    And when non-asians, usually westerners, read the emphasized news of the plastic surgery of asians, they again emphasize it.
    And then followed by the media of the non-asians, emphasizing it on their own media.
    And then asians read it and emphasize it.. then the media emphasizes it.
    And there goes the cycle.

    And not just plastic surgery of asians get emphasized. Ideas of makeup being the dirty secret behind all beautiful asians also gets emphasized. (okay, I admit a huge number are pretty due to makeup, but most of them also look pretty without makeup)

    And due to the emphasizing of plastic surgery&makeup on asians, whenever people see a beautiful asian, the first thing that comes into their mind is either makeup or plastic surgery.

    What people don’t really realise is that its not only the asians who does all these idkwhattocallthem-plasticsurgerystuffnmakeuptoo.
    Huge amounts of non-asians also have plastic surgery/ makeup >_>

    I’ve heard rumours of white parents (really no offence intended, i just forgot the country they were from, only remembered this) offering their daughters breast implants as rewards if they get good results in high school.
    Not to mention lots of white people (ps agn) tanning themselves, and people with dark skin tones (no offence) bleaching themselves to get better & healthier looking skintones, even when knowing the dangers of tanning & bleaching – cancer etc. (out of topic: some sunblock/ sunscreens contain cancer causing ingredients so be careful o-o)
    And much more. Either lazytostate/forgot

    The freaking idea most people have that majority of asians does plastic surgery+ wears makeup + does other shitty stuff like wearing contact lens etc is seriously… PISSING ME OFF. (sorry, just raging)
    Its just that those that do the following are more…. ermm… like being exposed more, media-lised more.
    Especially due to korea & japan. most people think all asians do whatever korean n japan does ( no offence)

    MOST of the asians ain’t likedat. Its just that the media/ internet only shows one side of the asians.. not the other side.

  165. mizu

    beautiful = is not about expensive clothes
    beautiful = is not about good make up
    beautiful = is attitude

  166. sep

    some of them are online celebrities, aren’t they? they got guts to show their off makeup photos. they themselves probably don’t think they look that bad without makeup anyway. they’re pretty confident huh. good for them I suppose.

  167. Niky

    False advertising. Hopefully their boyfriends don’t ask them to keep their make-up on 24/7.

  168. Damn nature. You scary.

  169. Wonder why

    Wow, Asian girls are over-rated as you can see. Most of them are with make-up on or fake eye color even in the “no- make-up” picture. Poor guys who eat the pie!! hahha I wonder what happens next day, when the guys wake up and see the horror!!

    Better looking and natural are latinas. They look wonderful even without make- up without the pancake!

    • brian

      this is not quite true. the majority of asian look alright. many models like li ying zhi and jin mei xin even look beautiful without makeup.

    • Derp

      Don’t be ignorant and judge Asian girls because you’ve seen some that aren’t natural beauties and wear a lot of make up. I have Asian friends who doesn’t wear make up and they are very pretty.

  170. kicktoe

    … wth, why is “without makeup” the top search in google predict when I type in Asian girl I asked myself… well **** now I know. Definitely don’t have a reason to type in “Asian Girl” again now…. dayyyymn!!!

  171. Nicole

    Okay…don’t forget that in the “before” they are mostly not smiling and in “after” they are smiling–smiling makes a HUGE difference. They are all natural beauties, they just need to smile :)

  172. jesica racsumberger

    they look more FREAKY than anything. Their eyes should NOT look that big, im guessing contact lenses on most of them too..and fake lashes. also if you notice they arent smiling in their non-makeup pics and most of them are wearing wigs-ugh BE YOURSELVES

  173. holy guacamole

    i don’t understand why these girls want to be in “that” kind of look. still nothing beats natural beauty. be true to yourselves. i am asian and not of all us are like them.

  174. Derp

    Not all of these girls have had plastic surgery in the before and after pictures. Contouring the nose, heavy eye makeup, circle lenses and tape/glue for eyes really make huge differences. Plus lots of them probably used photoshop and the positions they take the photo makes a difference too. For example I can see some of them took their photo at a top side view making their nose look straight and they look cuter.

  175. ana banana


    • anony

      i bet theyre not really that scary in real life
      in fact they are probably very nice people
      for some reason the angles arent quite right in some photos
      i mean at school u dont just make friends with good looking students
      you sorta talk to everyone and you probably have to due to various reasons
      so i dont get it why people make nasty comments
      to make themselves feel better or theyre really just not nice puzzled*

  176. Canada

    Wow power of makeup and plastic surgery.

  177. sasha

    Asian people seem to be the most insecure-it’s funny to see how judgmental they are when it comes to other cultures and yet they don’t seem to like themselves. These pics up there are outta control and way too much!! Instead of working with what they have they add so much falsness to their faces and it’s not even funny. Korean are the worst with their K-Pop industry, surgeries and experimental beauty products…I used to think that their beauty comes naturally…soft skin, wide eyes…but all that make up makes their real faces look ugly…if they hadn’t put on make up in the first place some of them would’ve looked cute naturally…not beautiful but cute. THIS IS SAD though… I always thought black people (and now even us) wearing wigs and weaves had low self esteem but asians take it to a whole nother level.

  178. Cat face

    A lot of these girls were really pretty without the makeup….

  179. Cari

    I just wanted to say that there is a lot of pressure to look beautiful world-wide. I, myself, have experienced a lot of bullying in my school years because of my eyes and generally how I appeared because I didn’t put any effort into what I wore nor how I looked. However, it began getting to me and I began wearing make-up and the fact that everyone treated me more kindly and actually tried getting to know me after doing so, it just boosted my self-esteem. Sometimes, make-up is just used to have us feel better about ourselves. I learned to love myself both with and without make-up. I don’t think anyone should judge them based on what they do with make-up because that’s exactly the reason why they began wearing it.

  180. lazlo underhill

    I don’t get it. How is this different from any woman of any other race? Every girl pictured looks beautiful with or without make-up. This entire article is trite. Grow up.

    • taz

      there’s not much difference really. this article is just for those who want to check out asian girls specifically. as interest in asia is increasing.

    • taz

      i think they’re also pointing out that this website is dedicated to asian girls only.

  181. RoundEye

    It’s obvious that this trend for the orientals is so apparent, that they want to look like us round eyes.

  182. ps

    whether asian or not, every girl looks average without makeup, even world famous supermodels and celebrities. and thats a fact. its so common that its hardly a big deal. it matters less than people make it out to be. so really, theres no need to make nasty remarks. its unnecessary and not nice, guys.

    • Jess

      Yes someone out there hates Asians for whatever reason, maybe their bf left them for an Asian girl so they dedicated this site to make all Asian girls look bad, but it goes to show how ignorant people can be. Any race looks different with or without makeup and it can be a good or bad look, depending on how the makeup was done.

      • @Jess, you are ridiculous! No one hates Asians, what is wrong with YOU? This is extremely weird and you are one of the FREAKS that feed into these girls trying to look like animated, make believe, NOT human, characters! Get over your insecurities and try to make an articulate response.

  183. Sassy

    I think quite a few of these girls looked much better without the makeup! Some of the girls WITH make up were just plain scary!

  184. asian girl

    It is really proven that the power of makeup can makeup you really beautiful.. :-)

  185. Someone who knows

    The hair makes a big difference, too; notice in most before shots the girls have their hair pulled back off their forehead with a band or pins. In most after shots they have bangs (or fringe) which has been styled. It makes you look younger and cuter. ;)

    Not to mention the difference a simple smile can make.. ;O

  186. Lol

    To everyone hating on asians because of these pics:

    1. Many girls of EVERY race can look drastically different without makeup and enjoy playing with dramatic makeup looks. Not JUST asians. Maybe asians have just uploaded their before pics on the internet more (maybe because they’re more likely to be technologically savvy?) and be able to laugh at how different they might look. Or as people love to insult asians- they pick out asians photos more than they would other races. But seriously, before you condemn all asians to looking the same and plain and disgusting without makeup- go google before pics of whites, blacks etc. without makeup too.

    2. Some probably but not ALL asians would do it to ‘look white’. It’s a trend in their culture to get that circle lens, dolls look. It’s more about looking like a doll and NOT about looking white. And the whole ‘asians want to be white’ theory is probably most heavily pushed by WHITE people. Who maybe feel insecure about their own race so they have to keep telling people that asians want to be white? Many asians I know who do this have lots of asian pride, they just love playing around with dramatic makeup. If you really think asians want to be white (LOL) why don’t you go and ask every asian in the world? If they ALL say yes yes I do hate my race I do wish I was white, THEN you have a valid point.

    White people can get tans, their lips thickened, eyes made bigger, boob jobs, butt implants, hair permed and teased up- no one accuses them of wanting to be black or something… they also get lipo, straighten their hair, surgery for smaller, sexier, more almond shaped eyes, botox to smoothen out a face etc. and people don’t accuse them of trying to be asian…

    Yet when blacks get weave people are all like OOH THEY WISH THEY WERE WHITE. THEY HATE THEMSELVES. No one even considers the fact asians tend to have the straightest hair anyway so why do we give this trait to white people exclusively? Or when asians put on makeup- same deal. It’s like OMG they’re making their eyes look bigger they must want to be white! Since when was big eyes an exclusively white feature? Last time I checked blacks and other races can have big eyes too… well as some ASIANS.

    3. You seriously think they had plastic surgery? LOL. That is the magic of makeup for you. Contouring. Eyelid tape. (not that I really agree much with eyelid tape…bit much…)

    … But even if they had had plastic surgery on their faces- heaps of white/black celebs have plastic surgery- on their faces and all over their bodies. If you’re gonna insult these beauties for ‘having plastic surgery’ then at least be fair and insult all those beautiful, famous celebs that also have…….

    4. Who even says they look ugly and plain in the first photos? Have you seen most people in general without makeup? Plus bad lighting, acne, not smiling etc. Have you seen those many secretly snapped photos of the most gorgeous celebs without makeup?

    People’s features just don’t look as defined without makeup- not necessarily ugly. People don’t need to have their eyes outlined and their skin all smoothened to look great? I think most of these asian girls are pretty beautiful in their before pics- especially if they were smiling and had better lighting for the pics. And I don’t need to be asian to say that. Everyone that instantly calls them ugly and talks about how they must want to be white- lol I bet you’re actually just a pretty ugly, insecure thing yourself and could never summon the courage to upload a pic of yourself without makeup on the net. :)

    • Jess

      very good point there. well written.

    • Caroline

      Thank you. People are ignorant. Do they bash on themselves for being fake too? Like painting their nails, or wearing fake jewelry, or hair extensions? What’s wrong with wanting to feel confident and pretty?????????? NOTHING. Everyone who is being a flaming butt hole and screw themselves with a cactus.

  187. small eyes

    i like koreans because of their cute little eyes, that’s why when i see koreans or chinez trying to make their eyes look bigger, i got disappointed.

    most of us (not koreans, japanez, chinez, etc.) likes their eyes because its small and cute, i find it daebak, but they think it makes them less beautiful.

    gosh if they only knew how much i wanted to have that eyes, but of course im satisfied with my eyes now..and im an asian too.. dont have big eyes though.. just the normal one..hehehehe

  188. Aria

    This is pretty interesting to look at, the wonders that makeup can do.
    However, this is not only the case with asians. If you take a look at American celebrity photos with and without makeup, they look like a totally different person.
    Even JennaMarbles, who is a popular YouTuber, looks extremely different without makeup on. Just take a look at this video, where she shows you how she does her makeup:

    Makeup can make a huge difference on appearance, regardless of the race.

  189. Jess

    what’s the point of this page? To hate on others? I think they look pretty to begin with.

  190. fred

    first thing when you meet girl…demand she take off all makeup, wigs, padding, etc … have a good look…then either stay or run

  191. marwa

    And thats why, Mak-Up should get arrested!

  192. whoowhoo

    wow ur a bunch of ****ing idiots
    1. im asian i dont wear makeup or surget
    2.every race wear makeup and looks different under it
    3. they wear makeup who cares if they wanna cake there face and they like it and it makes them happt let them do wat they want makeup is not for JUST insecurites its also an art form cuz depending how u use it u can get different styles like smokey eyes,uzzlang,cat eyes plus if there was no makeup there would be no movies or tv shows that have unhuman pple like vampires demons mermaid and etc. so STFU UP

  193. mike

    i feel depress now ah ah, you kiss this sexy girl when behind her there is this really so so girl and she even pretend she is sexy when she is so so but still is funny to see ;)

  194. gennie

    oh my god this girls is ugly but facemakeup its wonderful

  195. Caroline

    Um excuse me, I am (half) Asian and I do not find anything wrong with any of this. I don’t look like this, of course, but if you admit they aren’t as pretty in the before pics, then obviously they ARE insecure about their looks. So why be a troll? Hey, what’s wrong with wanting to feel confident and beautiful, even through make up? Or even plastic surgery? Or through pretty clothes and fake hair-extensions? It is their body, their choices, and there is something that every one does individually to boost their self esteem. And all the other fucking girls who say, I’m Asian and they embarrass me, yatta-yatta: well there are certain things in every race of people that are known for something, like being ghetto or being preppy, or being a beaner hopper, but only an ignorant fool will categorize a whole entire race of people on individuals who have similar interests in the things they do or they way they do things. Also, here is a note: Korea is the number one Asian country to have surgeries done to people, but the Philippines is number one location to go to when wanting surgery because of low cost.

  196. babi

    Ямар тэнэг юм бэ

  197. OKAY, this is just BIZARRE! They are trying to make themselves into animated characters so millions of weirdos will think they are attractive. This is just a strange culture that many around the world have gotten involved with, a fantasy world that is causing Asian girls to alter what they look like. They DO look like freaks and it is just sad. I am NOT stating that no one else has plastic surgery or doesn’t try to alter their appearance, it is just WIERD that SO many are trying to turn into basically, CARTOON characters! A very strange, BIZARRE world, indeed……….

    • Asian Chick

      Doesn’t everybody have that problem? Wanting to look good so people will think they are attractive? Not every single Asian girl looks like that, and nor should people who enjoy the look be categorized as freaks. I used to be one of those people who criticized people negatively who wore a lot of makeup. But I get it now. It’s a matter of insecurity. Why are you bashing them because of their flaws. And at that, someone who is bashing them under an anonymous name probably has worse insecurities than wearing a lot of makeup in the morning. Honest to dear Lord. And by the way. Cartoon Characters are way cool.

  198. Natalie

    What kind of sorcery is this? I would love to know and get hold of whatever makeup they used.

  199. Captain Obvious

    in defense of my lady and all the other asian ladies out there:

    average asian lady –

    white celebrities –

    before/after pam anderson –

    and when was the last time you saw an asian lady that looked like this? –

    (to be fair: as a white guy with an asian wife, i gotta say you asian ladies look better without weird colored hair and contacts. if we wanted to marry a redhead with blue eyes, we’d have married a white lady instead.)

  200. June

    They look creepy to me..
    Why do Asian girls do that? eww..
    sorry but I can’t stand those round contact lenses… look possessed and that stupid lip thing.. how stupid???

    Just wrong..

  201. Stickkim

    I think probably photoshop helped a little bit, too…

  202. chipz

    hmm..why do you judge asian girls? how about white girls who have plastic surgery? aren’t they fake???

  203. Anonymous

    капец)) я в шоке)

  204. agarina

    I admit that asian girls are very creative with makeup &photoshop. they do it because asian guys are stupid!! they require cute girls with ulzzang/kawaii looks. it makes asian girls obsessed with this stupid

  205. GregR

    Ever seen a program called Portrait Professional Studio? I have it, and let me tell you that all of the alterations — the smoothing of skin and hair, widening and brightening of the eyes, changing the thickness and structure of the face, and more, are all extremely easy to do with that app. No need for makeup, plastic surgery or even PhotoShop — these kinds of alterations, even freakishly abnormal ones like giving real people anime eyes, is almost a no-brainer in the digital realm with apps like these. Even doing stuff like giving someone a longer neck is as easy as swiping an adjustment slider.

    I use the app to correct blemishes and such, but I am so familiar with it that I’ve gotten so that I can spot which particular alteration slider they used on a pic to get a particular effect. And at least 90% of these gravure idol pics have had such alterations. You are not really looking at a real person; you are looking at an idealized fantasy.

    That’s not to say that some of these girls aren’t pretty / cute to start with, but most are NOT what you see in their photos. Same goes for just about every magazine cover you can think of that features a celebrity or model. Cosmo, Glamour, Good Housekeeping, you name it. Plenty of digital adjustments there too.

  206. ana

    oh god…on the left site all girls look as if someone just had died, if you just look normal-friendly it would help a lot, and you all would look really nice!!!

    2.-right sites: look all like plastic-dolls, or other plastic toys… :((

    what strange trend ist this??

  207. ดูละครย้อนหลัง

    omg !!!!!

  208. I am Chinese and I was born with big eyes. “Unfortunately” I only have very unnoticable double eyelids, I do hope I had more distinguished ones though. But I never intendted to change them by putting on glue or doing plastic surgery. It just seems pretty silly to me. As Asian I also don’t understand why they wear those crazy eye lenses and try to make cute faces so that they can fake the so-called standard beauty.
    I mean, I know I don’t look perfect and I’d be glad to have a more defined look, but I will NEVER change myself for whatever reason it is. And I am NOT the only one trying to enjoy whatever look god gave me and maintain a look as natural as possible.
    Asians are not the only race does plastic surgeries, Caucasians, Blacks are no exceptions. The problem is about humans and the influence of social medias. Maybe we should teach our people to appreciate themselves, by saying this, we should also realize that it’s their free will to change their looks or not. We can have our own ground and our own choice, but if they feel comfortable about their decisions, why should we care so much?

    • Nia

      I quite agree with you. I think the reason why so many girls wear contact lenses is because it is a trend and people like to follow trends.

      • Crazy trend though. I just read a report days ago saying that some girls suffer from eyes-related diseases because of long-time wearing of contacts. We all wanna be pretty but there’s no way to risk our health for that.

  209. nyldek

    hey how is this done. i want links!

  210. Alice

    Exactly how I look without make up!

  211. dd

    picture 31 – this girl looks pretty before and after make up.

  212. Makarov

    Nice pic admin….one word is not enough to explain the meaning of ” beauty “. Different people with different perception…thanks admin :)

  213. May

    U all mean,
    Asian = Japanese Chinese Korean only?

    Asia is big, duh. We have middle east, south-east asia,
    etc. Not only those popular drama-manga-anime countries.

    Be careful when generalizing.
    .. Actually I also cant differentiate many features of different westerners though,
    i’ll be careful next time.

  214. Tricia

    So I saw this link on someone’s facebook wall. Yes make up makes a lot of difference- not just for asian girls but for white girls also without makeup. I know this is specifically a site about asian women.

    You will get the same reaction for white women. It’s global.
    Even celebrities.
    Nothing new guys.

  215. Anonymous

    some of these pictures are totally different people… There’s one with a k pop star who was cross dressing and i can bet you 100000 bucks that the girl on the left hand side was not him

  216. Anonymous

    Why most of them don’t have eyelash?
    And there are men among them.

    • Anonymous

      they’re asian. asian girls usually have shorter eyelashes. I have several asian friends who are like that.

    • Anonymous

      no, there are no men among them. have you not seen enough women to know that some women or their pictures can look like a man?

  217. Kumicho

    All below average and I despise that style of make-up. Big contacts. Fake face expressions. It’s a stupid trend.

    Does anyone know who the model or girl is on the top screen in the banner? The 2nd from the left? I know for a fact that she’s Japanese and she looks familiar but I doubt that she’s the singer that I’m thinking of.

    Name anyone?

  218. Philippe

    hello from Switzerlland my naime is Philippe

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