23 Oct ’10

Asian Cosplayers – Before and After Photos

Here are some before and after cosplay photos of Asian cosplayers (may contain errors), some of whom are famous models, actresses and singers.

More Cosplay Photos Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

More Cosplay Photos Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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Written by: Nia
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  1. Some cool cosplays!

  2. curious

    who’s the guy in the orange hat with 2 green smileys? he looks pretty good :D

  3. Mappi

    what is the name of the photos to 4, 6, 8 and 14?

    • Nia

      Sorry for the late reply!
      My guess would be:

      Photo 4: He Tong 河童
      6: KENN
      8: Huang Shan 黄山
      14: Tian Lang 天狼

      Correct me if i’m wrong.

      • KENN FTW!!


        The sasuke cosplay in No.4 pic is cosplayed by KENN, not He Tong . And Kenn’s real looks is in the no.6 picture (the right one) Why did you put a random girl picture as his real looks in the 4 pic?
        And Kenn is a male, not female, remember that.

        The no 12 pic (the left one) is cosplayed by Xiao Xiao Bai, a very handsome Chinese man. Why did u put another random girl as his real looks? WHERE DID YOU GET THESE INFORMATIONS????

        This web is getting on my nerves, seriously…

        Sorry, I’m not a chinese but I’m a maniac for their cosplays, I always stalk them, especially Kenn, Huang Shan, He Tong, Xiao Xiao Bai, Mu ye Wu ya (THAT MU YE WU YA PIC!! THAT IS NOT HER REAL LOOKS! That is another cosplay of her)


        • Nia

          So sorry, I knew there was something wrong. I thought the real looks of picture No.4 was a guy? These pictures were gathered from Mop. That Mu ye Wu ya pic, yeah, it was another cosplay, I couldn’t find a real look at the time. Sorry for the mistakes, will change the post a bit but not the pictures yet.

  4. Sprout

    Does any one know who #29 is?
    Thanks in advance.

  5. Kenta

    This is dumb. The majority of the “after” (cosplay) photos are extremely photoshopped and don’t even resemble real-life humans anymore. Many of the “before” photos have also been photoshopped so that there isn’t much of a distinction besides clothes between the “before” and “after”. I reiterate, this is dumb.

    • Nia

      Sorry, the ‘after’ photos weren’t meant to be photos without makeup or formal photo shoots. They are just non-cosplay pictures showing another side of the cosplayers.

  6. Philippe

    hello from Switzerland beautiful pics

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