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16 Sep ’10

Hot Asian Girls Today – 16.9.2010

Hot Asian girls today 16.9.2010, which one do you prefer?

Name: Dovely 도회지
Origin: South Korea
Features: Lovely smile, beautiful pale skin, beautiful neck

Name: Itano Tomomi (Tomomi Itano) 板野友美
Origin: Japan
Features: Gorgeous face, attractive eyes, sweet smile, beautiful blonde hair, extra cool hat

Name: Chen Wenyu (Xiao Yu) 陈玟予
Origin: China
Features: Strikingly Cute face, pretty eyes, adorable hairstyle

Name: Unknown
Origin: Japan (guess)
Features: Beautiful foxy eyes, sexy full lips, mature look, intriguing stare

Name: Kang Jiyoung 강지영
Origin: South Korea
Features: Stunning face, sexy lips, hot body, interesting funky pose, stylish outfit

Name: Xie Meng 谢梦
Origin: China
Features: Cute bunny costume, foxy eyes, cute puzzled expression

Name: Cheng Xiao Fan 程小烦
Origin: China
Features: Charming face, sexy lips, cute photo

Name: Wang Yiting (Mika / Mick) 王义廷
Origin: Taiwan
Features: Appealing face, big foxy eyes, sexy full lips, provocative expression, decent make-up

Name: Feng Qian (Rebecca / Miss Tuda 兔大小姐) 冯倩
Origin: China
Features: Big beautiful eyes, cute nose, good hairstyle, thought-provoking stare

Name: Park Hyun Sun 박현선
Origin: South Korea
Features: Leggy beauty, sexy & hot curvy body, nice skin, enchanting face, cool hat, nice striped dress

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  1. Lots of cute close ups in this selection!

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