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14 Sep ’10

Hot Asian Girls Today – 14.9.2010

Hot Asian girls today 14.9.2010, which one do you prefer?

Name: Wang Yi 王怡
Origin: China
Features: Beautiful eyes, innocent face, doll-like photo

Name: Chen Yu Wen (Chen Kai Yan 陈恺妍/Nina) 陈郁雯
Origin: Taiwan
Features: Big eyes, cute pose, interesting expression

Name: Peng Bo 彭勃
Origin: China
Features: Sexy full lips, nice eyebrow, provocative expression

Name: Miu
Origin: China
Features: Sexy body, appealing face, intriguing feel

Name: Momo
Origin: China
Features: Cool hairstyle, cute nose, alluring expression

Name: Qin Qijun (Ailesa) 覃绮君
Origin: China
Features: Pretty eyes, charming face, innocent & cute expression

Name: Man Man
Origin: China
Features: Hot body, big beautiful eyes, engaging smile, cute haircut, sexy fabulous dress

Name: Henrietta
Origin: China
Features: Big foxy eyes, different hair colour, cool tattoo

Name: Kim Namji 김남지
Origin: South Korea
Features: Adorable face, big innocent eyes, cute expression

Name: Crystal
Origin: China
Features: Attractive face, big beautiful eyes, sexy lips, bonus Engrish in the background.

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  1. Nia

    Phew, finally found out who the first girl is. I really like that picture. ^^

  2. Sila

    Kim Namji is the best looking here. ^^

  3. Jason

    I love Asians! Konno Asami and now these girls, so many good ones!

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