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9 Oct ’10

Hot Asian Girls Today – 9.10.2010

Hot Asian girls today 9.10.2010, which one do you prefer?

Name: Unknown
Origin: China (guess)
Features: A mysterious girl who looks like Xiao Xin; I assume more and more young girls are trying to look like their idols, because in their eyes, their idols represent perfection; this picture is actually not bad, the make-up and the angle make her eyes look bigger and more sparkling; I like those artificial nails as well.

Name: Yu Hirukawa ひるかわ ゆう
Origin: Japan
Features: Yu Hirukawa is a model from Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan; Hirukawa looks exotic and graceful, although in the photo she seems a little sad and lost; the way she sits and her subtle expression imply that she is a sophisticated and intelligent woman.

NameLiu Yuqi (IZUMIIA) 刘羽琦
: China
Features: This is another photo for FIFA Online 2, Yuqi looks very attractive and ravishing; the simple hairstyle makes her look younger and cuter; the shiny hat fits her well, as if it was made for her; Yuqi’s skin (or photoshop?) is flawless in the picture.

NameShi Zi Jia (Kitty) 诗梓佳
Origin: China
Features: We finally have some new photos of Zi Jia, a young and pretty Beijing girl who is often referred to as Little Zhang Xinyu; however, this photo somehow reminds me of sexy Yang Qihan, they look so alike that I almost couldn’t recognize Zi Jia; this is no doubt a hot and beautiful picture, Zi jia is appealing and sexy; I quite like her smile here.

Name: Dai Xue Er (Sissi/DXE) 戴雪儿
Origin: China
Features: Bubblegum girl Dai Xue Er is a lovely football babe who graduated from Beijing Film Academy; one of her most popular songs is Bubblegum Candy, which was released in October 2007; in this photo, Xue Er is captivating; it feels like she’s inviting you to chew gum with her; she looks hot and saucy in the blue outfit.

NameLi Ting Ting (Saya) 李婷婷
Origin: China
: Li Ting Ting is a model who has different but interesting looks; she has appeared in various auto shows; in a lot of the photos, Ting Ting looks like a young Barbie doll; but in this one, she looks mature, seductive and flirty.

NameZhang Xinyu (Viann) 张馨予
Origin: China
Features: This is one of the latest and hottest photos of Xinyu; she’s in a revealing and sexy costume that make her body look more desirable; Xinyu’s presence definitely graced the kitchen, making it more vivid and modern; I even feel that Xinyu is from the future.

Name: Xiao Qing 小青
Origin: China
Features: Xiao Qing is a popular Chinese blogger who has received millions of views on her blog; her photos indicate that she has a strong personality and her expressions show that she can be a good model, or perhaps an actress if she’s lucky enough to meet a good agency; I think she looks hotter and more mysterious without fringe.

Name: Doris
Origin: China
Features: Here we have another photo of Doris, I remember last time I got her name wrong (Lili instead of Doris); Doris is another popular blogger on the internet, simply because, in my opinion, that she has frequently dyed her hair showing different looks and she has bigger eyes than many other Chinese girls; it seems like she has a different attitude about things too.

Name: Liu Mei Xuan (Carolin) 刘美萱
Origin: China
Features: Liu Mei Xuan is a 22-year-old model who graduated from Beijing Dance Academy; Mei Xuan is said to be Chinese and eighth British; some people call her Little Leah Dizon due to her striking resemblance; Mei Xuan has also attended quite a few auto shows in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, she has appeared in famous magazines such as FHM, Ray Li and Xin Wei.

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  1. One of Shi Zi Jia’s best photos here I think.

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