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3 Oct ’10

Hot Asian Girls Today – 3.10.2010

Hot Asian girls today 3.10.2010, which one do you prefer?

NameLv Lin (Angelin) 吕琳
Origin: China
Features: Lv Lin has a very mature and seductive look; this is a good angle, which makes her body look long; on the whole, it is a good and pretty photo.

Name: He Jing (Momo) 何静
Origin: China
Features: He Jing is a stunning babe from Handan city who has a sharp chin and a hot body as well; her facial features are outstanding and I like the shape of her eyes here.

Name: Liu Yuqi (IZUMIIA) 刘羽琦
Origin: China
Features: Yuqi is a charming girl from Xuzhou city, recognized as China’s “First Online Beauty”; as a football babe, Yuqi has a set of cute and beautiful photo shoot for FIFA Online 2; in this photo, she seems relaxed and her eyes are smiling; I like her hair as well as the colour.

Name: Zhang Lan Qian (Vanessa) 张澜茜
Origin: China
Features: We have Lan Qian again, with her face looking so adorable and innocent as usual; her body is tiny and she has nice skin; I like how her curly hair sits on her right shoulder, which completes the picture.

Name: Jiang Yihan (Phoebe) 江伊涵
Origin: China
Features: Beautiful Yihan in a fairyland! She has a smoking hot body, cute hairstyle and an amazing dress that reminds me of the lotus flowers in my hometown; hope we can see more photos of her in the future.

Name: Liu Shi Han (Jessica) 刘诗涵
Origin: China
Features: Shi Han looks a bit like Angelababy here, probably because they have similar face shapes; I like the blue sea and the hair & make-up, I can imagine Shi Han turns into a beautiful mermaid and suddenly disappear.

Name: Yang Qihan (Isabella) 杨棋涵
Origin: China
Features: A doll-like photo of Qihan, the “otaku goddess” from China; in this photo shoot, however, Qihan’s expression looks almost the same in every photo; this picture is perhaps one of the best in my opinion, she looks more natural and soft.

Name: Jin Mei Xin 金美辛
Origin: China
Features: Finally, we have some new photos of Mei Xin, a truly hot and rare beauty from Heilongjiang Province. Mei Xin looks stunning in the photo, her hair sexy, her skin pale but healthy-looking.

Name: Park Gyuri 박규리
Origin: South Korea
Features: Gyuri, leader of the South Korean girl group Kara, has really attractive and striking good looks & a beautiful side profile; her smile is warm and engaging; these are lovely photos of Gyuri.

Name: Lin Ke Tong (Xiao Long Nv 小龙女) 林柯彤
Origin: China
Features: Gorgeous Tong Tong in a sexy Christmas costume; Tong Tong is a long-legged beauty from Wuhan city, who has an appealing face and a sexy slim body; she is enjoying great popularity across the whole country.

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  1. Hoya

    I get so hot! lots of hot girls here!

  2. Elena

    All girls are so cute! ^^

  3. byod

    I adore the first and the third girl.

  4. gamblis

    Wow..i love this site…..check out mines too…I got the same girls on mine

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