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28 Sep ’10

Hot Asian Girls Today – 28.9.2010

Hot Asian girls today 28.9.2010, which one do you prefer?

Name: Dovely 도회지
Origin: South Korea
Features: A nice photo of Dovely, looking so pretty and enchanting, it makes people want to get to know her; in the photo, Dovely’s outfit seems so simple but fashionable and comfortable, it really fits her

Name: Ayumi Uehara うえはら あゆみ
Origin: Japan
: Ayumi is a fashion model and actress from Shibuya, Tokyo; she has a beautiful and lively face, moreover, she can smile with her eyes; I like her hairstyle here, and of course, the colour

Name: He Xiao Miao (Hera / Miao Miao 苗苗) 何小苗
Origin: China
Features: Miao Miao sometimes seems like a western girl to me, maybe because of her exotic look; she always has doll-like pictures, looking like a little princess in a lovely room; really like the tassel boots and brown dress, they both suit her

Name: Wang Wan Wan 王丸丸
Origin: China
Features: Who is Wang Wan Wan (what a name!)? Wan Wan is a 21-year-old model from China (what a photo!); I assume she is based in Beijing; a very different kind of photo for today, do you think it’s good, sexy or crazy? Well, her eyelashes are a bit crazy; her glasses aren’t so bad; what else, she is wearing cute earrings and perhaps a cute pink dress

Name: Shi Xiao Shuo 施笑朔
Origin: China
Features: A second photo of Xiao Shuo, a young model and student who currently goes to Zhejiang Sci-Tech University; even though Xiao Shuo is not facing the camera, you can tell she is a pretty and adorable girl with a good fashion sense

Name: Chloe Yu
Origin: Hong Kong
Features: Chloe Yu definitely has a beautiful profile and smile, looking like a traditional beauty from the East; furthermore, her hair colour and the neat make-up make her stand out more; so on the whole, it’s a hot picture

Name: Yin Ming Li (Papa) 殷明莉
Origin: China
Features: Papa almost looks the same in every photo, not exactly the same expression, but her eyes are always beautiful and large; heavy make-up combined with the dark hair make her look more mysterious and cool

Name: Huang Yi Lin (U.lin) 黄一琳
Origin: China
Features: We’ve introduced Yi Lin before, a real cutie from Beijing who has a refreshing style; her face looks young and appealing in the photo; her outfits are usually varied and stylish; I quite like it

Name: Feng Qian (Rebecca / Miss Tuda 兔大小姐) 冯倩
Origin: China
Features: Feng Qian’s hot bunny costume is back! This time we can see her facial features more clearly; her face just seems adorable as usual, though I still can’t guess her age judging from the photos we’ve had; she’s 21, I’ve just checked, but does age matters? Hmm…

Name: Liu Duo Duo (Dido) 刘朵朵
Origin: China
Features: Gorgeous Duo Duo seems so tiny in this photo, especially her face; nice body though, and a beautiful neck; can’t tell whether she looks like Fan Bing Bing here, she seems vulnerable and delicate, making people want to protect her

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  1. First girl is definitely the best. No wonder she is a model – she is beautiful without trying too hard.

  2. Liu Duo Duo always looks like Fan Bing Bing, everyone tries to look like her. Feng Qian has the best overall photo here, but its enhanced a lot.

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