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26 Sep ’10

Hot Asian Girls Today – 26.9.2010

Hot Asian girls today 26.9.2010, which one do you prefer?

Name: Dovely 도회지
Origin: South Korea
Features: We have Dovely again for today’s collection, who’s able to show both sexiness and cuteness at the same time; in this picture, Dovely’s hair looks fabulous, really nice colour & fringe; her face is stunning as usual

Name: Wei Qi (Vikky) 韦琦
Origin: China
Features: Wei Qi always manages to look so young and huggable; her eyes seem gloomy and mysterious; overall it’s a good photo

Name: Feng Qian (Rebecca / Miss Tuda 兔大小姐 ) 冯倩
Origin: China
Features: In the sunshine, Feng Qian’s eyes and forehead look very big; but she has a cute nose & pouting lips, so overall it’s a loveable photo

Name: Wang Hui Xin (Xiao Xin 小訫 ) 王蕙心
Origin: China
Features: Xiao Xin in a cute outfit, her hair looking good as usual; she has a very photogenic face and she knows how to pose for the camera; on the whole, another good photo for the day

Name: Yin Ming Li (Papa) 殷明莉
Origin: China
Features: Charming Papa, those blue contact lenses just increase her beauty, making her eyes bigger and her expression livelier; it’s altogether a lovely picture

Name: Tin Lam
Origin: Hong Kong (guess)
Features: A very hot photo of Tin Lam, but not much information was found about her; I assume she is a part-time model who met an experienced and famous photographer; I love her hairstyle, the outfit and the environment in this photo, which makes her stand out

Name: Rainy
Origin: Hong Kong (guess)
Features: Not much is known about this model called Rainy, but she seems like a sweet girl who has an honest and warm smile; summer is over for me, but this picture gives me the urge to go to the beach

Name: Park Hyun Sun 박현선
Origin: South Korea
Features: The popular & leggy Korean idol Hyun Sun again in a stylish and sexy outfit, especially those trendy trousers and the special belt; on the whole, she looks foxy and seductive, making me want to buy the outfit and the accessories

Name: Liu Duo Duo (Dido) 刘朵朵
Origin: China
Features: Duo Duo looks a bit like Fan Bing Bing again, or at least Bing Bing’s little sister; her facial features are quite attractive: beautiful eyes & nose & eyebrows, sexy lips; the red & black top combined with her dark nails just make her look sexier and more mesmerizing

Name: Chloe Yu
Origin: Hong Kong
Features: An eye-catching beauty from the internet, who has nice hair colour and a white summer dress; not sure whether she can actually play the violin or whether she is an artistic person, but this is a pretty and thought-provoking picture

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  1. I like the style of clothes on Dovely 도회지

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