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20 Sep ’10

Hot Asian Girls Today – 20.9.2010

Hot Asian girls today 20.9.2010, which one do you prefer?

Name: Kittybaby
Origin: Overseas Chinese (living in Ireland)
Features: Big beautiful eyes, luscious lips, overall a cute & pretty photo

Name: Unknown
Origin: South Korea
Features: Big innocent eyes, cute hairstyle, nice fringe, curious stare

Name: MakI’yO
Origin: China
Features: Stylish & sexy red dress, attractive facial features, foxy make-up, overall a hot photo

Name: Qin Qijun (Ailesa) 覃绮君
Origin: China
Features: Cute young face, angelic smile, pretty smiling eyes, playful expressions, overall a cute babe

Name: Milk Yang
Origin: China
Features: Distinctive facial features, big staring eyes, cute nose and pouting lips, cool fringe and nails, overall a cute & fashionable girl

Name: He Xiaomiao (Hera / Miao Miao) 何小苗
Origin: China
Features: Really adorable face, unique facial features, neat make-up, nice hair (not sure whether it’s a wig), overall another popular cutie

Name: Wen Wen 文文
Origin: China
Features: Hot slim body, sexy back, good skin, beautiful white dress, foxy look

Name: Ren Si Lu (Rosechanel) 任斯璐
Origin: China
Features: Distinctive profile, big attractive eyes, cute nose, sexy lips, overall another appealing beauty

Name: Feng Qian (Rebecca / Miss Tuda 兔大小姐) 冯倩
Origin: China
Features: Cute bunny costume again, lovely comfortable room, hot slender figure, cute face, beautiful eyes, innocent expression

Name: Guo Jieqi (Mei Mei) 郭婕祈
Origin: Taiwan
Features: Beautiful straight hair, cute fringe, big smiling eyes, cute dimples, nice pale skin

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  1. When will I see the first “cute” Asian girl which does not have the frozen expression of naive surprise on her face?

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