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18 Sep ’10

Hot Asian Girls Today – 18.9.2010

Hot Asian girls today 18.9.2010, which one do you prefer?

Name: Zhang Qi (Mikyi) 张琦
Origin: Overseas Chinese (living in Japan)
Features: Cute face, big appealing eyes, hot poses & expressions, sexy nightwear, overall gorgeous photos

Name: Unknown
Origin: South Korea
Features: Adorable face, cute nose, good skin, mesmerizing stare

Name: Wen Wen 文文
Origin: China
Features: Admirable facial features, bewitching eyes, beautiful nose, kissable lips

Name: Cheng Xiao Fan 程小烦
Origin: China
Features: Lovely bunny costume, cute hairstyle, seductive expression, a huggable photo

Name: Chen Si (Cissy) 陈思
Origin: Overseas Chinese (living in Singapore)
Features: Fabulous facial features, big beautiful eyes, sexy lips, cute fringe, elegant hands, another smoking hot picture

Name: Ping Ping 娉娉
Origin: China
Features: Rare redhead beauty (or probably a wig), healthy skin, interesting outfit, a hot photo overall

Name: Zhang Wei Wei (Jessica Cheung) 张薇薇
Origin: Overseas Chinese
Features: Good-looking beauty, outstanding facial features, fabulous shining hair, interesting outfit, nice background

Name: Lai Jie Ying (Baby) 赖杰莹
Origin: China
Features: A different kind of cutie, pretty eyes, cute unique nose, nice tops, altogether a magnetic girl

Name: Kittybaby
Origin: Overseas Chinese (living in Ireland)
Features: A very intriguing babe, fascinating face, big foxy eyes, sexy pouting lips, bewitching expression, neat make-up, another captivating photo

Name: Qian Ru (Akira) 倩茹
Origin: China
Features: Beautiful profile, delicate figure, cute nose, nice straight hair, another endearing girl of the day

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  1. Why is Ping Ping holding a coat hanger lol.

  2. zoroki

    so many hot girls here

  3. XemanTo

    boy so hot! the first girl is out of this world.

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