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15 Oct ’10

Hot Asian Girls Today – 15.10.2010

Hot Asian girls today 15.10.2010, which one do you prefer?

NameBarbie Hsu 徐熙媛
Origin: China
FeaturesBarbie Hsu is a Taiwanese actress and singer whose ancestral hometown is Linyi in Shandong Province; Barbie is best known for her roles in Taiwanese dramas, especially as Shan Cai in Meteor Garden (one of my favourite Taiwanese dramas); this is a beautiful photo of Barbie, who has attractive facial features and almost perfect skin in real life.

NameChrissie Chau 周秀娜
Origin: China
Features: Born in Chaozhou, Guangdong Province, Chrissie Chau is an actress and model who initially gained fame in Hong Kong; this picture is from her latest photo album book “Les Vacanccs d’ Amour Chrissie” which we’ve mentioned before; this is no doubt a smoking hot picture; she is foxy and seductive.

NameWang Ruo Yi (Royi) 王若伊
Origin: China
Features: Born on February 6, 1988, Wang Ruo Yi is a popular and gifted artist who graduated from the Central Academy of Drama; Ruo Yi has been on quite a few TV commercials, music videos and appeared in national magazines; Ruo Yi has a stunning face and a hot body; this is one of my favourite pictures of her.

Name: Min Hyo Rin 민효린
Origin: South Korea
Features: Min Hyo Rin is a famous singer and actress in South Korea; Some people say she looks like South Korean model and actress Han Ga In (aka Kim Hyun-joo) and well-known singer and actress Lee Hyori; Hyo Rin is stunning in this photo, I like her hair, her make-up and the sexy dark top.

NameJiang Yihan (Phoebe) 江伊涵
Origin: China
Features: Today we have highly popular football babe Jiang Yihan again; this is a photo for the Chinese game Qing Cheng; Yihan is in a revealing and nearly transparent costume, holding the Chinese musical instrument Pipa; with her cute hairstyle, her make-up and the smoke, Yihan has turned into a beautiful and dreamlike fairy.

NameYe Lu Xue Er (Snow) 耶律雪儿
Origin: China
FeaturesYe Lu Xue Er (Ye Lv Xue Er) is another talented actress and singer, graduated from Beijing Film Academy; many directors call her Little Vivian Chow, who is a renowned Hong Kong singer and actress; this is one of the photos for the 2010 FIFA World Cup; Xue Er looks adorable with her eyes wide open.

NameMumu Muse 慕慕缪斯
Origin: China
Features: Finally we have some new pictures of Mumu Muse. Mumu Muse is a Chinese model and actress who is based in Beijing; she has been the spokesperson for quite a few beauty products and appeared in many magazines including Elle China and Bazaar China. In the photo, Muse looks hot and comfortable, even though she almost closed her eyes because of the sunlight.

NameMa Yi Na (Yumiko) 马伊娜
Origin: China
Features: Born on June 11, 1990, Ma Yi Na is a young and passionate football babe and model based in Zhaoyang, Beijing; as a car show girl and a still model, Yi Na has won a few national competitions and appeared on various Chinese TV shows; this is a hot picture of Yi Na, very few girls can pull off this look; I like her bright hair and the tattoo on the back of her hand.

NameChen Bo (Kelly) 陈博
Origin: China
Features: Chen Bo is a young Chinese model who won the Most Photogenic Award in the “6th CCTV Model Contest” for Zhengzhou area; judging from her photos, Chen Bo has an attractive figure, her movements seem effortless and graceful. I hope we’ll have more pictures of her in the future.

Name: Liu Zi Xuan (Cherrg) 刘子璇
Origin: China
Features: Also graduated from the Central Academy of Drama in Beijing, Liu Zi Xuan is a hot and sexy artist from Hefei, Anhui Province; Zi Xuan has recently been very popular on the internet due to her bold and provocative photo shoots; In this picture, Zi Xuan looks dreamy, mature and appealing.

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  1. Jiang Yihan’s photo is cool, who keeps coming up with these themes for her, always original.

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