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12 Oct ’10

Hot Asian Girls Today – 12.10.2010

Hot Asian girls today 12.10.2010, which one do you prefer?

NameLena Fujii 藤井リナ
Origin: Japan
Features: As we’ve introduced Lena Fujii before, Lena’s mother is Japanese and her father is American and Japanese; Apart from being a model, Lena is an actress and singer too; this is a smoking hot photo of Lena, I like her body language; she seems nonchalant and dreamy, but on the whole, she is an intriguing woman to me.

NameDiao Yang (Barbie) 刁扬
Origin: China
FeaturesDiao Yang is a model and student from Chengdu, Sichuan Province; she participated in the Super Girl Contest (aka Super Voice Girls) in 2009 but failed to continue the competition; a lot of people compare Diao Yang with Taiwanese singer, model and TV hostess Yao Yao, I don’t see much similarities here other than the fact that they are both quite cute; Diao Yang sometimes look more mature and sophisticated, I think.

Name: Xu Yi Yang 徐意扬
Origin: China
Features: Xu Yi Yang is a pretty and sweet girl from Suzhou, Jiangsu Province; she is one of the spokespeople for the Chinese game QQ Huan Xiang Shi Jie; Yi Yang is becoming more and more popular on the internet; she has a warm and honest smile; in a lot of the photos, she looks like the girl next door.

Name: Xiao Yi 小艺
Origin: China
Features: Xiao Yi is another lovely babe from Sichuan Province, the second picture of her looks like a Japanese girl to me; she has an engaging smile and when she’s not smiling, her face still looks beautiful and attractive; I think her hairstyle really suits her.

NameLi Ting Ting (Saya) 李婷婷
Origin: China
Features: Ting Ting in a hot leopard print underwear! I assume she is based in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province; the light brown hair here suits her, making her look younger and more exotic; what’s more, I love the snow white earrings.

NameZhou Wei (Ivy) 周薇
Origin: China
Features: Some new pictures of our hot model Zhou Wei in a cool casual outfit, I can feel the wind here; Zhou Wei has also joined the Super Girl Contest in 2009, although little is known about the result and her other achievements; Zhou Wei gained attention after a sexy football-themed photo shoot and appeared on various Chinese and English websites; but as we’ve pointed out before, Zhou Wei is often mistaken about her identity as Zhao Wei (aka Vicky Zhao), who is a famous Chinese actress and singer.

Name: Shao Ting (Nikki) 邵庭
Origin: Taiwan
Features: Shao Ting is a popular artist in Taiwan whose ancestral hometown is Qingdao in Shandong Province; She gained popularity through varied Taiwanese TV variety shows, such as Guess Guess Guess, KangXi Arrives and University (aka Da Xue Sheng Le Mei); Shao Ting is stunning in this photo, her smile could light up the whole show; she reminds me a little bit of Singaporean singer-songwriter Stefanie Sun.

Name: Liu Yu Xin (Angel) 刘雨欣
Origin: China
Features: Liu Yu Xin is a young actress and model from Hunan Province; she has won many beauty contests including Miss Asia Pageant and Shu Lei Zhi Xing; graduated from the Central Academy of Drama in Beijing, Yu Xin is a talented and promising girl; this is an interesting picture of Yu Xin, big wavy hair looks great on her.

NameZheng Yi Fei (Daimi) 郑伊菲
Origin: China
Features: Zheng Yi Fei is an up-and-coming TV hostess and model from Guangdong Province, she is said to be Chinese and a quarter Russian; Yi Fei has quite a few sexy and provocative photos which you can find in our gallery; in this picture, Yi Fei looks tall and hot, it proves that she is top model material.

Name: Shi Zi Jia (Kitty) 诗梓佳
Origin: China
Features: Judging photos alone, Zi Jia looks like Yang Qihan’s little sister, especially from this angle; perhaps it was due to photoshop application, both Qihan and Zi Jia have similar facial expressions; in this picture, Zi Jia is focused and fierce; I look forward to more photos of her.

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  1. Liu Yu Xin has the best picture here I think, but her expression is a little weird, heh.

  2. badguy

    hey that’s not diao yang photo, that’s wang yi….

    • Nia

      Oh, I found that photo where it said Diao Yang. I guess I was confused. Anyway, I’ve replaced it, thanks for correcting. :P

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