29 Jun ’10

Mysterious Waterman – Unveiled!

Taiwan’s first masked singer Waterman has been in the industry for three years now.

He is famous for advocating good deeds, such as taking care of old people in the rest home and picking up rubbish in the beach. In 2008, he participated in a drink advert, which quickly gained him popularity among young people. He released his first album last year and his second album ‘Love Big’ this year. He has been touring Taiwan and collecting 10,000 voices to sing his song ‘Love Big’ in chorus. Ever since the release of “Love Big”, Waterman has been touring Taiwan and working incredibly hard.

Nevertheless on 16th June, he was changing his outfit after a day’s hard work and accidentally revealed himself in front of the Taiwan media. Without his white uniform, Waterman just looked like any ordinary guy, except for his dyed hair. It is reported that Waterman’s contract with his company stated clearly that he should not expose himself under any circumstances, even to his own friends. Now that he was unveiled and broke the contract, his fans wondered how his company would punish his unintentional revelation. Gladly, Waterman and his young fans are all pleased to learn that his company understood the incident and knew that he did not do it on purpose. It seems like his company is not so strict with him after all.

Source: Sina News

Waterman’s “Love Big” Music Video

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    Such a funny man~~

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    I love waterman ^^

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