5 Jul ’10

Jolin and Jay Chou – Back Together?

Jolin Tsai ( 蔡依林 ) & Jay Chou ( 周杰伦 ) – Taiwan’s answer to Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake.

Double J commonly refers to Jolin Tsai and Jay Chou by the media. It has been six years since the two of them broke up. Ever since then they have never seen performing together, attending the same event or TV programme. Recently however, rumours about Jolin Tsai and Jay Chou are spreading again throughout the Taiwanese entertainment industry.

On January, Jolin and Jay were seen golfing together; before Jay’s tour concert, Jolin sent Jay flowers to cheer him on. Now on the third day of Jay’s Taipei concert in June, Jolin turned up as a mysterious special guest, dancing intimately with Jay and bringing the concert to its climax. From the sparkle in their eyes, no wonder the media were scrambling for their photos on the stage. But whether they have got back together for real has yet to be answered.

Source: Sina News

Jolin Tsai Info

Origin: Taiwan
Born: 15 September, 1980
Height: 156cm
Weight: 40kg
Occupation: Singer, dancer, designer and commercial model
Jolin Tsai’s Latest Music Video(s): “Hua Hu Die” (“Butterfly”)

“Da Zhang Fu” (“Real Man”)

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Jay Chou Info

Other Name(s): President Chou
Origin: Taiwan
Born: 18 January, 1979
Height: 175cm
Weight: 65kg
Occupation: Singer, songwriter, composer, musician, record producer, rapper, DJ, music video director, film director, screenwriter and actor
Jay Chou’s Latest Music Video(s): “Ben Cao Gang Mu” (“A Herbalist Menu”)

“Qi Li Xiang” (“Common Jasmin Orange”)


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    Jolin, you’re the best! No matter who you’re being with, we’ll be very happy for you.^_^

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    Jolin has changed many bfs after Jay Chou.

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