30 Jul ’10

Elva and Yao Ming – Together At Last

Taiwan’s pop superstar Elva Hsiao ( 萧亚轩 ) finally met Houston Rockets star Yao Ming ( 姚明 ). Born in Shanghai, China and joining the Houston Rockets in 2002, Yao Ming is currently the tallest player in the NBA (7ft 6 inches).

Recently Yao Ming has arrived in Taiwan to attend a series of charity events. On 27 July, a headphone promotion event invited both Elva and Yao Ming. Singer and actress Kawashima Makiyo, actress Yu Fang and other stars showed up at the event as well. But as soon as Elva and Yao Ming stood next to each other, they drew everyone’s attention, especially the journalists and cameramen.

Yao Ming was actually half an hour late due to his busy schedule in Taiwan. To prepare this meeting, Elva told the press that she had thought of every single way to “shorten the distance” with Yao Ming. “For instance, using a box, stilts or a ladder,” she said. Eventually she went online to buy a pair of 8 inch Givenchy high heels. But still, when Elva hugged Yao Ming, she only reached about his waist.

“I used to play in the basketball team in high school, so can we play together sometime?” asked Elva.

“I used to watch you on TV, now I’ve finally seen you in real life,” Yao Ming replied wittily whilst laughing.

The next day Yao Ming showed up in a charity basketball match in Taipei Arena. Superstars Jay Chou ( 周杰伦 ), Show Luo ( 罗志祥 ), Wu Chun ( 吴尊 ), Ethan Ruan ( 阮经天 ), Mark Chao ( 赵又廷 ) and Vic Chou ( 周渝民 ) all had the opportunity to challenge Yao Ming’s basketball skills.

Source: 163 News

Elva Hsia Info

Other Name(s): Elva Siu
Origin: Taipei, Taiwan
Born: 24 August, 1979
Height: 162cm
Weight: 45kg
Measurements: 34B-24-34
Occupation: singer, actress
Latest Music Video(s): “Biao Bai” (“Confession”)

“Wow” (Feat. Show Luo)

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