30 Oct ’10

Barbie Hsu Engaged To Millionaire After 20 Days

Famous Taiwanese actress and singer Barbie Hsu 徐熙媛 is engaged to Chinese millionaire Wang Xiao Fei 汪小菲 after a 20-day romance.

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Wang Xiao Fei, like Barbie’s ex-boyfriend Vic Chou 周渝民, is five years younger than Barbie. Son of wealthy Chinese businesswoman Zhang Lan 张兰, Xiao Fei is the CEO of famous chain restaurant “SUBU”.

The secret romance first broke on October 28th by Hong Kong film director Stanley Tong 唐季禮 at a film conference. A netizen subsequently exposed the shocking engagement news between Barbie and Xiao Fei, when hundreds of Sina tweets started to discuss the whirlwind relationship between Barbie and Xiao Fei, who have only been seeing each other for no more than three weeks.

“Everyone can stop guessing, we are indeed engaged. We are calm, and it’s not sudden. We met the right person at the right time. We just want a happy and comfortable life. Can we two youngsters get some space and blessing?” Xiao Fei’s Sina tweet dispelled all the doubts and speculations yesterday afternoon.

“Actually we are not that young… My point is, I feel really happy and certain. We’ll continue to be happy. The first time I met Xiao Fei, I knew he was the one. We got engaged the fourth time we saw each other. I have to say, we made a perfect match. Thanks for all your concerns, we’ll take in all the blessings,” Barbie later responded Xiao Fei’s tweet.

Xiao Fei’s ex-girlfriend Kitty Zhang 张雨绮 also revealed on her Sina microblog, “My relationship with Wang Xiao Fei is over, mainly because of our incompatible personalities. I’ve just heard of the engagement news, and I believe it’s good news. He is an outstanding man. I bless him from the bottom of my heart.”

Wang Xiao Fei & ex-girlfriend Kitty Zhang

“The wedding will be held in both Taiwan and Chinese mainland next year in February,” Barbie’s father told the media. However, Barbie has not confirmed this statement but implied that she would hold a conference about her wedding day soon.

Mother-in-law of Barbie’s younger sister Dee Hsu 徐熙娣 (Xiao S 小S) has also commented on the matter, “It is good news anyway. We’ll let everyone know when wedding is on its way.” On Dee Hsu’s TV variety show “Here Comes KangXi” 康熙来了, Dee reconfirmed the news that she was definitely happy for Barbie as long as Barbie was happy herself.

Barbie Hsu & younger sister Dee Hsu (left)


Some speculate that Barbie was the reason for Xiao Fei and Kitty’s separation, while others indicate that Xiao Fei’s mother Zhang Lan did not like Kitty as much as she seemed.

Source: 21cn News

Barbie Hsu Info

Other Name(s): Xu Xiyuan, Da S 大S
Ancestry: Shandong, China
Born: 6 October, 1976, Taipei, Taiwan
Height: 163cm
Weight: 44kg
Measurements: 32C-24-35
Occupation: actress, singer, host

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  1. And I thought me getting married after 7 months was ridiculously fast.

  2. janejoong

    FYI… wang xiao fei isnt a taiwanese millionaire, but a chinese one. get your information right, just saying.

  3. Meng Qi

    Happy for Barbie! :)

  4. zacary

    fake relationship? everything’s for money.

  5. Diana

    whatever, none of our business. i like barbie either way

  6. Tina

    20 days is cool, at least it’s not hours. lol I wish i could marry for money, love is way overrated.

  7. pia f mamaradlo

    As for me, Iam happy for Barbie Hsu and Xiao Fei, all the blessings we pray that whatever difficulties that comes along your way may God be with you.

  8. alexis romoff

    they would even tually divorced
    promise no joke
    wang xiao fei would realized that da s is really old
    every night wang xiao fei has to get used to kissed da s face full of anti aging creams
    and da s after a couple of months would go crazy over the issues of her husband having an affair with beautiful women younger than her
    then voila they would have their divorced
    tsk ts k

  9. Sebastian

    @ alexis romoff: I know Xiao Fei in person, long before he met his wife, since the university years.
    I know where he studied, what he studied, where he lived, in which countries, and who was his gf at the time before moving back to China.
    so,if you don’t kow him personally, then you shouldn’t comment.


    I’m not surpised that every news is talking and spreading roumors about secret love affairs.
    Trust me, if you become or are super wealthy , everyone will try to digg bad stuff about you.
    I say , let them alone.
    All the best to both of them.

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