20 Jul ’10

Taiwan Celebs – Difficult to Work With

In Taiwan, any celebrity who is difficult to work with is considered to have the Arrogance Disease. It includes the following behaviors: being late, impolite, and uncooperative.

This disease is usually among celebrities from the older generations, who have reached a certain level of fame. The Arrogance Disease seems to be rampant in Taiwan’s entertainment industry nowadays. Last week, Taiwanese media exposed a few new generation idols who are suspected of contracting this Arrogance Disease. They are as follows:

Baron Chen ( 陈楚河 )

Famous for being the eldest son of a reputed gang leader Chen Chi-li, who masterminded the assassination of dissident journalist Henry Liu in 1984. Dissidents shouldn’t mess with the Baron, or he’ll get the Baron Mafia to whack you. Wait… are Redflava dissidents for reporting on him!!!? :(

When starting to shoot the TV series “Fated to Love You”, Baron seemed to avoid actress Joe Chen (Is Joe Chen not beautiful enough for him? Or are there any secrets??) and even suggested that the director should look for another actress for the role.

During the shooting of the series, the crew complained about Baron’s bad temper and attitude, Baron would ask them to shut the hell up.

Joe Chen ( 陈乔恩 )

When the series was finally finished being filmed, he seemed uncooperative and refused to promote it with the rest of the stars. Moreover, he complained about his manager Xi Ai and asked his company to replace her. Without doubt little emperor syndrome.

Baron Chen Info

Other Name(s): River, Chen Xiaobao
Origin: Taipei, Taiwan
Born: 9 May, 1978
Height: 179cm
Weight: 68kg
Occupation: actor, model

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Yao Yao ( 瑶瑶 ) – Guo Shu Yao ( 郭书瑶 )

Known for having a “baby face with big boobs”. After becoming popular, she seems to be more disagreeable, even withdrawing from TV shows at the last moment.

A while ago when Yao Yao and Dou Hua Mei (aka Cai Huang Ru, another otaku goddess in Taiwan) were working in the same studio, Dou Hua Mei tried to talk to Yao Yao, but Yao Yao seemed to ignore her greeting. After finishing their work, Dou Hua Mei tried to speak to her again, Yao Yao immediately picked up her phone and started talking to someone else. Shame there wasn’t a cat fight.

Dou Hua Mei is no doubt a new threat to Yao Yao, with her C cup but a prettier face. Last year in an online idol survey among Taiwanese students, Dou Hua Mei beat Yao Yao by 2000 votes and became the new goddess of young hearts. Subsequently, Dou Hua Mei replaced Yao Yao as the face of a Taiwan online mah-jong game due to a last minute withdrawal by Yao Yao. Opps.

Dou Hua Mei ( 豆花妹 )

Due to Yao Yao’s violation of the agreement with TV show “Dan Shi You He Nai”, Yao Yao’s company was asked to pay for an indemnification of 3,000,000 Taiwan dollars. While this case was still unsettled and Yao Yao was so busy attending lots of other TV shows, She had Xu Nailin (a famous TV host) waiting for her for two hours to shoot Nailin’s show. And when she arrived at the studio, neither did she apologize nor explain why she was late to anyone in the set.

Guo Shu Yao Info

Stage Name: Yao Yao
Origin: Taiwan
Born: 18 July, 1990
Height: 155cm
Weight: 44kg
Measurements: 32E-23-33
Occupation: singer, host, model
Guo Shu Yao’s Latest Music Video: “Ai De Bao Bao” (“Love’s Hug”)

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Mike He ( 贺军翔 )

Famous for his attractive figure and handsome looks; also known for replacing his manager many times, with his own words “whoever could handle me would prove themselves to me”. He admitted it himself that he was quite difficult to deal with. If he decided on something, no one could change his mind, not even his manager or company.

Once when he was filming his latest TV series “Calling For Love”, he refused to take off his sunglasses for the shot even though the director asked him to do so. In his contract with “Calling For Love”, a condition he required was that if the series didn’t manage to finish shooting within a year, the company would have to pay him double their gross income. This condition has been confirmed by Mike himself to the media.

When Mike attended a signature conference in Hong Kong, he refused to shake hands or take photos with his fans. He said he would only allow for his signature. Are ordinary people not good enough to be near the grand Mike He?

Mike He Info

Other Name(s): Xiao Mei, Jackey
Origin: Taipei, Taiwan
Born: 28 December, 1983
Height: 180cm
Weight: 66kg
Occupation: actor

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Rachel Liang ( 梁文音 )

A tribal Taiwanese, famous after entering singing competitions.

When all the executives from Chanel and Gucci were waiting for a New Year gala in Taiwan this year, famous singers were all on time except Rachel. Apart from being late, she did not apologize either. :/

When she was then in the dressing room, several children of the CEOs as well as other staff asked for her signature. She only signed for the children of the executives. As for the staff of the gala, she asked them to buy her CDs first before she agreed to sign anything.

When finally performing on the stage, she replaced the costume specifically designed for the event with her own outfit, with an excuse that the costume was still in the laundry shop. Not only that, she also changed her hairstyle to her own choice. (she’s got some guts!!) The staff thought Rachel was very irresponsible, thus booed at the end of her song.

Rachel Liang Info

Other Name(s): Princess Ba Leng, Liang Xiaomei
Origin: Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Born: 8 April, 1987
Height: 155cm
Weight: 48kg
Occupation: singer, actress
Rachel Liang’s Latest Music Video: “Qin Ai De Shi Wo” (“Dear, It’s Me”)

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Gui Gui ( 鬼鬼 ) – Wu Ying Jie ( 吴映洁 )

Former Member of the girl group Hey Girl. Her fault lies in her words, for she has a big mouth.

Gui Gui is considered being full of herself. During TV show “Huang Jin Chu Zu Che”, Gui Gui – as one of the hosts – always had her own odd thoughts and suggestions which kind of annoyed other hosts. The audience were not used to her silly ideas either, and complained that she was not suitable to host the show.

Gui Gui not only seemed to disrespect Zhao Zhengping (a reputed host), as according to their TV crew, Gui Gui also treats her manager Yi Xin almost like a servant, giving her orders, etc.

She once argued with Aaron Yan (a popular idol) when shooting TV series “Momo Love”, causing the director to stop filming the shot. Pretty naughty, huh?

Aaron Yan ( 炎亚纶 )

Wu Ying Jie Info

Stage Name: Gui Gui
Origin: Taiwan
Born: 11 August, 1989
Height: 163cm
Weight: 45kg
Occupation: singer, actress, host

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Source: Sina News

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  1. I wish I was called BARON.

  2. Big D

    awesome stories. :D

  3. Lisa

    Gui Gui isn’t such a bad girl.

  4. Tina

    Well, Rachel Liang has an excuse, she’s a aries. As we all know it’s either “my way or the highway” with us fire signs. lol

  5. Lola

    GUI GUI does bot have the disease

  6. rachel

    wtf guigui does not have a big mouth and she not a bad girl, she is being herself and not being fake so stfu kthanks.

  7. rachel

    guigui is not a liar………………
    she is not a naughty girl …………
    shes not a big mouth …………….
    shes doesnt have a big mouth like you saying all this sh*t too ppl ………
    and everbody have had arguements with ppl ……
    and dont tell me you never ever argued with anyone in ur whole f***in life cuz no one belives that sh*t.

  8. cm goth

    i know that taiwanese people are short tempered
    but i didn’t know that they are arrogant :-p

    • Anonymous

      there are all kinds of people in the world, it would be a lie to say that there’s no arrogant people in Taiwan. But it’s not right to say that all the Taiwanese are short-tempered. overgeneralising a nation is the worst thing to do.

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