6 Aug ’10

Nine Muses – Hot Upcoming Group

Nine Muses is a new South Korean nine-member girl group with average height of 5 ft 6 inches.

First known as model idols for Maxim man magazine on July 22, 2010, Nine Muses 나인뮤지스 was later loved by many music fans for their OST “Give Me” in SBS drama “Prosecutor Princess” / “Geomsa Princess” 검사 프린세스.

On August 4, Nine Muses released the photos for their first album Let’s Have A Party (will release on August 12) via their official fansite. In the photos, Kim Rana, Pyo Hye Mi, Park Min Hee, Lee Hye Min, Lee Hye Bin, Jung Seo Young, Lee Hyun Joo, Park Eun Ji and their leader Ryu Sera wore latex outfits, looking like the modern day nine goddesses of the arts.

Nine Muses’ “No Playboy” MV teaser was released on August 5.

Nine Muses’ performance on Dream Concert in June: “Buttons” & “Give Me”

Source: China Daily

Nine Muses Members Info

Ryu Sera ( 류세라 ) – Leader of Nine Muses

Origin: South Korea
Born: 3 October, 1987
Height: 167cm

Kim Rana ( 김라나 )

Origin: South Korea
Height: 173cm

Lee Hye Bin ( 이혜빈 )

Other Name(s): Binnie, Bini
Origin: South Korea
Born: 13 November, 1985

Jung Seo Young ( 정재경 )

Other Name(s): Jung JaeKyung
Origin: South Korea
Born: 19 September, 1987
Height: 174cm
Weight: 50kg

Lee Hye Min ( 이혜민 )

Other Name(s): Lynn
Origin: South Korea
Born: 1988
Height: 174cm

Pyo Hye Mi ( 표혜미 )

Origin: South Korea
Born: 1991
Height: 170cm

Park Min Hee ( 박민하 )

Other Name(s): Park Min Ha
Origin: South Korea
Born: 1991

Lee Hyun Joo ( 이현주 )

Origin: South Korea
Born: 5 May, 1987
Height: 174cm

Park Eun Ji ( 박은지 )

Other Name(s): Violet
Origin: South Korea
Born: 27 September, 1988
Height: 173cm
Weight: 47kg

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  1. _super_

    Nine Muses > Girls Aloud :P

  2. Tombo-san

    It is wierd that asian girl bands have so many girls in, western bands you usually see no more than 6 people max.

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