25 Oct ’10

Hyori’s Composer Sentenced To Prison For Plagiarism

All the plagiarism issues surrounding K-pop diva Lee Hyori’s 이효리 latest album “H-Logic” have finally come to an end last week.

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The South Korean composer Bahnus 바누스 (aka Lee Jae-Young 이재용) who admitted the plagiarism accusations was sentenced to prison for a year and a half. The plagiarism issue (explained below) has inevitably tainted Hyori’s image and career. Hyori left her agency M.Net media and joined B2M Entertainment.

Hyori‘s info, related links and videos can be found here.

Hyori is one of the most respected singers in South Korea. She started off as a member of the disbanded South Korean girl group Fin.K.L. Almost two years after her previous album “It’s Hyorish”, Hyori made a huge comeback with her fourth album “H-Logic” which has 14 tracks in April 2010.

However, seven songs produced by the Korean composer Bahnus were accused of being plagiarized, firstly by netizens and then some of the original artists when informed.

On June 21, 2010, Hyori announced and admitted that the plagiarism accusations were confirmed and that she would temporarily stop all her activities as a singer and meanwhile, she would suspend all her TV appearances. The news upset many of Hyori’s fans worldwide.

These seven songs and the original names & singers are as follows:

1. I’m Back – Original: “So Insane” by Lil’ Precious
2. Feel the Same – Original: “Feel the Same” by Melanie Durrant
3. Bring it Back ft. Bekah & Ji Yoon – Original: “Bring it Back” by Cookie Couture
4. Highlight ft. Bizzy – Original version unknown
5. Swing ft. Gary – Original: “We’ll Never Know” by Georgia Murray
6. How Did We Get ft. Daesung – Original: “How Did We” by Jason Derulo
7. Memory ft. Bizzy – Original: “The Alphabet Song” by Second Person

One of the seven plagiarized songs “Swing” has a recorded video available.

A live video of another plagiarized song “I’m Back”

A live video of “Bring it Back” ft. Bekah of After School & Ji Yoon of 4minute

“How Did We Get” ft. Daesung of Big Bang

Source: Sina Music

More Pictures Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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  1. I’m astounded they actually adhere to copyright rules, I always thought Korea was like China, ignoring copyright, but I guess South Korea has a close relationship with the US so it makes sense, plus lee hyori releases internationally. Thing is I don’t even 100% agree with copyright laws anyway, a bit too harsh I think.

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