4 Aug ’10

Ga In and Jo Kwon – Got Married?

This year, wedding photos of Son Ga In ( 손가인 ) and Jo Kwon ( 조권 ) have been seen in various Asian websites and forums.

Ga-in is one of the members of the popular girl group Brown Eyed Girls (often abbreviated as B.E.G.). Ga-in’s fans call her “Eyeliner Queen”, because her dark make-up has inspired a great number of teenage girls.

Ga-in‘s height, weight, etc can be found here.

Jo Kwon is the leader of the boy band 2AM. He can sing, he can dance and he can play piano, etc; therefore his fans call him “All-around Jo Kwon”. The seemingly playful and mischievous Jo Kwon has revealed that he is a very caring and mature guy deep down.

Jo Kwon‘s height, weight, etc can be found here.

So, are these two pop idols married for real?

I’m afraid the answer is no. At the end of 2009, Jo Kwon and Ga-in joined a popular MBC’s TV variety show “We Got Married”. In the reality show, Jo Kwon and Ga-in portrayed a married couple and attended a series of varied events, including wedding photo shoots and different required tasks.

Because Ga-in and Jo Kwon both have slender figures, their fans call them “Adam Couple”. This cute TV couple even has their own song “We Fell In Love”, which has been a huge hit across South Korea.

Many have expressed that the two actually look like a real couple. At the beginning of 2010, Jo Kwon has indeed revealed that he deeply considered about whether he should date Ga-in for real. But Ga-in responded, “Now the filming of ‘We Got Married’ is over, Jo Kwon would phone me and call me ‘nuna’ (‘older sister’) instead of ‘yeobo’ (‘honey’)”.

After the first season of “We Got Married”, conversations between Ga-in and Jo Kwon were probably all pre-planned by the production team. However, recently on Cyworld – a South Korean social networking service – Jo Kwon has commented on Ga-in’s turquoise bikini photos which have earned her a place on “Top Nine Korean Bikini Idols”.

“It’s sexy…But why…are you revealing it to the public! Son Ga-In!!” – commented Jo Kwon.

“Did you think it would be for your eyes only? Hehehe,” – replied Ga-in.

Is this cute conversation pre-planned too? :(

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