29 Jul ’10

Satomi Ishihara – Dating A Photographer?

Born on 24 December, 1986, Satomi Ishihara ( 石原 さとみ ) is a current popular Japanese actress. Many believe that there is a tendency for Ishihara to replace the famous Best Actress winner and singer Kyoko Fukada, and become the new “girl next door”.

The July issue of Friday gossip magazine reported about Ishihara’s relationship with photographer Yasuyuki Emori, saying that the two were seen having a meal in a Chinese restaurant in Setagaya. Yasuyuki Emori is a 30-year-old Japanese photographer, famous after the movie Akame 48 Waterfalls directed by Genjiro Arato. Ishihara and Emori worked together last year when Emori was in charge of the official photo book for the movie No Longer Human (aka Ningen Shikkaku) starring Ishihara herself.

Friday magazine also reported that Ishihara was seen leaving Emori’s apartment to work and her company car stopped there to pick her up. Emori has bought another apartment this year, where Ishihara was seen with him again. It seems that their relationship is suspiciously close.

Ishihara’s agency explained that the two were no more than working partners. Emori also denied that there was a romance going on between them, stressing they were only ordinary acquaintances. Well, it looks like if celebrities don’t want to make their relationships public, “being friends” is the only answer we get.

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Satomi Ishihara Info

Real Name: Ishigami Kuniko
Origin: Tokyo, Japan
Born: 24 Decemeber, 1986
Height: 157cm
Weight: 48kg
Measurements: 32-23-32
Occupation: actress

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