4 Dec ’10

NMB48 – New 48 Member Girl Group

Japanese 48-member girl groups AKB48 and SKE48 are soon going to have a new sister group NMB48, named after the Namba area of Osaka.

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Today, December 4th, NMB48 held a press conference and announced that they will start performing on New Year’s Day. From January 1st, 2011, NMB48 will perform at NMB48 Theatre in Osaka two hours every day.

NMB48 currently has 25 members and the average age of the members is 14.9 years old. The group is still gathering girls for their audition which started this summer. NMB48 has an official website already, which can be accessed to here. The following cute girls are the current members of the new NMB48 group.

More Pictures Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

It seems that the large girl group formula does very well in Japan, who knows whether it will export to other music industries. But for now the large variety of girls in these groups appeals to fans, as everyone has their preferred type and the harem-like fantasy is incredibly popular.

However, I always wonder what the real relationship and power struggle must be between the girls in the group. Is it like a class at school? Or is it a big catfight for popularity? As only a few members of these big groups tend to get the spotlight, and the rest must yearn for more attention.

Source: Baidu Encyclopedia

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  1. I wonder when a 100 girl group will come out lol

  2. I think that even 5 is too much

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    喜欢她们 就是矮了一点 呵呵

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