18 Jul ’10

Miho Kato – Inspires the Fashion World

Popular among young people, Miho Kato ( 加藤 美穂 ), commonly known by her stage name Miliyah Kato ( 加藤 ミリヤ ), is considered the new pop icon in modern Japan.

Born in Toyota, Aichi Prefecture, Miliyah is a pop and urban singer-songwriter. Her music is influenced by hip hop and R&B styles, particularly by artists Lauryn Hill and Mary J. Blige.

Towards the end of August, Miliyah will finally launch her own shop for her fashion brand “Kawi Jamele” in Shinjuku; and by the beginning of September, another “KAWI JAMELE” shop will be open to the public in Osaka.

Miliyah established “KAWI JAMELE” online in 2008. Her brand has been inspiring the fashion industry in Japan ever since. It has especially influenced young people’s fashion concepts.

On 28th this month, Miliyah will release her fifth album “Heaven”.

Source: Mina Fashion

Miho Kato Info

Stage Name: Miliyah Kato
Origin: Toyota, Japan
Born: 22 June, 1988
Height: 145cm
Weight: 37kg
Occupation: singer, songwriter

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