11 Oct ’10

Kumi Koda and Kame – Best Jeanist Award Winners

Launched in 1984, the “Best Jeanist Award” is one of the most popular media events in Japan. It is an annual celebration held between September and October, aiming to promote the jeans industry by awarding and highlighting celebrities who are deemed to look the best in jeans.

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There are two award categories, Public Selection and Committee Selection. In the Public Selection category, the general public can vote for their favourite celebrities. As the “Best Jeanist Award” is getting bigger and bigger, any celebrities awarded will be considered the style icons in Japan.

Celebrities who are voted as the Best Jeanist five times become “Eternal” Best Jeanists and will no longer be eligible for the award. Up until now, only three idols have achieved such an honour, Ayumi Hamasaki 浜崎 あゆみ, Takuya Kimura 木村 拓哉 and Tsuyoshi Kusanagi 草彅 剛.

From Left: Kumi Koda, Kenta Kiritani, Tomomi Itano, Ai Haruna

This year, the winners of the “Best Jeanist 2010” were announced last week by the Japan Jeans Association. Popular artists Kumi Koda 神田 來未子 and Kazuya Kamenashi 亀梨 和也 won the awards for the fifth year in a row.

Amongst the 72,153 votes, 29,118 went to Kazuya Kamenashi and 12,961 for Kumi Koda. Thus, Koda and Kamenashi were placed into the “hall of fame”, ineligible for future “Best Jeanist” awards. This is the first time that both the female and male winners have entered the “hall of fame” in the same year.

Koda is a popular singer-songwriter from Kyoto, Japan. Debuted in 2000 with her single “Take Back”, Koda has become a fashion leader setting trends such as the Ero kawaii style. Winning the “Best Jeanist Award”, Koda sighed, “5 years seemed long but it passed away so fast. This award has a special meaning to me, so I’m really happy.”

Kamenashi, often called Kame, is a member of the popular Japanese boy band KAT-TUN カトゥーン. Kamenashi is also known for his roles in many TV dramas, such as “Nobuta wo Produce” and “Gokusen”. “I feel really happy this time of the year, I was looking forward to get into the Hall of Fame someday. Because I’ve never thought that I could get into it, so I really appreciate it,” said Kamenashi.

In the Public Selection category, the awards were given to AKB48 member Tomomi Itano 板野友美, actor Kenta Kiritani 桐谷健太 and Japanese transsexual TV personality and singer Ai Haruna はるな 愛. This year, a new “global” award was established and it went to professional soccer star Keisuke Honda 本田 圭佑, who currently plays for Russian Premier League side CSKA Moscow.

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“Best Jeanist” Awards: Public Selection Category – Female

1. Kumi Koda – 12,961 votes
2. Aiko – 5,456 votes
3. Namie Amuro – 5,219 votes
4. Meisa Kuroki – 4,935 votes
5. Becky – 3,580 votes
6. Keiko Kitagawa – 3,056 votes
7. Karina – 2,066 votes
8. Kaela Kimura – 1,905 votes
9. Yukie Nakama – 1,796 votes
10. Anna Tsuchiya – 1,321 votes

“Best Jeanist” Awards: Public Selection Category – Male

1. Kazuya Kamenashi – 29,118 votes
2. Masaki Aiba – 10,696 votes
3. Jejung – 3,932 votes
4. Tomohisa Yamashita – 1,872 votes
5. Koji Iwasawa (Yuzu) – 1,696 votes
6. Kiyoshi Hikawa – 1,458 votes
7. Jun Matsumoto – 1,186 votes
8. Satoshi Ohno – 973 votes
9. Jin Akanishi – 908 votes
10. Hiroki Uchi – 672 votes

Kumi Koda Info

Other Name(s): Kumiko Kōda, Kuu (-chan)
Origin: Kyoto, Japan
Born: 13 November, 1982
Height: 158cm
Occupation: singer-songwriter, actress
Kumi Koda’s Latest Music Video(s): “Lollipop”


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Kazuya Kamenashi Info

Other Name(s): Kame
Origin: Tokyo, Japan
Born: 23 February, 1986
Height: 171.5cm
Weight: 55kg
Occupation: singer–songwriter, actor, host, producer, model
Kazuya Kamenashi’s Latest Music Video(s): “7 Days Battle” (fan-made video)

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