29 Jun ’10

Edison Chen’s – New Sweetheart

Edison Chen ( 陈冠希 ), a Hong Kong-based Chinese Canadian celebrity and a pop icon, has been at low ebb for more than a year after his involvement in a widely publicized “sex photos scandal” in January 2008.

Just a while ago he was again accused of having a new sweetheart, whose name is Lydia Tang ( 唐贝欣 ). Lydia was born in 1990 and graduated in University College London with a Business Administration degree.

Lydia Tang

On 24th June, Edison denied the rumour about knowing Lydia and having broken up with his current girlfriend Vincy Yeung ( 杨永晴 ), who is the niece of EEG founder Albert Yeung. Vincy has been with Edison for more than three years now. Edison also expressed his deep affection for Vincy and appreciated her understanding of the sex photo scandal. He asked the media not to break them up, making it clear that he respected the media; however he did not accept any false remarks or accusations, for he retained his rights of legal actions.

Vincy Yeung

Source: Sina News

Edison Chen Info

Other Name(s): Eddie, Illkid
Origin: Hong Kong
Born: 7 October, 1980
Height: 178cm
Weight: 56kg
Occupation: Singer, actor, musician, record producer, fashion designer, CEO and model
Latest Music Video(s): “Gu Yi” (“Deliberate Intention”) in Mandarin

“Ni Kuai Le Ma” (“Are You Happy”) in Cantonese

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  1. Will Edison ever recover from that scandal, I wonder when people will forget about it, i guess never lol.

  2. jacksonmvp

    poor man, he’s suffered so much in the past few years. im glad he’s back with new songs. Gillian seems to have forgiven him, but i doubt they can be good friends again. the forgiving speech could have been an act. who knows

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