4 Jul ’10

Angelababy – Surgery Accusations

Angela Yeung Wing – nicknamed Angelababy – is a fashion icon of the new generation in Hong Kong, often referred to as “Hong Kong Goddess” by Japanese media and “Hong Kong’s Million Dollar Babe”.

Rumours about Angelababy’s relationship and her cosmetic surgery have been going about intensely this year. She was accused of having nose, chin, lips, eyes and breasts surgeries over the last seven years ( 7年变脸之路 , photos below). Whilst some of her supporters are truly behind her, others are gradually convinced that she is not an honest person nor a natural beauty.

14-15 Years Old

17-18 Years Old

Nose Surgery

A Chinese girl who looks like Angelababy after plastic surgery

On Angelababy’s recent Sina blog and microblog posts, she firmly denied the absurd accusation and posted the following photos instead, asking her fans to forward them and accept the fact that she has just grown up.

Source: Sina News

Angelababy Info

Ancestry: Shanghai
Born: 28 February, 1989, Hong Kong
Height: 168cm
Weight: 46kg
Measurements: 34-23-34
Occupation: model, actress

Angelababy’s Latest Interview & Photo Shoot in Cantonese:

Angelababy at Fashion TV – Welcome to Tokyo in English:

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More Photos of Angelababy

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  1. charlotte


  2. Nia

    Good for her. =)

    • Nina

      I agree, Angelababy is a beautiful girl. I don’t believe for one second that she’s a natural beauty ( I mean come on, your chin doesn’t get longer and pointer with age, look at the first picture) but I do kinda understand why she would lie about it. When your a public figure like she is people tend to think they deserve to know every single thing about you and your life regardless of whether or not you want to share it. Sometimes lying is the only way to protect certain parts of your life you want to keep private.

  3. Tombo-san

    I am unsure, in some of the pictures her eye colour looks different, does she wear contacts?

  4. Getting the body that you want can be hard. People will astounish me on what they will do. Let people do what they want.

  5. joyce

    of course she did surgery!I dont even think its an ‘accusasiton’ she did it.Its so damn obvious.Fans,wake up!

    but it was worthwhile!
    so good for her ;)

  6. I wonder if she’ll retain her looks, or opt for getting more surgery when she gets older.

  7. Don’t like Angelababy, she seems fake.

  8. jenni

    I love your website! :D

  9. I like Angelababy, but meanwhile, I agree that Angelababy has done plastic surgery. Otherwise, it’d have been a huge, unbelievable, and almost impossible transformation of her.

  10. EDO

    plastik surgery? not natural…

  11. I wonder whether she’d still have her baby face when she grows old.

  12. Bassica

    She said she grew up, SO SHE DID.

    “Like the seed of a rose; its not considered somehow imperfect because its not fully formed yet.”

    You’re insulting her younger self by saying she got plastic surgery..

    The people judging her are probably fat shits sitting behind a computer.

  13. Plastic Surgery

    Whether she got plastic surgery or not, she’s very beautiful!

  14. wiinter

    If getting braces could change your face so much, it must be insanely magical and fortunate.

  15. BEY

    Angelababy is no doubt the cutest Hong Kong model. :D

  16. hohn

    poor girl…..

  17. Jennifer

    She naturally have large eyes and a strong nose bridge from her childhood photos. I can see she done some plastic , but it isn’t like she was ugly before. Check out the koreans on youtube, many was super ugly and got transformed. I think she did some, but it is not as much as the korean celebrities. They can a totally different face. Dawn Yang of Singapore obviously had a lot of plastic surgeries. I still can recongize some old parts of her from different angles of camera just her pictures. But if I look like dawn yang’s birth face, I would too try to change it.
    As for Angela some of the pictures people posted of her isn’t even her. Before plastic surgery Angela had a pretty face. She just need to twit it to be a super star. Look at Angelina Jolie, She done her nose. Why people even post some other chinese kids picture to pass as her is strange.

  18. Jessie

    She had plastic surgery, but it isn’t like she was ugly before. She had large eyes and a storng caucasian nose Yes, she did her eyelids to make them look better, she also did her nose tip and her jaw bones too, but so what. If you people are jealous of it, go and get it done yourself and see if you come out looking this way.

    As for some filipinos or southeast asians thinking east asians cannot have caucasian features which is totally wrong. There are european blood in some mongoloids, southern siberians, and chinese people. China is large. In northwest china the people there can have from 70% caucasoid gene pool to 52%. This is proven already. Many of the northwest chinese look white with colored eyes and majority have ethnic han chinese blood not mongolian blood, The ones with mongo blood have more of the mongoloid look. This is why so many central asians look so hot cuz they have ethnic chinese blood in them.

  19. monkey face

    her kiddy photos could have been editted.. come on, photoshop does it all…

  20. Misa

    Personally I recon the magazines are exaggerating it. Her nose looks exactly the same, one of the picture has her head slightly tilted up therefore it looks different.

    She had braces didn’t she? plus she probably lost weight that’s why her face is smaller. I really don’t see a different between her younger self and what she looks now. Plus makeup can do wonders nowadays.

  21. sunny

    its pretty obvious that she got work done ( pretty good work in my opinion lol). She at least got her face reshaped since its like a perfect V. She has that typical (but pretty) plastic surgery face that a lot of ulzzang have, and thats not rly a bad thing but you can just tell. Who cares shes gorgeous!

  22. G

    her face is definitely much narrower and a perfect V, which is cause enough for suspicion – however, jaw realignment CAN be caused by orthodontic treatment like braces/invisalign (i know this because i looked VERY different post-braces), so it’s possible that that’s why her jaw seems to have changed shape. and she must have lost some baby fat too.

    as for her eyes, she probably uses a combination of tape and circle lenses. and her nose… well, she’s just lucky. lots of my asian friends have sharper noses with higher bridges that are 100% natural, which i am ridiculously jealous of :(

  23. kytes

    yeah, most probably had a chin implant, reduced her jaw line, reduced the tip of her nose, deeper higher double eyelids and definitely cut the inner corners of eyes.

    wearing braces make you lose that much weight? then who will ever need gastric bypass? she didn’t lose weight on the face btw, she lost a great amount of jaw. whatever braces does for ur jaw, it doesnt give you a chin. she obviously has a sharper chin now.

  24. but, if actress or model no do any plastic surgery impossible can survive in this field ……… In addition , 99.99% of celebrities also did this so no need make accusation to anyone

  25. LOL

    She’s always so proud that she’s 1/4 White, yet she changed her features to resemble mongoloid (Oriental) bone structure even more. LOL.

    Nothing wrong with the fact that she had surgery and she has a right to not tell anybody. It’s her business, her face and if it made her happy, who cares. She certainly hasn’t made herself look more ‘Eurasian’, if that’s what she wanted, though.

  26. morrie-M

    if she really does plastic surgery..she’ll face more side effects when she grow older..is her choice..we just can wait n see what will happen to her in the future.

  27. Oswaldo

    Pretty !

  28. Leslie

    She’s obviously had a lot of work done. Chin implant for a more v-line face, eye surgery…I’m not certain about her nose though, so for now, that might be natural. She’s a beautiful girl now, but there’s no point in denying that she’s fixed some things.

  29. B

    Wow at the plastic surgery and no she wasn’t pretty before. Her eyes were so small before you can’t even see them!!! A totally different face and nose shape! Is there anything about this girl that’s real and wasn’t bought with $$$? Wow and I thought another English singer was bad, hah hah hah! This one tops the plastic surgery cake! And omg at the porn down here whatt da fuk!

  30. olol

    hope that hair is hers, its perfect

  31. jenii

    what’s so wrong about plastic surgery? i’m gonna get it one day

  32. Kitty

    She says she is 1/4th white. Has anyone ever seen pics of her dad? She is pretty, I’ll admit. But she definitely had surgery. Anyone who has worked in plastics can tell. In the end it is her choice, but she should just own up to it. People aren’t stupid and you can’t fool them forever.

  33. Anonymous

    looks like an asian version of nina dobrev o.o

  34. Даниил

    Бляяя,она смотрит на меня,как на дерьмо=(

  35. Katze

    i see the 1/4 white of her

  36. Omg.so beautiful like an angel sent from above.

  37. Gwen Kaye

    They say South Korea is the plastic surgery capital, but if you ask me Chinese models an actresses are WAY more cut up than the Koreans – at least obviously so. I mean it’s so painfully obvious that I don’t know why they just won’t come out with it, but I guess it’s their right not to tell everyone their business. =)

  38. Gürhan Gençay

    japon kızlarına bayılıyorum hepsi çok güzel

  39. Gürhan Gençay

    asya lı kızları çok seviyorum……..Depending asian girls love

  40. Gwen Kaye

    No such thing as a natural beauty in the Chinese modeling world 99% of the time – sorry. I still think the girl is pretty though and people should get off her case. It’s her fault they were gullible enough to by into the “I’m natural” routine.

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