5 Jul ’10

Wei Sisters – Chinese IT Girls For Vogue China

Chongqing sisters Wei Qing 蔚青 and Wei Dan 蔚丹 were entitled IT girls by the July issue of Vogue China 2010.

“The reason why we are working so hard on a fashion magazine like Vogue is to encourage more ordinary people to become stylish; Wei sisters are an example. Whenever someone says that there are no real socialites in China, I always answer back and argue that Chinese fashion industry is still in its infancy. I believe no one is born a stylist. No matter whether you are a commoner or someone like Angelababy ( 杨颖 ), Alexa Chung or Dree Hemingway; as long as you keep trying, sooner or later you will find your own style,” the editor in chief Zhang Yu said.

Source: Sina News

Comments From Sina:

Anonymous: “I root for Wei sisters. Whoever doesn’t, he has no right to bark here.”

Anonymous: “Whatever, I’m behind anyone who comes from Chongqin.”

Anonymous: “I wonder what they look like without make-up.”

Jiujiuguiyuyi: “I still prefer Zi Xuan and Big C.”

Anonymous: “Hilarious, people like that can become IT girls? LOL. Please have a look at western fashion magazines.”

黄黄褚7772818: “Must be a marketing plot, life can still be wonderful without spending so much time styling yourself.”

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  1. That photographers expression is so tense lol

  2. Xuan Gao

    they are cute, but they are not famous enough to appear in news.

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