21 Jul ’10

Chinese Celebs – Luxury Properties

To wealthy celebrities like Zhang Ziyi, Gong Li and Na Ying, buying properties and furniture is no longer about settling down, it is more of a way to manifest their status, fame and investment.

Among the very few that have revealed their properties to the public, it still doesn’t seem easy to take a good photo of them. So, let’s have a look at how luxurious celebrities’ properties are.

Gong Li ( 巩俐 )

Her hotel-like residence seems to be in Shanghai, China’s most comprehensive industrial and commercial city, ranking the first in population and population density.

Zhang Ziyi ( 章子怡 )

Another property of hers.

Yin Tai Center Ziyi bought in Beijing, it used to be the tallest in the city.

Fan Bing Bing ( 范冰冰 )

Bing Bing‘s apartment-like building.

Cecilia Cheung ( 张柏芝 )

A luxurious pink house Cecilia’s husband Nicholas Tse (Tse Ting-fung) bought for her and their children for around 50 million Hong Kong dollars. As Edison Chen photo scandal is fading away, let’s hope rumours about Cecilia and Nicholas’ divorce will go away completely.

Na Ying ( 那英 )

Chinese famous singer Na Ying’s residence is more like a summer resort, full of sunshine and nature.

Li Xiang ( 李湘 )

Host-turned-CEO Li Xiang’s European-like villa.

And another one under construction.

Zhao Wei ( 赵薇 )

Chinese actress and pop singer Zhao Wei‘s simple but comfortable residence.

Chen Hao ( 陈好 )

An  interior photo of Chinese actress and model Chen Hao’s residence.

Zhou Xun ( 周迅 )

Zhang Ziyi, Xu Jinglei ( 徐静蕾 ), Zhao Wei and Zhou Xun are regarded as the “Four Young Dan actresses” in China. Dan here refers to leading roles. But I don’t quite marvel at Zhou Xun’s property. After all, everyone’s taste and concept vary.

Source: Hexun Property

Note – More Info Of Celebs Can Be Found here.

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