29 Jun ’10

Material Girl Ma Nuo – Break down

Ma Nuo 马诺, a model from Beijing, China, quickly became popular after her bold and sharp remarks as a guest on the Jiangsu TV programme “Fei Cheng Wu Rao” (If You’re the One) 非诚勿扰.

Ma Nuo’s English name is Melissa. She is formerly known as Ma Xuan Zi 马瑄紫. Netizens call Ma Nuo “material girl”, because she emphasized repeatedly during the show that she only looked for rich men for a relationship. Combined with her sex tape and the vulgar behaviour scandal, Ma Nuo has therefore been the center of attention in Mainland China.

In an Anhui TV show on 13th June, Ma Nuo came on stage, broke into tears and apologized to the audience, explaining that she was not a material girl in real life. After graduation, according to Ma Nuo herself, she wanted to gain more popularity via TV; but after joining Fei Cheng Wu Rao TV programme, she was naive enough to be used and lied to by their crew.

Ma Nuo told the audience she hoped to work hard and just be herself in the future. Although she won the applause of the audience present, an online survey shows 10,057 votes accepted her apology whilst 97,607 denied it.

So, are all these scandals actually set up by Fei Cheng Wu Rao to gain more attention as Ma Nuo says? Or is she just covering up her wrongdoings? The audience are waiting for the truth.

Source: 56 News

Comments from 56:

Anonymous: “Wrong, dogs wouldn’t either.”

Anonymous: “Only dogs would sympathize you.”

Anonymous: “It’s too late, Ma Nuo. You only cry coz you’re going to be banned on TV soon. Did you just chop an onion before you came on stage?”

Anonymous: “You look like a toad. Now you’re talking, disgusting.”

Anonymous: “Ugh, ox-headed, horse-faced, ugly to death! Seeing your horse mouth makes me wanna whip you. Don’t come out and scare people.”

Anonymous: “Strange, proverbs say that dogs can’t talk in human language.”

Anonymous: “Still think you’re a student? To me, you’re an old fogey. Money isn’t everything. In the past, gifted people treated money as dung and dirt. Such a flunky!”

Anonymous: “Are you her mother, defending her? Does she even have the qualification to become a star? She’s just pretending for more money.”

Anonymous: “She didn’t mislead the audience. It was the society that misled her.”

Anonymous: “It proves she did study acting at university.”

Ma Nuo Info

Other Name(s): Melissa, Melissa Ma, Ma Xuan Zi
Origin: Beijing, China
Born: 17 February, 1988
Height: 165.5cm
Weight: 44kg
Measurements: 33-24-34
Occupation: model
Ma Nuo’s Vulgar Behaviour Scandal Video:

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    • Nia

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