5 Jul ’10

Hougongyouya – Attention Seeker

Hou Gong You Ya ( 后宫优雅 ) is one of the most notorious attention seekers in Chinese blogosphere in 2010.

The name Hou Gong You Ya means “the elegant wife of an emperor”. She declares that she is Singaporean, owns a private plane and frequently attends celebrities’ cocktail parties and important meetings for FBI and Grammy Award.

She claims that she befriends a great deal of celebrities, including Michael Jackson, Kobe Bryant, Lionel Messi, Lady Gaga, David and Victoria Beckham, Faye Wong and Li Yapeng ( 王菲 李亚鹏 ), Yun-Fat Chow ( 周润发 ), Jay Chou ( 周杰伦 ), Leehom Wang ( 王力宏 ), Edison Chen ( 陈冠希 ), Lee Jun Ki ( 이준기 ), Stefanie Sun ( 孙燕姿 , a Singaporean singer-songwriter who she claimed to be her ex-girlfriend), etc.

Hou Gong’s account on Sina’s Twitter-esque microblogging site was set up on 1st December 2009; it has now got more than 180,000 followers. Even though most of the Chinese netizens do not believe what she posted and even laugh at her mini stories, Hou Gong still gets a lot of attention from the public.

It is said that the cute photos she posted on her blogs actually belong to a girl name Gina from 163 blog site. After finding her photos stolen, Gina updated her blog and said, ‘If you’re bored, keep being bored…’

In January 2010, Hou Gong’s micro-blog was hacked. All tweets were deleted and a new post claimed that she would no longer show up on the internet. However on 14th January, Hou Gong was back. She demanded that Sina should take full responsibility for this matter and give her an explanation; otherwise she would ask her family to buy out the company. Since then, she has claimed a few times that she would disappear from the internet; yet, she continues to update her micro-blog now and then.

Someone guesses this person could be a viral marketing case operated by Sina itself, in order to promote its newly micro-blog service; but Sina denied it. Hou Gong has mentioned a few times about the online game “Xiang Long Zhi Jian”, therefore Chinese netizens wondered whether all of these were just a marketing show. According to a post on Tianya BBS , this campaign is run by Perfect World and that Hou Gong is actually a boy. In some of her recent comments this month, her followers started to call her brother Hou Gong. Since the end of June, Hou Gong has been updating ‘her’ microblog again, only this time using another cutie’s photos on her posts.

Some of Hou Gong’s tweets are as follows:

“Angola is an Africa country which my family has been supporting over a long period of time. Every year I bring them a mass of medical treatments and funds; we’ve helped them construct half of their infrastructure. Their people really love me, it’s a pity someone so beautiful and pale like me can never become a black person; otherwise they would select me to be their queen. Yesterday their foreign minister called me saying that they decided to print my head portrait on their new currency; I silently blushed.”

“Daddy told me Google earns more respect in an international market, though we have stocks on Baidu. I’ve seen Robin before in one of our family’s investment conferences; I thought he was more of a gentleman than any other person in charge of a website. I only wish he was 20 years younger. Daddy just said the professionals from Stanford University had sorted out the matter for Baidu. Don’t be afraid, Robin. We’ll help you on this one. I remember when Twitter was attacked, my family helped them tackle the trouble as well.”

“Just went to New York for a meeting about Avatar 2. Uncle Cameron told me a few plots; Jack and Neytiri are going to have a baby, who will have the ability to foretell the future. But mankind wants to steal the baby…Opps, I have to stop here. I’ve discussed it with Jay Chou and I couldn’t believe he acted like a spoiled child and said, ‘Little Dandan, please let me act that baby’s role…So annoying! How dare he call me my nickname? Leave me alone!”

“The 2010 FIFA World Cup has been in such an unpredictable situation, so I think it’s time for me to stand out and make it clear to everyone. As a matter of fact, this is my first time to decide such a policy and arrange winners for each match in a secret organisation of the World Cup with guidance from my family. The participants of this organisation include Uncle Blatter, all the referees and the heads of several countries. Therefore, folks, you’re just watching recorded videos.”

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    poor girl…sombody who used this girl must be brought to light! or either a sachrophagus!

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