29 Jun ’10

Chongqing Hilton Hotel – Suspended

On 19th June, a branch of Hilton Hotel chain in Chongqing ( 重庆希尔顿酒店 ), China received a sudden inspection from Chongqing Police Bureau, and was charged for reorganization with its mafia involvement, prostitution, illegal operation, violation of social influence and deliberate disturbance.

102 suspects were arrested, 22 of whom received criminal sentences after preliminary examination. In the meantime, Chongqing police suspected these lawbreakers of drug offenses. To our surprise, a number of celebrities got involved in this prostitution scandal, including Taiwan’s famous supermodel Lin Chi-ling ( 林志玲 ), superstar Jolin Tsai ( 蔡依林 ), international movie star Zhang Ziyi ( 章子怡 ), sexy goddess Shu Qi ( 舒淇 ), Best Actress winner Zhao Wei ( 赵薇 ) and Star of the Year winner Zhou Xun ( 周迅 ), etc . Could they be lookalikes? Or was it simply a fabricated report? The answer still remains unknown.

The spokesperson of the hotel refused to comment on the investigation. A taxi driver told the media that prostitution in five star hotels is a very common phenomenon, but he did not expect a Hilton Hotel would be shut down.

The shareholder of the hotel was Qinglong Property Development LTD. Its legal representative Zhimin Peng, who is a well-known local billionaire, was also sentenced for several charges, one of which was bribing Chongqing officials frequently for business purposes. It was learned that he had close relationships with many celebrities from the entertainment industry, including Carina Lau ( 刘嘉玲 ), a famous Hong Kong actress. Zhimin Peng has been in business for over 17 years, his case would undoubtedly cause agitation to more people in this field.

Source: Sina News

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  1. I wonder what the real truth behind the whole thing is.

  2. k0reer

    Such a dodgy business! serve them right lol

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