29 Jul ’10

ChinaJoy – 2010 Perfect Girl

What is ChinaJoy?

Since this week, almost everyone on Sina Microblog has been talking about ChinaJoy. Some say that people only go to ChinaJoy to look at beautiful girls. So what on earth is ChinaJoy?

ChinaJoy is an annual international Digital Entertainment Expo hosted by Perfect World, which is a leading China-based online game company specializing in MMORPGs and aiming to develop games with Chinese characteristics.

This year, the 8th China Digital Entertainment Expo is held in Pudong, Shanghai from 29 July to 1 August. The following pictures are part of the event prizes:

And who are these beauties that everyone seems to be talking about?

2010 ChinaJoy Perfect Girl is a competition sponsored by Perfect World. The winner of the competition with 56,789 votes was announced today, and the lucky girl was beautiful model Isis Gong Xiaomeng ( 宫小萌 ) from Shandong Province.

Gong Xiaomeng Info

Other Name(s): Isis
Origin: Shandong, China
Born: 19 March, 1989
Height: 178cm
Weight: 50kg
Measurements: 34-24-34
Occupation: model

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Now let’s have a look at what everyone goes to ChinaJoy for: The Expo Showgirls!!

Model Xie Meng 谢梦

Model Zhang Wan You 张婉悠

Let’s also check out the rest of the beautiful contestants of 2010 ChinaJoy Perfect Girl.

Finally, some Cosplay pictures from ChinaJoy.

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  1. _super_

    How does one get invited to ChinaJoy? nudge nudge wink wink :o)

  2. Nia

    They sold tickets from 8:30 am (heard that there were long queues two hours ahead). The price is between 50 to 100 yuan, I guess.

  3. Tombo-san

    I want to go

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