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7 Sep ’10

Asian Celebs – Painful Face Plants & Falls

With the recent viral video of a K-pop girl faceplanting, let’s have a look at some other Asian celebrities falling down and faceplanting.

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K-pop girl group member endured a painful face plant at a live concert.

While performing at the Shanghai World Expo with RainVitas, Coco Lee, etc, Angela Chang ( 张韶涵 ) fell down some stairs miserably, looking painful and awkward.

Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau ( 刘德华 ) face plant on TV show next to Fei Yu-ching ( 费玉清 )

American-born Taiwanese singer, actress and hostess Christine Fan ( 范玮琪 ) first fell off a 2-meter stage and then again fell off chair while performing on stage.

Taiwanese singer and actor Van Fan (aka Yi-Chen Fan, 范逸臣 ) fell off the stage whilst singing.

Hong Kong actress and singer Cecilia Cheung ( 张柏芝 ) fell on the ice while ice skating.

Cecilia’s husband Nicholas Tse ( 谢霆锋 ) almost fell over at a red carpet event.

Chinese singer Dao lang 刀郎 (aka Luo Lin, 罗林 ) fell over accidentally at a red carpet event.

One of the most dominant Hong Kong singer Eason Chan ( 陈奕迅 ) fell over accidentally at his concert in Taipei.

Veteran singer and actor George Lam ( 林子祥 ) fell into a hole whilst singing and suffered from hearing loss temporarily.

Hong Kong singer-songwriter and actor Kenny Kwan Chi-Bun ( 关智斌 ), who is also a former member of the Hong Kong Cantopop duo, fell on his knees on stage.

TV hostess face plant, supposedly identified as Li Xiang ( 李湘 ).

Model Lu Yi ( 陆易 ) slipped on a catwalk show.

Taiwanese superstar Jolin Tsai ( 蔡依林 ) fell on the floor while filming her music video.

Famous Chinese actress and singer Fan Bingbing ( 范冰冰 ) nearly fell down some stairs due to the slippery glass floor and she looked terrified. Again, she almost fell over due to her long dress at the Shanghai International Film Festival.

Well-known Chinese actress and pop singer Zhao Wei ( 赵薇 ) almost fell down some stairs, and was once pushed down the stage by her fans.

He Jie (aka Angelica He, 何洁 ), 4th place winner of the 2005 Super Girl Competition, fell over a few times at China’s “Golden Rooster and Full Blossom Film Festival”; and once at her concert, she slipped and fell down miserably.

Top TV hostess Dee Hsu ( 徐熙娣 ) almost fell on the floor in front of actress Pan Yin-tze (aka Angela Pan, 潘迎紫 ); and one time dancing with her partner host Kevin Tsai ( 蔡康永 ), both of them fell on the floor, causing guests to laugh at them.

Famous South Korean actress and model Jun Ji-hyun ( 전지현 ) almost fell over a small step.

Renowned Chinese actress and restaurant owner Maggie Cheung ( 张曼玉 ) almost fell down some stairs due to her long dress at Cannes Film Festival.

Hong Kong singer and actress Gigi Leung ( 梁咏琪 ) fell over while performing on stage.

South Korean superstar Rain ( 정지훈 ) slipped.

A member of South Korean girl group Brown Eyed Girls ( 브라운 아이드 걸스 ) fell down some stairs.

South Korean actor Lee Min Ho ( 이민호 ) fell over at a red carpet event.

A member of the popular Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit ( 飞轮海 ) slipped.

Taiwanese American idol Vanness Wu ( 吴建豪 ), who is a member of the Taiwanese boy band F4, slipped at F4’s live concert.

When singer Wang Li Da ( 王丽达 ) fell over, renowned Chinese skit and sitcom actor Zhao Benshan ( 赵本山 ) helped her get up.

Ma Yi Li ( 马伊琍 ) fell over; Hu Ge ( 胡歌 ) helped her get up.

Well-known Hong Kong artist Michele Lee ( 李嘉欣 ) slipped.

Famous Chinese TV hostess Dong Qing ( 董卿 ) fell over and you can still see the bruise on her legs.

Chinese artiste Xiaoshenyang 小沈阳 (aka Shen He, 沈鹤 ) fell over after performing on stage in the New Year Gala.

Chinese actress Qin Lan ( 秦岚 ) fell over at her performance at an ice rink.

Chen Long ( 陈龙 ) also failed his performance at the same ice rink.

Hong Kong actress and singer Pinky Cheung ( 张文慈 ) fell on the ground; her servant helped her get up.

Kary from the girl group Cookies fell on the floor.

Yisa Yu (aka Yu Ke Wei, 郁可唯 ), 4th place winner of the 2009 Super Girl Competition, fell over on stage.

And a few more…

More Photos Of Asian Celebs Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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