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24 Dec ’10

Zhang Wan You – Calvin Klein Underwear

Before you forget Zhang Wan You’s 张婉悠 last sexy lingerie post, we’ve got more lingerie photos of this hot Qingdao babe today. Having released these lingerie pictures just a couple of days ago, Zhang Wan You’s MOKO page has already received over 17,000 page views. It shows how popular this Chinese girl is among the internet generation in Mainland China.

More Photos Of Zhang Wan You Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

The title of this set on Zhang Wan You’s MOKO page is “Unhealthy Consciousness”, probably due to some of the photos being semi-nude and one holding a cigarette. But then again, I can’t stress enough how hot Zhang Wan You looks in this Calvin Klein underwear and the white shirt. Of course, white lace bra suits Zhang Wan You perfectly as well.

Who knows how many of these “Unhealthy Consciousness” photo shoots will be released by this stunning Asian girl in the future, netizens just look forward to any hot photos of their otaku idols like Zhang Wan You. You can read more about Zhang Wan You here.

More Photos Of Zhang Wan You Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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  1. Hot photos but does she really smoke?

  2. Annabel

    I like the new theme and the new photos. Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. Aaron

    Thanks for sharing! I’m checking out your website everyday!

  4. asian women arent usually this busty like Zhang Wan You..breast surgery?

  5. sinnanen


    I am new to your site and really like both the content, variety and class your site offers. This is a wonderful forum on pop culture and style. Thanks.

    • Nia

      Thanks for letting me know. We’re quite new too, so we hope to improve in the future and more people will sign up our forum. :)

  6. Eick

    zhang wan you has a fat face. :/

  7. Anonymous

    does zhang wan you smoke?

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