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17 Dec ’10

Zhang Wan You – Sexy Lingerie Shoot

Zhang Wan You 张婉悠 is an attractive and beautiful babe from Qingdao, China, who became famous by her roles in a few Chinese TV dramas and being the spokesperson for the Chinese game “Yuanzheng OL”. Zhang Wan You’s popularity increased after the “Toilet Posing Gate” with another popular Chinese internet celebrity and model Yan Feng Jiao earlier this year.

Despite this infamous widespread scandal, Zhang Wan You is doing well in her modelling career, especially as a football babe cheering for the Argentina national football team in 2010. To many young Chinese netizens, this hot girl is still their flawless idol.

Today we have a few new photo shoots of Zhang Wan You. The cute Minnie Mouse outfit at the bottom was shot for the 2011 calendar collection, whereas the photos in the middle were to promote the several glasses Zhang Wan You was wearing. There are also two extra photos of Zhang Wan You without make-up. Enjoy the sets! Zhang Wan You’s profile can be found here.

More Photos Of Zhang Wan You Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

More Photos Of Zhang Wan You Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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  1. I think she looks better without makeup!

  2. Zhang Wan You looks more innocent and approachable without makeup. But the last photo with the glasses is really good too. Please keep updating new photos to her gallery!

  3. Zhang Wan You’s face looks fatter, sometimes she appears to look like a boy. I’m finding her less and less attractive now. Why do new models need to strip to get attention?

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