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15 Dec ’10

Wang Ruo Yi – Lovely Sleeping Beauty

Royi Wang Ruo Yi 王若伊 is another famous internet celebrity in China. If you don’t remember this adorable girl, have a quick look at Wang Ruo Yi’s profile. After being incredibly popular on the Chinese internet recently, this Chinese babe is shooting more and more hot photos and has appeared frequently on TV commercials.

We have regularly updated Wang Ruo Yi’s gallery. Here we have several cool sets which she took not long ago, as well as some cute self-taken photos at the bottom of the page. The sexy pictures in a white background are my personal favourite shots of Wang Ruo Yi, especially the ones with yellow and pink make-up. Great attitude and energy there!

The peaceful and beautiful lingerie photos taken in bed are just as sexy and alluring. Keep an eye on our gallery if you can’t get enough of Wang Ruo Yi’s hot photos. Wang Ruo Yi’s profile can be found here.

More Photos Of Wang Ruo Yi Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

More Photos Of Wang Ruo Yi Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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  1. Crazy eye makeup in the 7th pic!

  2. Jec

    Wow awesome!

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